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  1. There's no way to craft the trope saddle any more. It's missing from the fabricator. Just add it to the massive list of major problems since the last update.
  2. I'm getting the error "client build does not match host build". I'm on Windows 10. There's no option to update, I can't connect to servers because of this issue. Before this issue, I was getting game crashes if I get close to other players.
  3. Yep, after they fixed the many issues yesterday, the game started working pretty good. First issue connecting to any server, that was finally fixed, only to have an issue where the game would crash when encountering other players. They fixed that and things were good. No issues, so no need for another update, but a couple hours ago the game wants another update. Uh oh. Now can't build anything without instant crash. PLEASE test your updates before deploying them.
  4. I was able to get close to our buddy that was crashing everyone last night. So possibly issue is fixed now...?
  5. So I can play now, but as soon as I get close to a buddy who is not on my tribe (we want to invite him to our tribe) I crash. Same with all my tribe mates, if any of us get close to this W10 player to offer him into our tribe, we all crash. Xbox player and W10 players crash when we get close to this W10 player. Roughly 100 feet distance from him everything is ok, approach him less than 100 feet and we crash. it's reproducible.
  6. The down time isn't so bad it's that those on Xbox are raiding while W10 users are locked out.
  7. Why haven't the devs made this announcement? Official twitter and forums, there's no official announcement acknowledging this issue. Meanwhile those on xbox are populating the servers and who knows what they could be raiding.
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