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  1. Well personaly i enjoied the progression from primitiv over modern to scifi. I also always enjoyed building and never understood why the default builing parts didint fit to each others. I remember cables and Pipes which where longer than a wall height so cabeling and pinping was a nightmare. Thats one eason i never played on official servers and only on modded ones (Structures Plus, OzO Craft, Ecos Mods) Without the amazing work of the modders i wouldnt have 300+ hours in Ark tbh. I dont think i will play ark II if there will be only a Primitive Tier and nothing more. The current solution in Ark is a good one, People who dont like the high tech tier can play the primitiv total conversion or just disable the engrams the dont like. So everyone can decide for him/herself. But well, we will see.
  2. @sparcmx at first, thank you for your great Tool. I have some issues with 1.1.0 and the mapping function. When i want to show the location of items like Artifacts or Explorernotes get an error like this: Commander Incorrect Latitude Parametername: value Regardles of what map i am. For the Artifact of the Brute (The Island) for example the values are Lat: 86400 Lon: -224300 Alt: -28500 So i cant use your map for locating missing Notes. Any tips what i might do wrong?
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