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  1. I almost made the same submission! I think a sea sloth would fit this game so well! A new semiaquatic dino is always needed to keep it balanced! Would be cool if these creatures would run in packs!
  2. Yeah I feel like ark 2 will be a totally different game than the first one too. I'm also hoping that it wont be an excusive game too.
  3. Just because they said it was going to be more primitive does not totally mean there wont be any tek. I'm hoping that the primitive stages in the level stay around longer and that the tek and metal stuff is harder to get to. I do not know about anyone else but getting to the metal stages in ark does not take long at all. Thatch in itself is hardly ever used anymore. I think if they can find some way to balance these primitive stages then it would make the over all game better.
  4. Either stop being soft or move to a different location or server.
  5. Only way around this would be to play on a unofficial server
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