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  1. Tek Stryder + easy element + giant megabases everywhere + 304824 cloning machines + 94198194 karnikos GG gentwo, raptoring brilliant.
  2. Another useless shoulder pet, you already broke the game with tek stryders, who cares about weight lol, at least the whale thing would have been fun adventure to go tame into the deep. This is what the game pve is missing, fun things to tame and breed, to go look out in the wild, and get cool colors when events are on. Remember how fun it was when everybody was out there desperate looking for a high lv giga, mossa, tuso , rex, that was the fun part. Still today we are crazy looking around for reapers. Its big, scary , its challenging , its exiting !! Oh shoulder pets, go stand over there in the corner of the base with the yerboa and pals, they play bingo on sundays.
  3. I hope they do a good tlc of the old dinos, game is kinda going down the bleh. Gen 2 made the game to easy, map was very repetitive and cats were literally the only good addition in my opinion, plus the baby caring. Aberration is still king of DLC's.
  4. What is hard is not Star Dolphin, what is hard is that many people are losing all their mission progress and a GM wont restore it , so figure that scenario. This has been like the most annoying dlc, this missions and passive tames with this huge lag are a nightmare, plus the stupid ANTI MESH destroying people on space and sending tames to another dimension , I have like a week looking for a tame in space that had my mutagen and 2 event wyverns inside, server crashed and Anti Mesh killed me, and then right in front of my base in space , in one of the big metal plat, out of the blue the hyper space took another tame, never to be seen again. Space is full of a bunch of tames and skiff that come and go, it says you can find them when the same asteroids are back... NOP, still waiting for the damn thing to show up. So literally be in space at your own risk. Is this gonna get fixed? well I ranted a lot about anti mesh destroying ferox when gen 1 was around, and still even in gen 2 anti mesh is destroying people ferox loool , Ark is a bad romance, really gonna wait like 2 years to jump to Ark 2 or skip it just to avoid the frustration of the bug fest.
  5. I did it yesterday with some random guy, he was screen lock the whole fight so I had to do everything, in the end, so after ALL THE TIME WASTED , in the end he was screen locked and could not board the Mek and guess what, if the other person don't board the mek to shoot the combine ray power ranger style you fail LOL, so is better to do it solo, bravo !!
  6. The problem is, before they make content they need an OFFICIAL SERVERS SIMULATOR, were the lag is insane and the crashes are constant , all this passive taming are a pain and many of the missions to in all this lag and crashes. A while ago I just tamed this cool event wyvern and was heading to my base, STOP RIGHT THERE is CRASH TIME!! , rollback came, when I logged in, Anti mesh killed me, and my dolphin, with my wyvern and owl are lost in another dimension, and the 50 mutagen in my bar gone... in simple terms this game has no difficulty only frustration due to the lag, crashes , bugs , etc. So every time you are in space instead of been afraid of some giant vicious predator eating you up, you gotta pray a crash does not catch you up and the APEX ANTI MESH comes and delete you from reality LOL
  7. Every time the server crashes and you are in space, poof mini rollback, omg you are dead, omg anti mesh destroyed you GG and sent your dino to another dimension and remember those mutagen you farmed for that sexy event voidwyrm, they are now tribute to the evil bug god of the red obelisk, not even in a place where the asteroid spawns, I checked the coords twice now on single player. Also Anti mesh is still destroying Ferox for no reason , since Gen1............... So if you going to space, have everything inside your dino. A giga ate you ? nop, a Mossa ate you ? nop, some invisible alien AI, anti meshing your life, is the real MVP.
  8. Even the server save can screw you up, so figure...
  9. This dev's need to spend a week in their laggy official servers, 264 ping full of box tribes. So they realize that this passive Taming and missions turn into a soup in this crazy laggy enviroment. I rather gather eggs in a hole full of magma with the poor spider that also turns into crap in laggy conditions than all this damn passive taming.
  10. OC rag 70, every time somebody transfer or logging the next server save is a crash. Crystal Isle 840, crashes and rolllbacks, Genesis 649 , DC , DC ,DC even when there is 2 people online, people just randomly DC. Been months like this now and Genesis situation more than a year and no fix , the only server I can play is my Extinction. Losing stuff due to DC and crashes and rollbacks. Rebecca Black on friday is the one is gonna buy Ark 2 seriously.
  11. I just log to refresh nowadays , Genesis is a disc fest for 1 year, with like 3 peeps online, Ragnarok and Crystal Isle lag and crashes, only my Extinction server is a bit ok, I really hope Gen 2 servers are at least playable.
  12. All my official servers are totally busted, we have reported the issue dozens of times and nada. Ragnarok 70 = Crashes and crashes and rollbacks Genesis 649 = everybody getting DC frequently and lag, and like 9 peeps online Crystal Isle 840 = Crashes and crashes and long rollbacks and lag My only decent server to hang out at the moment is Extinction, barely playing because of this. Genesis has a year like this and no fix.
  13. Lost 20 tames on decay on Aberration , thanks to the stupid transfer thing, so we gotta keep all in cryos? leave OC servers? who knows when this ima hit again.
  14. Open your tickets, lots of people are unable to download their characters in OC servers and the stupid decay timers are running.
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