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  1. The terrain of the sunken forest is not loading in on my nitrado server. It was working fine before. The whole region has dinos falling through the invisible terrain. Tried to include pic but forum said the size was too big. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I think it depends what boss you're going for. I bred some carnos with 40 points in health and melee then mutated each of those stats 20x and was able to beat all 3 difficulties of monkey. I could have definitely taken gamma brood and dragon I'm not so sure about beta and def not alpha. I believe allos have better stats then carnos so with proper breeding and mutating I'm sure you could achieve the same and maybe even beta brood.
  3. I can totally agree with this. Alpha bosses are extremely hard for solo even duos, but they can be done. But the fact that some alpha missions on genesis are impossible without a required number of players is absolutely insane and terrible design.
  4. From what I've heard a lot of the issues ark has is due to the fact snail gaming owns ark and won't provide funding to fix these problems. Apparently wildcard will have the license to ark for ark 2 which gives them free range of the game. As for the blue screen a better pc will solve this problem. After I built my pc 2 years ago I haven't experienced a crash or blue screen since.
  5. Thanks for all the strats. We're gonna run gamma first to learn the fight mechanics then have a go at alpha. We're gonna try no dinos first. We should be able to beat it since we have the upgrade station I can craft some ascendant flak and equipment. If all fails I have some boss carnos I bred from my island run hatching with 65 points in melee and health which should do the trick.
  6. I think it would be a cool idea to create a few servers in which you were able to transfer back and forth between pve and pvp variants of the maps. Of course youre probably thinking if that were the case why would anyone setup on the pvp version. I'm thinking vastly increased rates for resources, breeding, taming, loot drops, maybe even higher chances of high level dinos spawns etc in the pvp variants. A system could be incorporated where members from the tribe with the longest standing base gets double that. I feel like once a tribe gets a stronghold on regular pvp servers there isn't much t
  7. Problem with megas is they have that weak secondary attack they do half the time which really dampens dps. I watched a guy on youtube do it with no dinos today so I might try that route.
  8. I'm probably just gonna look for a small tribes unofficial that wipes monthly to start out. See how far I can get and get a feel for it.
  9. It's doesn't sound like his experience has been like that though. An unoffical server would fix alot of the problems he stated and would give a fresh start. As for the blue screen, my first pc was a prebuilt and had the same issue. I built my own and haven't had a crash in the two years since on high settings.
  10. Build a better pc and you won't blue screen. Unless you are under the working age why would you play on official? it's a free server so the experience will be crap. Fork up a few bucks and rent a server or find a nicely regulated unofficial. There your biggest complaints are fixed.
  11. A buddy and I are going for Alpha Rockwell. we have never done this boss before and would like to know what dinos/equipment works best. thanks in advance.
  12. That sounds really enticing, I might have to look into one of those servers. Ultimately all I want is to have some skirmishes and actually have use for high stat tames aside from boss farming. Thnx for the info.
  13. What a terrible existence. Subjecting one's self to that kind of torture on a daily basis... Where do I sign up? All jokes aside I don't expect it to be too pleasant. It's what's kept me away from pvp all these years. But the itch to get into a intense skirmish has to be scratched at some point and it's a whole different version of a game I know and love that I have never experienced. I might seek out a server that wipes every 30 days that has a tribe limit.
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