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  1. Like I said about 2 weeks after posting this. I went ahead and bought a server from nitrado bc wildcard has a huge problem fixing single player bugs. The caves on the island were screwed for what seemed forever. You simply cannot bank on enjoying genesis without a server. Sad but true.
  2. Question concerning boss fight. I know alot of the content on genesis is meant for tribes but it's just a buddy and I that play on a server and alot of the content is actually impossible for us. I just wanted to know if the gamma final boss is able to be defeated by 2 players on max difficulty settings. Thnx
  3. Genesis format vs classic ark Curious do you guys want to see more smaller separate biome maps after genesis part 2 or would you rather them go back to the massive open world format? I was not one of the people completely opposed to this style I actually really enjoyed it. And I notice way better performance when playing. But after playing genesis a few months I think I would lean towards the massive open maps we had before. It just doesnt feel the same when you have separate biomes. And the biggest pain is you have to build your base near a port zone or it becomes a pain traversing back to your base everytime your port. What are your thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the help guys, currently taking a break from ark. spawned in and was randomly dead and my body decayed. Lost my favorite tame, ascendant long neck rifle, and high quality gear. A bit frustrating, believe my corpse fell through the ground and drowned. Will be sure to try these tactics out when the ark itch comes back.
  5. sounds rough its just a buddy and i so gonna have to get creative i guess.
  6. Just found out golems cannot even participate in the final test. what setup do you recommend?
  7. Rock Golems not allowed in final test Just a PSA went to complete final test running leveled golems, apparently they are not allowed into the test. FML.
  8. Need final boss advice A buddy and I are getting prepped for final boss gamma. Were planning to use 10 leveled rock golems. Will these suffice for beating the boss on gamma?
  9. cryo sickness reenabled? Hey guys, just logged onto my private pve server to check out the easter event and noticed cryo sickness is now reenabled. is this by design or event bug? anyone else experienced this? found a fix? thanks in advance.
  10. yea single player had spawn issues for months on the island caves when released, when i noticed squids were not spawning in my genesis game i said screw it and ended up just renting a nitrado server for a year. i felt i was missing out on alot of the game with spawns busted and i have not been disappointed, the bog is way harder which is satisfying and i dont have to constantly destroy all wild dinos to get my maps to properly populate.
  11. poopcard? lol how old are you dude?
  12. Saddles and armor keep transforming into BPs Armor on my character and saddles on my dinos keep turning into unremovable blueprints.
  13. The maps were designed to he navigated by ground. Being able to fly would reduce the challenge to near nothing. As to why they would let you tame but not fly is simple, there are new color schemes and some people would like to tame and breed for other maps.
  14. I agree with alot of what you said. Just gonna add my favorite and least favorite things in case the dev's read. Favorite- I love having 5 smaller maps as compared to one large map. Yes you lose the ability to freely walk between biomes but instead get way better visual performance, and the level of detail put into these is simply blows other maps out the water. Least favorite- we can all agree that ark is a social game. yet there are still many players like myself who play with one other person or completely solo. Alot of the missions in this game are near impossible by yourself on the alpha difficulty hopefully this gets looked at. Overall I love the DLC.
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