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  1. you sure make a lot of assumptions. none of them have been correct btw.
  2. Never said I wanted it easy. In fact I pretty much hate genesis 2 because every aspect of it minus the missions is easy. half the missions are impossible due to bad programming, QA, and proper testing. But again, its a game. There should be no studying, no setting alarm clocks, its a game. Your life should not revolve around playing a game, and setting alarm clocks to do missions is in fact revolving around it.
  3. This is a video game, you shouldn't have to spend multiple hours studying, a hundred hours practicing, setting alarm clocks to get up at specific time, and doing homework just for the slight chance it might work. This is not a college course, its a video game. Add all of that to the the fact it has garbage controls, lag, rubber banding, taking damage from things that you aren't even close to, and floating above the water, and what you have is a complete train wreck. The people over at wildcard need to hang up on facespace, put down the twinkies, and do a little bit of work for a change and address the mountain of bugs their aborted train wreck of a dumpster fire has. But we are all well aware that will never happen.
  4. We have done this mission 100 times plus in the past week and it is 100% impossible to do even on gamma. After overcoming the 100% garbage controls, (whoever designed them should be fired) we have been able to make it to the end of the ridiculously long and over complicated mission (whoever designed that should also be fired) just to make it to what we assume is the ending, just to have the game crash for at least one, if not multiple people. The game says it's 1-5 people, but only 4 can join, makes sense right? And I will guarantee it if all of the 4 people make it to the end at least 2 will have the game crash, it has happened every single time so far. And the lucky ones that don't have the game crash will be killed and have to respawn only to find their body a half a mile from the game hub and underground. we are all playing on the ps4 version on ps5s, so there isn't much more upgrading of hardware we can do here. Wildcard needs to figure out how to program or find people who can. Enough of the amateur hour over there, time to hire some real programmers.
  5. This is not release date. What you posted above is common practice for video games without release dates. If a game dev says they are releasing a new game in 2021 and you go to preorder it, the release date will say Dec 31 2021 because there is no official release date . They just pick the last possible day of the year, or in this case month, and call it a release date. That way they cover every possible day. It is not official, it does not come from the developers, it is an estimate using the given information at hand.
  6. so... A two week countdown to....skins? Skins.. two week countdown and we get skins...That's kinda like getting people excited and having a countdown to
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