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  1. Question: Why do beehives have such a low decay timer. Answer: They qualify as a thatch structure. Question: Why cant they become destructable rather then just autodecay? Answer: They arent placeable on floors. Question: Is there a work-around for all the Beehives I would lose when not logging in to prevent this thatch categorized structure to decay? Answer: I dont know. Question: Would I like to see changes on this subject? Answer: Yes, please.
  2. This can happen for various reasons ofcourse. But my guess is that it was stuck behind something and its position ingame glitched out. Because of "Player-Output-Hit-Controller" I dont know whats the exact reason, but thats what my sense tells me lol. Creatures in Ark dont like beeing hit when stuck, they will start to cheat. The game glitched out and relocated it probably. It can happen. In such a open-world game with so many content, bugs will always be there... Im no pro in scripting or anything, I feel Ark around me lol. If you know whats really happening or may happen you can work your w
  3. Yeah, Last wipe i think was like 2 months too late. They wipe it when they have the time. But I also saw the default max level cap drop from 44 to 19 for no appearant reason. Now its back to 44 though. The community is pretty nice, a lot of players play there to not have to worry about all of this and that. New players dont stop comming by also. I allways though of it as lolz, but beginner servers also have a different kind of challenge to them. If you dont plan on staying, its the best place to get started, tame yourself a flyer to transfer over to "normal" to find a good spot to really start
  4. Good for you to have them back! Why didnt I think about the Snow owl? It helped me also in noumerous occasions. It can help a lot when your pet is lost in dense forrest.
  5. What could have happened is that you where robbed. If the server did reroll and your base went past the timers, if someone else is there, the base wont auto-decay. But instead it will be destructable by other players. Maybe a player was there to rob-raid your stuff and manually took down your base. It depends on the size of your base and how it was build, if it is probable that person manually demolished all your structures and foundations.
  6. I normally dont have much problems with people, not understanding me... Though again you missed my point lol. I said the DLC and the stuff that comes with the dlc, nothing to do with the feat/abilities of the Dinopithecus. Didint put might thought in the post. But my guess is you sometimes just meet the kind of people that are so not on the same "line" as yourself. For that I think we will just never understand eachother lol. Im online a lot, though my first language isnt english so there might be some misinterpretation anyway... Didnt know that. Not sure what the Amarga is a
  7. My guess is that its a good pet for playing on The Lost Island, when its still an isolated map. When tek and all comes in and tranfers will be open this creature is going to be a useless add, because people are not going to need it anymore and forget about it.
  8. Not sure why you dont understand that what I said with that is that they didnt add the Dinopithecus to the upcomming dlc and its added feats/creatures etc as a whole. The creature to BE added... OK?? Anyone would understand that when the whole competition etc was about that. Not that it matters anymore, I appearantly misread the posts about the Sinomacrops beeing the (competition-result) creature to be added.
  9. Im not sure what you are saying. You are making fun of me? I made a horrible mistake tho, so its all good Though indeed they have to change so much to not Dilo up everything at least ones every month... I dont think the servers are so bad. I think the way Ark is made is asking so much from servers. On PvE servers especially i think. There is so Giga much happening and the servers have so much data I think the servers arent bad. The way ark is made just ask a lot from a server. Im no server expert, but I imagen all the baby raising, cloning, missions, wildlife and all player activity i
  10. OMG so my bad! I dont know why this was so unclear to me. The post regarding the Sinomacrops made it look to me like they made the decision to add the "final added" creature and it would be the Sinomacrops. I was so in fond of the added feats that would go with the Dinopithecus. They could make such a good step on adding that one with way a more dynamic game-mechanics. They could take that with them to Ark 2. Thats why my mis-reading made me so Giga dissapointed. Fingers crossed and hope the Dinopithecus is going to be awesome! Edit: Though Im still worried about the fact they have such p
  11. What a bunch of loser devs they are. They didnt add the Dinopithecus, because they CANT. HAHAHAHAHA !! They fail so hard. Its the most LOL Ive ever seen. Good luck to them making Ark 2. 0.o There is no fooling us anymore. They cant make anything like it should be... EVER
  12. I still believe the glitch you are describing is the same as my "Leash Glitch" 1. Yes, same 2. Not neccecary structures I think. Stuck behind anything might get it to happen. 3. Yes, ofcourse, I could even see the leash icon above my dinos name, when away from my base, nowhere near my leash. 4. It doesnt disappear, it relocates. I had the chance to see it "blink" 10-20 meters closer towards the leash every time. (I really think you should really consider traveling/flying from the initial spot you lost your Tropea, towards your base with the leash, or 50-50, in a straight line. My ba
  13. OMG! So you have 2 lost Tropeas now? And you cant find them on your way, from where you lost them, towards your base?
