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  1. A few i thought of that would be nice to see Guardians of ragnarok Guardians of valgeuro Like guardians of the center kill boss for non canonical dlc maps Another achievement could be for multiple dlc required note events like the extinction chronicles and gensis chronicles to find all notes spanning across the dlc maps.. Scorched earth Tame phoniex Ride a rock elemental Kill manticore Survive through each storm event Find all explorer notes for dlc Abberation Kill rockwell Tame karkinos Ride rock drake Reach surface obliesk Kill a reaper queen Find all explorer notes for dlc Extinction Kill corrupted gigantosaurs Kill king kaiju Build a mek Tame the titans Find all explorer notes for dlc Open a gacha crystal
  2. Been post asking for more achievements last one was guardians of the center for killing centers boss fight.... Would love to see guardians of ragnarok and valguero achievement added and a few for each dlc pack Like scorched Kill alpha death worm Kill manticore Tame rock golem Tame a phoneix Ect simple things based in each dlc such as kill boss kill new bad ass dino alpha version and tame a creature found only on that dlc map... I usually when game on console or steam adds dlc we get achievements.... Ark def needs achievements added to cover dlcs.
  3. In same vote woke up today with update to game on my xbox and now it can't find any offical dedicated server but finds non dedicateds
  4. Would be cool since free to play games like dauntless has crossplay with pc ps4 and xbox be great to see this happen
  5. Honestly the build system needs a overhaul with scale and rotate put in like in other build games would make building in ark ao much better and a button to toggle on and off snap points and one to get a grid overlay... Maybe new thing if building in tek helmets with element in them..... But yeah pillars could use some work such weird snap pts some times.
  6. Nice wish the boss skins and emotes were just a consumable to make them spawn on chars while we respawn same with event skins... Or they would go to system like that where it ties to your character or accounts like other mmos.
  7. Heck id want this on offical as well as it would be cool addition to game just need a armored saddle skin for them be cool to see in game.
  8. They're great but never tested enough in both pvp and pve scenarios before the release is main problem and the not seperate rulesets to allow them to nerf were they only need to nerf certain things. If they could get seperate ruleset and play test for months before release and collect realible feedback they should be able to release something not to game breaking ... But probably will be rushed to make company some revenue.... So will probably get cool new things for a bit before nerf hammer when genesis releases.
  9. Exactly point i was trying to make no sense in inbreeding forever without a consequence would of thought after mutations were put in the and tested they would of put in a detrimental consequence phase into play...
  10. Please do this baby tails annoying as heck when you fill a room with them... Also wyvern tails just suck...
  11. Good one for pve lol if they would just make darts and not ammo could use scope attachment on longnecks
  12. They just need to enable drag ability or pick up unconscious dinos with those that can pick up things in pve they took it out tho on pve cause they didnt want ppl dragging dinos into bases think pvp still has ability
  13. I agree but so many othera asking for water tlc and additions also quite a few want a sunken obliesk and water boss alrdy out there.. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/429645-water-bosses/#comment-2450919 https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/428895-sunken-obeliskunderwater-boss/#comment-2448093 https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/435501-under-water-tlc/ https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/428655-new-water-dino’s-or-tlc/#comment-2447043 https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/435096-underwater-boss/ All older posts i found asking for tlc and boss fights there are more but other had new water tame ideas so left them out..
  14. It would way i invision every inbred lower gene diversity by say max 5 % man then ever new wild tame put into line would add 10 to 15% back in and have threshold if gene falls below 65% to start detrmints appearing... It wouldnt kill game just increase time and make us do more parts of game we already enjoy i can spend whole day from 8 am till early ams on ark just breeding in pve no stress just want a more challenging system and since on pve wanted to start a collection of debuffed to heck dinos for no reason other than to do it... So not total elimination of inbreeding just putting cap on number of times before new tame or genes for genetic line would be needed...
  15. Yeah it would actually make it so youd have to go tame new max level dinos instead of inbreeding cause if it was any animal species or anything remotly realistic one disease would wipe your inbred line out... All i want is more realistic breeding super dinos would still be do able just be worth a lot more as it would take longer to get there.
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