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  1. Better not to have them indeed, i have reported grief in the past,box tribes raft spam, a box tribes that was kitting all sorts of thing to a friend and in every single case they did nothing.
  2. So now people use GM for grieffing Recently in our server a big tribe stopped playing that had the swamp area in Ragnarok used for meat gathering. Our tribe along with some others placed pillars in the middle areas to protect the meat spawns. Somebody reported us and a GM came and removed our pillars which is ok I dont mind. Problem is this GM literally destroyed our seabase in the other side of the map, he removed all the gates we placed as fence to surround the area, lots of beh gates and small gates, leaving the place completely exposed and for some reason left the pillars outside the mai
  3. A big tribe that had the swamp area pillared in our server stopped playing, I placed some pillars in the center area along with another tribe to protect the meat spawns. Well a new tribe came to the server and reported me, a GM came and removed the pillars ok no prb but, in the other side of the map, basically destroyed our seabase, like 40 beh gates along with small dino gates we have to close the area around were removed leaving our dinos exposed and our structure in the middle, we even left a road behind the base so people can perfectly cross to the desert, also went and destroyed our tek b
  4. Dude, there was a boxtribe guy in my server that if you found an event griffin he would come and kill it in a mana. I reported him, and the GM said, is not a valid offense because you can build a trap........... like the griffin would spawn inside the trap....... so figure.... I told him ehhhh, you have to kitte the thing to a trap.... and he comes and kill it, so you leave the area... and ... no reply. GG EZ.
  5. Sea Platform Bug Soooo, apparently there is a bug that while trying to place a sea platform it can end far away even half inside someone else structure.
  6. My tribemate found a crazy bug, if any of you have a tuso try it out, apparently if you put a tuso under the platform and the tuso tentacles touch any dinos on the platforms they all fall to the water ignoring any structures in between , ceilings etc... Check out if any of you gets this issue.
  7. Can confirm, still an issue, in the island above or flying on the skiff i don't get this problem, as soon as i hit the water in a mossa or a basil DC.
  8. I was in lunar today just to get some amber, storm started, first rock BOOM bye ankylo , bye my raised bloodstalker, because all the time you waste in 1x can be ended by stupid targeted rock, and this is " difficulty " map is just full of stupid annoyances.
  9. It can happen while you are taming to, and you will lose all your element xD, I think Ferox is the buggiest dino ever, I guess the Yerboa was cursed and re skinning those little bastards was a bad idea xd
  10. Yesterday my Ferox inventory got bugged, I could not get anything out or put anything in, or drop all in the floor, also the muton inside became eternal , till it turned back to normal and after a long while it worked again, I just put the thing in the highest roof so the anti meshing shinigami wont raptor his little life.
  11. Yay Eastern is here, time to tame some Ferox, goes to Ferox cave, omggg 150 cyan ferox, starts taming , 50%, ferox transforms back to normal and... ANTI MESH DESTROYED... damn... goes to blizzard area near ruffle some feathers, find another cyan/green ferox 145, runs the thing around all over, is 80%, transforms back to normal ... ANTI MESH DESTROYED... KILLING SPREEEE.... seriously, just put the berry garbage back if you are not going to fix this.
  12. I manage to solve the issue by relog, for some reason it was not working
  13. This DLC is gonna give me a heart attack =D
  14. Red Drop buff? variaty of items ? WUT 35k Hexagons gone, and i got Raw Prime Meat x 10, 5 antidotes and 1 firework skin..................................................................................... .. .. . ... . .. . .. . . ..... variety of items.. .. . . . . .. .
  15. Genesis is going to be one of those empty maps, most of biomes are very annoying, not a lot of good areas to build ,like nobody is doing missions anymore and now they nerf element, they love to pay for empty servers or something.
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