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  1. yea its just me so none will have a rider. unlucky. thanks though.
  2. I dont want to use rex lines again and i have been searching for theris for a few weeks now with no luck. has anyone had any success with other species strictly from the island?
  3. Yea i have always used 40 minimum to start my line but the problem is its getting so time consuming. im spending hours flying around a map and its kind of wasting real life time, not really enjoying it. think im just gonna go for 35 since i am just playing singleplayer, not like im gonna be using these lines for raids or anything lol. 45 is pretty insane your lines must be crazy strong.
  4. Curious to what everyone uses. I generally like 40 points post tame in any given stat I'm looking to mutate. This makes finding good candidates very time consuming. May be important to note i only go for mutations in my boss dinos. What do you guys use? Can I get away with 35 post tame to broaden potential dinos?
  5. It's random. I've found 140 rex with 33 points in melee, kibble tamed him and ended at 38 post tame.
  6. I ended up going to genesis got me 2 145s and a 150 with good stats. Next I need some theris!
  7. That's where I was thinking as well. Just making sure there weren't any hot spots on other maps I didn't know about. Thanks pixel.
  8. I want to be able to setup a web to trap small dinos that walk into it.
  9. I'm doing a playthrough of all the maps. I've given myself permission to transfer between maps freely. Been looking for a basi on the island but not having much luck finding high levels. So out of all the maps which have the highest concentration of basis?
  10. Just curious, has anyone found anything indicating how long ago the events of Helena, mei-yin-li etc. Took place before we arrived on the island and how long the whole journey took for them to reach earth from the island?
  11. Is solo genesis still impossible? Hey guys been a while since I've played ark and I've been having a genesis itch. Have they rebalanced the missions to where they are all beatable by the solo player on alpha settings or are there still some impossible to complete. I didn't want to have to resort to clicking the use single player settings button if there was any way around this. Thnx in advance.
  12. Like I said about 2 weeks after posting this. I went ahead and bought a server from nitrado bc wildcard has a huge problem fixing single player bugs. The caves on the island were screwed for what seemed forever. You simply cannot bank on enjoying genesis without a server. Sad but true.
  13. Question concerning boss fight. I know alot of the content on genesis is meant for tribes but it's just a buddy and I that play on a server and alot of the content is actually impossible for us. I just wanted to know if the gamma final boss is able to be defeated by 2 players on max difficulty settings. Thnx
  14. Genesis format vs classic ark Curious do you guys want to see more smaller separate biome maps after genesis part 2 or would you rather them go back to the massive open world format? I was not one of the people completely opposed to this style I actually really enjoyed it. And I notice way better performance when playing. But after playing genesis a few months I think I would lean towards the massive open maps we had before. It just doesnt feel the same when you have separate biomes. And the biggest pain is you have to build your base near a port zone or it becomes a pain traversing back to
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