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  1. you sure make a lot of assumptions. none of them have been correct btw.
  2. Never said I wanted it easy. In fact I pretty much hate genesis 2 because every aspect of it minus the missions is easy. half the missions are impossible due to bad programming, QA, and proper testing. But again, its a game. There should be no studying, no setting alarm clocks, its a game. Your life should not revolve around playing a game, and setting alarm clocks to do missions is in fact revolving around it.
  3. This is a video game, you shouldn't have to spend multiple hours studying, a hundred hours practicing, setting alarm clocks to get up at specific time, and doing homework just for the slight chance it might work. This is not a college course, its a video game. Add all of that to the the fact it has garbage controls, lag, rubber banding, taking damage from things that you aren't even close to, and floating above the water, and what you have is a complete train wreck. The people over at wildcard need to hang up on facespace, put down the twinkies, and do a little bit of work for a change and
  4. We have done this mission 100 times plus in the past week and it is 100% impossible to do even on gamma. After overcoming the 100% garbage controls, (whoever designed them should be fired) we have been able to make it to the end of the ridiculously long and over complicated mission (whoever designed that should also be fired) just to make it to what we assume is the ending, just to have the game crash for at least one, if not multiple people. The game says it's 1-5 people, but only 4 can join, makes sense right? And I will guarantee it if all of the 4 people make it to the end at least 2 wi
  5. The game is not as advertised, get your money back.
  6. Well that certainly is hard to believe! Wait, no, no it isn't at all, it's rather easy to believe actually.
  7. SLlCK

    Mining Drill

    yep... I haven't had a map fill in since before aberration. Every map I play on I start with a fresh brand new map every time I log in. And my in game settings get reset every time I log in since aberration, now with genesis not only do I still have to deal with that problem, they screwed up the map settings as well, every time I restart the application the map settings are reset. Being they never fixed it before I would bet anything they never fix the new and improved setting reset problem.
  8. So... I guess this is never going to get fixed then huh? I understand they have been really busy not fixing all the other issues with the game and all, but some info on this sure would be swell!
  9. I would bet if it was his job and he got PAID to make that post he would have checked his spelling, grammar and made sure it was as error free as possible. And if not, I am more than sure one of the dozens of other PAID employees whos job it is to make sure it was free of spelling and grammar mistakes would have caught them and fixed it. If not then I guess they are all really really bad at their jobs huh?
  10. Well then I guess we chalk that up to another bug because my primitive cloth gear has yet to get a scratch on it from centipedes. On other maps one hit and it was wrecked along with whatever weapon I had in my hand.
  11. The eels don't knock you off your mount anymore Drowning is near impossible centipedes don't break your gear the second they spit at you anymore The game has been so dumbed down it's ridiculous. Pretty much everything has been made easier.
  12. Its a single player/non dedicated game because shocker! They still have not fixed the player dedicated servers. I have read about other people having the same issue and a friend of mine has not had any meta respawn in the bog on his single player map. We have even tried turning the respawn rate up as fast as it goes and nothing changes. It really is amazing how bad wildcard is at this, one would think after all this time they would have some idea what they are doing, but apparently not.
  13. The only thing challenging about this map is having to reset every single setting every time the game gets loaded up. The rest of it is easy mode. Seems like every day I find yet another nerfed feature to dumb the game down to the developers level.
  14. Maybe on your map, on ours it's a one shot deal. Once the metal is mined it's gone for good, there is no such thing as respawning metal, and the trees? About half of those respawn, takes a little over a week. So every single project we do that requires metal we have to go and search for hours to find unmined nodes. Which sucks because everyone has to go together to find the meatal each time because we have a tether because wildcard is to lazy/dumb to fix the servers.
  15. Yeah it's painfully obvious they are doing just the opposite of working hard. If they were working even the least amount they would have the servers working by now, or the stat reset bug fixed, or, well, any of the other 10,000,000 plus bugs fixed. So far I have yet to see a single thing different from the launch. Well, I shouldn't say a single thing different, seems like more problems showed up after the last patch, now every time we fast travel everyone has to reboot the game because the screen becomes blindingly bright to them. So I suppose that's different!
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