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    pve Funny Emotes

    When messing around with my tribemates a like to taunt them, turkey emote them, snowball throw, etc. Still I feel some better emotes could be added to the game for more fun interacting with other players. I do the same when I’m visiting other servers and find a person on the obelisk while we both wait for transfer timer and we start jumping, up and down doing push-ups, punching stupidly in the air, etc. Just some cool ones could be really fun.
  2. This would be perfect to put the artifacts on otters faster, safer, easier.
  3. Good idea. Sucks that people that have had no effort at all can sneak into other people boss fights and yeah there on extinction steal the rewards of the king titan smh.
  4. yeah seen others suggesting to fix the same problem. The same with meshing every day there is different people suggesting it
  5. When you die only you can see the green light of your dead body. Sometimes if you crash when get back to the game you are dead and can’t find that green light of your body. Would be awesome if a tribemate could see it too to find it faster (even a different color so they know it ain’t their dead body incase both players died).
  6. I play on ps4 and every time I try to enter the server it says joining but it doesn’t till a server connection error appears. Please ark fix this. My internet connection is perfect and all other online games run perfectly. Yesterday I was able to get in for 1 hour only to getting disconnected while looking for reaper queens twice and since the second time that it happened I haven’t been able to play anymore.
  7. Easter event has been awesome so far but I was just farming blue gems on aberration peacefully. Then got disconnected by server error and it kicked everyone and got a 15mins rollback. Now got to farm all again, come on! Fixing this issues make this game one of the best.
  8. I’ve always wanted that. Would paint mine sexy af
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