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  1. Thank you for posting that. Was worried the rollback was severe, but now my losses should be minimal. It was killing me because I can't get on to check it for a few hours yet.
  2. Any idea how far the rollback went?
  3. Ext503 still wiped with no word at all if they looking into it. Although they have been tweeting about all the new Genesis servers they brought online. It seems that if our questions/concerns aren't related to Genesis they are just being ignored.
  4. Last night I reached out to a few more wc people I found on Twitter. Still no response at all. Guess they too busy rolling out new Genesis servers to help us.
  5. Having same problem. Very annoying. Now I have to change my game plans for today and hope they fix this soon.
  6. Same problem here. Definitely hard to get things done with a useless toon. Normal cooldown on official is 24hrs. Also, not just a display issue as I tried to use it anyways and it didn't work. Haven't used a mindwipe in 10+ days, so I should have no cooldown showing.
  7. Disregard this post... I am now able to do both for some reason.
  8. I have submitted 2 tickets through the server outage form. Have also reached out several times to devs on Twitter with no response at all.
  9. 3 days later and no update that I'm aware of from WC on this. Not looking good.
  10. Anyone hear any updates on ext 503 being restored?
  11. Anyone hear anything yet from WC about a fix for this?
  12. Sorry, stupid noob questions forthcoming... Newer to Ark forums still and there's two small things that I can't figure out or find answers to in other posts. First is how do you give a reaction to a post? I see no icon to do so anywhere on the post. If people have given reactions already, I can see who gave what reactions, but that's it. Thought it may be a browser thing (I use firefox) so I dl Chrome and same thing. Second question is how do I cast a vote when I see a poll in a topic thread? Similar to reactions, I can see who voted for what, but can't see how to actually cast a vote. Small things, I know... but annoying af none the less. Thanks.
  13. Same here. Only been on 503 for a couple months, but had some good dinos in cryo and a nice little base set up. All that time in raising dinos and farming mats for the base gone in an instant. Thankfully, my character wasn't on the server when it happened. I have a ticket in since shortly after it happened and sent messages on Twitter today with no response from either. No too hopeful about the situation, but going to give it a couple days to see if they fix it. After that if still no fix for 503, I'm seriously considering quitting Ark completely as this will most likely be the last straw for me. I spend more time being pissed over bugs, dc's, crashes and now this than actually enjoying the game. Not why I started playing this game. If I wanted to spend more time being stressed or pissed, I'd work more hours at work.
  14. Official Extinction 503 rolled back.... to day 1. Everything gone. Not surprisingly, no response to ticket or via twitter.
  15. Extinction503 server has been wiped!! After getting back on after Genesis rollout, I went to transfer to my extinction server, 503, and it's "Day" count was listed as 2. Transferred anyways thinking it was just a listing error and nope, the server has been wiped. Had to random spawn and find a city terminal to transfer back to where I was. Along the way, there were zero buildings or tamed dinos in areas that normally has lots of both. Please tell me this isn't permanent??? I checked and all servers with a near zero count for days are new Genesis servers EXCEPT Extinction 503. Server full name is NA-PVE-Official-Extinction503. Might just be the last straw if I lost all my stuff there.
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