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  1. Good evening guys, which is the easiest map to snag eggs now days?
  2. I read a few post stating that boss difficulty was adjusted and made easier on single player. Does this only apply if if you have the "use single player settings" option ticked or just playing single player in general without that option turned on. Thanks in advance.
  3. Official experience without the poopty ping, pillar spam, and dino caps. Will activate the devs events when they come live as well as rates. I'm gonna leave most rates as default. I will slightly boost maturation and egg hatch. Mating interval will be the only rate drastically reduced as I like breeding and 1 baby a day don't cut it for me. I use 2 mods. S+ primarily for the pull feature and awesome spyglass so I don't have to manually enter stats after taking to see what I got. The server will be up for a very long time even if noone else joins I plan on going through every map defeating all the bosses anyways. I've beaten most of the bosses on alpha In single player so if you're someone who has never gotten to endgame ark I would be happy to assist you getting there and will even fight with you if you wish. Server will start on fjordur but will be open to suggestions for the next map if people decide to join server. If you're interested in joining up or have any questions let me know.
  4. Finally getting around to doing a full ark playthrough. The last run so to speak before ark 2. All maps one character. Should I play through with open borders meaning I can pass through each map any time for any reason bringing items and tames with me or keep everything map restricted? What would be your choice and why?
  5. Anyone else find the controls for the dolphin really bad and unintuitive or is my game just bugged.
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