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  1. The game is not as advertised, get your money back.
  2. I have it and I heard you could craft them there so I went and looked the other night and I didn't see any place to do it. I have used loot drops to craft stuff in the past so I know it used to be a thing.
  3. Yeah I am on ps4 so I have to wait 4-6 months for that to change.
  4. But yet I play pve and still have it..
  5. Most of my issues aren't from teleporting, it's just them randomly vanishing. I lost one from teleporting, it stuck it inside the mountain under the water at the ocean. One was just me getting killed, respawning and coming back to where I died to find my tame gone, no death, no bag, no sign of it under the map, just gone. The worst was the other night when I started a mission and all the tames vanished as soon as I hit the start button on it. Then to top it off I got killed, came back to try and find my tames and body and not only were the tames nowhere to be found, but my body was also m
  6. I am currently down 7 tames because of this.
  7. where and how? I looked the other night and couldn't find where to do it.
  8. Because if they were then there would be no place left to build. And I wouldn't call them idiots, they have a direct route strait to their bases. When I teleport I land 3 feet from my front door! Perfect! If they want to add stupid crap like this to the game I say take full advantage of it.
  9. Well that certainly is hard to believe! Wait, no, no it isn't at all, it's rather easy to believe actually.
  10. I see you said you are on the account you purchased the game on, is that also the account you purchased the dlc on? First make sure the ps4 is activated as your primary ps4, and try logging into it with any other accounts you have set up on the system and boot the game and dlc. I have 2 ps4s setup to play ark under the one license and I have to log into both ps4s and boot up any dlc I have on my main account at least once. Once I log into my secondary ps4 on my main account it unlocks the dlc for that machine to use with my secondary account.
  11. SLlCK

    Mining Drill

    yep... I haven't had a map fill in since before aberration. Every map I play on I start with a fresh brand new map every time I log in. And my in game settings get reset every time I log in since aberration, now with genesis not only do I still have to deal with that problem, they screwed up the map settings as well, every time I restart the application the map settings are reset. Being they never fixed it before I would bet anything they never fix the new and improved setting reset problem.
  12. I haven't found anything this so called "large" patch fixed. I have seen several things get screwed up by it, but the fix part? Not so much. anyone else notice the background noise is about 6 times louder than it was before this huge 4 gig patch?
  13. So... I guess this is never going to get fixed then huh? I understand they have been really busy not fixing all the other issues with the game and all, but some info on this sure would be swell!
  14. I would bet if it was his job and he got PAID to make that post he would have checked his spelling, grammar and made sure it was as error free as possible. And if not, I am more than sure one of the dozens of other PAID employees whos job it is to make sure it was free of spelling and grammar mistakes would have caught them and fixed it. If not then I guess they are all really really bad at their jobs huh?
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