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  1. I don't think thats entirely true. I believe ase xbox player base was more than double pc, and I would be willing to bet ps was right there with it. The info is out there if you want to try and find it, its been awhile since I saw it. but since asa isn't out on all platforms yet nobody really knows which has the larger player base yet, but they were bragging about selling 600k copies on pc, that is not a lot of copies, at all, not even close. I don't know where it stands today, but back when games had to be printed, packaged, and shipped a million copies sold was required for the devs to just break even.
  2. I don't know who you are talking about but I was talkng about /6 and zipper interactive. And I don't think you get why people are mad, its not about the waiting so much as it is about the consistent lying wildcard is so famous for doing. If they would stop lying, hiding the facts, and just plain making up things, 3/4 of the hate would be non existent. Now sprinkle on the fact they pretend to be transparent and have the nerve to think most people are dumb enough to believe them and you have yourself a developer that deserves every inch of hate thrown their way.
  3. I have never had any issues with framerate drops on the ps5 except in the boss fight on genesis, there I had the frame rate drop down to 2-3 fps, it was completely unplayable with more than one person and any amount of dinos. I had to do it solo just to get through it. As far as the UI goes, back when ark was only a year or 2 old the UI was much better, they screwed that up with a patch and "were going to address it in another patch" but never did.
  4. Ark 2 in a console launch exclusive. That means it will launch on one platform first and then on the others a few months later. Ark was also a console launch exclusive. Although thats just how they worded it, they might be lying about that as well. Its hard to say with wildcard.
  5. Have YOU ever thought people are becoming toxic (and I hate that word btw) because they continue to lie their way through life? How about if they just told the truth? People get mad because they knowingly give out false information. They knew the game wasn't going to release on all platforms at once in october but they continued to say everything was just fine right up until the last minute. They knew there wasn't going to be a release for xbox this week last week but still they pretended there was going to be up until the last possible minute. And they know the game isn't going to release in november but they will continue to lie about it right up until the final minutes of the month. They also know the game isn't going to release in Q1 2024 but that will be their next announcement. Delaying telling the truth does not take away from the fallout that is going to come, it just intensifies it. Now hear me out, this might sound like a crazy idea, but how about theu just tell the truth? Sounds crazy right? How about instead of saying "hey everything is on track! get ready for next week! its going to be great!" How about they say, "well, we sent the game to sony cert this week but it still has quite a few issues and its a crap shoot on if it passes or not. We tried to get it ready but ran into issues with this thing and that thing and some other thing and we are trying to get those issues sorted out now." Wildcard was a community manager, where is this so called community manager? Their job is to interact with the player base and give actual information, where is this information? where is this interaction? Why hasn't this manager been fired and replaced with a competent person? I have seen your argument before, the whole they are quet because the community is toxic line. Well guess what? Its wrong, I have seen devs with actually community managers instead of paycheck collectors like wildcard currently has and they had a much better time at it. when the devs don't purposely lie and the managers actually do their job, things work out much better for everyone. I have seen it happen, its not a guess.
  6. Most other game devs don't seem to have this problem. Why do you think this is? They can somehow manage to set release dates months and months in advance and still hit them, wildcard can't even come close in a year. Whay do you suppose that is? And how are they not to blame?
  7. I have heard directly from other devs the playstation cert is pretty tough. But think about the buggy games that are on the playstation that have cleared cert, imagine if they had the same standards as other platforms, I mean you can take a 3 week old dog turd, heat it up in the microwave and put it on steam for sale and they are happy to have it. But at the end of the day, the delays do not fall on the platforms, they fall on the developers. They are the ones that are not good at their jobs and they are the ones trying to get a luke warm dog turd to pass cert knowing there is zero chance of that happening but still telling everyone "everything is on track and next week is going to be hot"
  8. But at the end of 3 months they would just delay it and launch it broken 6 weeks later.
  9. If I never played the game or dealt with wildcard? Yes absolutely it would stop me from buying it. Terrible reviews do not help sell products. There are countless times I read up on a company before buying their product and ended up going somewhere else because of bad reviews or negative comments about the company.
  10. I for the life of me cannot understand why all the developers are so interested in this cross play crap. stop wasting time on cross play, nobody wants to play with cheaters.
  11. They have standards. If the game isn't up to their standards it gets rejected.
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