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  1. Dear MR frost. I just begun Survivetheark, so I'm sure you know where i can post the digest entries. Can you tell me?

  2. Dodowyvern... Like Dodorex ahahah...
  3. Hi, my name is @AlbinoArchaeopteryx2008. I followed you because you seem awesome, and, I have no one to talk to. I hope we can discuss things about ARK Survival Evolved! My name is Josh, by the way.

    1. AlbinoArchaeopteryx2008


      PS, how do you get points?


    2. ImpureFrost


      Rep Points? If so.... All you gotta do is be an active participant, and people might reward you if they like your posts :3

    3. AlbinoArchaeopteryx2008
  4. The Archaeopterayx is supposedly only to hang around redwoods.. Yet there are no redwoods in scorched earth and they live in the desert
  5. What is life.. If these things were real.. I will cry.. I'm guessing "Demonic Caterpillar"
  6. AMAZING, This is the most unique feature for flyer's i've seen so far
  7. Yes! Thank you devs! Our cries were heard everyone <3
  8. Perfect ^~^, Another source of blackpearls could be the platyceramus ^~^
  9. ^~^ Thank you titancat, (Baddodo) for the amazing dossier, PlatyCeramus Fans, Unite :3
  10. This digest, lead to the history of the game, a sacred digest it is... Thanks so much for the digest <3
  11. I can't wait to unveil the mysteries of the ark via ruins <3
  12. Yay!! Ark Digest 28! How I've Long awaited your arrival! <3
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