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  1. Would be the y button on xbox.. But agree with 1-4 would love to see imprints as tribe wide instead of account locked.
  2. Was thinking about this some more i would like to see it implemented but maybe reduce number around map and make it so when someone xfers off it has to go through a timer before next person can use it for a xfer like a 15 min to 30 min timer..
  3. I just want them to tlc pass their water dinos already and add more to water to diversify oceans... like huge over looked portion in this game... Do more with your water Wc.
  4. Appearntly there a no qol improvements ? jking but man really wish they would post a compiled list of qol they are looking at working on and getting added to game.... Also whatever happened to making stuff look like stuff you drop instead of the brown package...
  5. Honestly carnos uaed to be my favorite dinos at one point in legacy days before giant dino stat nerf patch.. Now only pt in having them was for eggs but since kibble change patch now no pt in them... Def needs a tlc and almost every aspect of water needs a tlc badly like last thought on devs mind is to add more to water side of things on game...
  6. Agree having to use drops stupid charge station makes more sense as people can troll pulling all drop items to despawn while moving dinos and items from ab... Need a damn permanent fixture to be able to xfer out and sufrace obliesk are giant pain in the butt to get to... Only make sense charge stations should fill the pre transmitter void of xfering off the damn map.
  7. Instead of ascension since wildcard keeps pushing the not in storyline bs even in this game suggestion post they need to add same ruins listed within notes rockwell and helena visited and more storyline that says how they got off scorched and let people follow in their footsteps.. As all we are saying is scorched storyline feels lacking when compared to island and abberation side... Just put some tlc into scorched and revamp story or add new areas and ruins to visit from the notes and expand saying how they escaped scorched... Even if its some lame giant cave system that led to abberation they found or something..... Also agree quit playing scorched due to generator bs if you weren't lucky enough to get into high wind zone was bad should have tek solar panels unlock after manticore kill that are safe from the decay...
  8. Been wanting new water stuff for awhile made a post for new water creatures and bosses id like to see. This is what id like to see also for tek be cool to see a tek diving gear like them old navy diving suits for look. have built in energy shield in chest and oxygen in helemet with built in sonar. boots increased water move speed gloves built in energy harpoons. Legs should have ability for speed surfacing... Tek torpedo turrets like auto turret should have to load torpedos into it and have target and firing options like auto turrets. Some weather options, rain,fog, tidal waves dmg to structures and dinos on beaches , and rough choppy seas during storms make it dangerous to be on boat during these times.
  9. Would be an awesome addition to game hope it makes it in.
  10. Dedicated slot for gas would be an awesome quality of Iife update for these items.
  11. I agree been pve xbox player since game was on the game preview list every patch they do for pvp balances has fed up pve its not a hard ask to seperate pve ruleset and balances from the pvpside of game quetz plat and plants flyers move speed ect all were huge f yous to your pve community as all we do on pve is tame breed stuff and build suppose to be relaxed and chill but we always got to worry way it is right now whats next thing pvp will screw for the rest of us non pvp players which is unfair to a good portion of your player base
  12. I agree this should be in game but instead of same green light how about a diff color light for tribe mates like cyan beams to differentiate between your corpse and tribe members
  13. @TedyBearOfDeath wc is making a change that will affect the offical servers and most likely will kill them its not like everyone has the money to go buy a second xbox to host a dedicated server.... because most dedicated servers i've tried those player admins go on a power trip eventually ... what wc really needs to do to keep offical servers from becoming lag factories is come up with a better solution then removing lone pillars or foundations and quit giving into the whining those of us who've played daily on an offical server and have land shouldn't be punished cause someone joined on a server late and didn't get in on the land claiming... wait long enough and someones base will go up- they could of lowered timers to let crap go up faster but this is just a bs fix for them to quit hearing about the whining from people without land.. come patch drop when the lone pillars and foundations go on offical everyone without land will be building more then likely on a resource spawn or dino or near someones base ... with enough bases next to each other the damn officals lag thats my point they might of only meant it to be a building support thing but without a land claiming plot thing to go with it that makes it so a tribe cant build in x radius this isn't a fix but creating a bigger problem for a majority of their player-base.
  14. honestly this pillar change will kill the xbox servers we use pillars to keep people from building within a certain radius next to us cause lets face it when we get 3-4 giant base builds next to each other within a certain radius on xbox servers they lag like hell and game becomes nearly unplayable... this change will let ppl build almost on tops of each other cause gates radius is almost non existant using foundations in a line around your base while would work would wind up killing nearby spawns .... this is the least favorite option choice a game dev should do based on my many years as a mmo player changes like this kill games... you could of made a instance cave no one can build near that leads to a valley where tribes can build and have a premission system to allow public players in or allied only and give em build rights ect based on a check box system.... you also could of made a land claim system where x amount is claimed simmilar to eq landmarks flag system..... or implemented a decay system where when in x amount of time x amount of hp is minus off structures placed based on what material is used. which would limit how big one tribe could build because they would of had to keep it all repaired... theres lots of things you could of done but nope lets just wipe ever lone pillar and foundation - which sometimes foundations lone ones are placed to kill nearby alpha spawns to peoples main base or killing of a giga spawn in... instead of coming up with a option that works for everyone you choose to give in to the whining of those with no land even though those with the land stayed up for new server launch bid there time lvled up high enough to get to pillars to claim some land... way to slap your playerbase in the face....
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