  14. So you say you also couldnt find your (Argy) within a leash range at your base, or find it back along your way (incidently) towards your base? With the leash glitch, I think it doesnt just "poof" away, but its actually traveling along x-y axis really fast. Maybe going from a position caused by "Follow" and then the leash range. Not sure why it wouldnt set its distance to leash to the leashes' max range instantly. It feels like its setting it closer and closer everytime, at which the origin of the next "set location" is completely based on a a riddle. And with the 50-50, it must be a devs
  15. Not really, the AOE from the rocks if you arent mounted. And the cold... But my guess is you are prepped enough for those two issues.
  16. I think its hardly possible a patch directly changed the Broodmothers difficulty in any way. This is hardly done and will absolutely be noted in the patch notes. Since you are the only one mentioning it, I really doubt there have been any changes lately and you probably missed out on something. (No mate boost, sabotage eg) Unless more people back up your story, I think you should be more carefull entering boss fights. When a "close-call" might be a clear possible outcome of the fight, you really should keep taking decent prepping into consideration, every time... Im sorry for your
  17. Yes, like the other guy suggests. I am pretty sure its related to the leash and it not working properly. They are off the leash, but it somehow triggers to be on the leash again. Im also not certain yet why this happens and on what occasions it will or might happen. So in "ticks" its moving towards the leash. If you can mount the creature, do that. Mostly its not possible, but trying to let it move will only trigger "ticks" So let it be and try to reach it if neccecary. If not possible to mount it, follow it back in a straight line towards your base. (Towards the leash they were previously att
  18. Agreed on Rock Drakes. But I dont like Griffins, they arent in any canon animal-group and their movement and all is so weak and glitchy. But with Rock Drakes I think there might be a problem with balancing the pounce attack. Not that other animals are really balanced but I dont know how it scales. If it scales on damage you might get Drakes that one shot pretty much everything.
  19. Yeah, what the other guy says... I think there might be a pvp - pve difference. I play on pve, its really not hard to get a decent OP Giga egg. Most people on PvE would sell them for like 10k Ignots really, or even less. Some people even have Free Breedable Gigas. (A male High lvl Giga on Mating Enabled) If you are on PvE, just ask around... PvP is another story... But asking around on the right servers might get you one also, but I see the struggle to get one and KEEP one is a lot higher ofcourse.
  20. The Sarco is whats the big croc in the game. A few years ago they added some feats to it that made it somewhat more fearsome. (Added Deathroll) You should ask for more chances to the Sarco, since the Sarco is the biggest croc that has ever lived. But since they allready looked at it and chanced its feats back then, I doubt they are going to look at it again.
  21. Yeah, I agree. But performance wise i think its somewhat a problem. Though I would like the maps to be a lot bigger and not have a pile-up of all kinds of dinosaurs everywhere. Thats what I dislike about Ark1. Its like a constant battle everywhere and so damn crowded. Raptors chasing phomias but dodos dont care at all if there are raptors close by unless they get hit... It makes no sense. So I would like to see bigger maps, less crowded areas so there is space for realistic things like herds, or normal behavior like "danger sensing" in herbivores...
  22. I somewhat agree thats true. But even so when you know them its still a pain to get to them if they arent up... If the wrong one is up you might not reach it. Or it can be blocked. Beeing unprepared is a more viable reason to get stuck on there. Im pretty sure even you are gonne waste at least 30 minutes if you eg transfer to the wrong Ab server naked with all bases in the wrong places for you. For those who yet have to try out Aberration and have Transmitter/TelePorter unlocked. Ive got an open TP to traps (Prometheus Terminal) + open base + Transmitter on AB 221 right at Portal
  23. You can also try to join servers by connecting them via bootstrapper on "BattleMetrics" See what it says. It can be a lot of things though. Firewalls, Anti-virus not accepting the game or idd Modem settings. I wish you luck. But I think it should not be too hard to get worked out. See you on the Beach!
  24. Im not sure what you are replying to, it seems more a constant battle proclaiming your opinion... But I want to add that I think it was a bad idea to have the voting-results visible. Pretty fast it was a contest between the Monkey and Anti-Megalosaurus because you could see it was a lost vote if voting for anything else. So you ended up choosing between these 2, I bet 9/10 votes went biased that way...
  25. I like the idea really, but Id say limit it to a trophy showing up in inventory. Beeing able to show archievements that way would seem more likely to get into the game. There are SOOOO many notes and dossiers etc. Not only will you have bases that will waste precious bites on servers just to show all those notes. Its also a ton of work for the developers to add all of those AGAIN into the game...
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