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  1. +1 First fix breeding / mating issues first: - Dinos do not wanna mate even if they are ready (about 50% do not work at the moment) - Wrong mating-timers when taking dinos out of cryos (vanilla x1 instead of what we configured in our Game.ini for MatingIntervalMultiplier) Nobody cares about events/rates if the functions for which this rates would be helpful do not work.
  2. Do you invite people to your birthday party without giving them something to food and drink? Thats exactly what you done with this post.... Please next time use the time to fix bugs instead of creating such a senseless post (For example the "buffer overflow" while traveling with max slots equipped. ). There is still many more important things to do instead of writing such posts.
  3. The event isn't working on private servers! Not even by adding the commandline (Which shouldn't be necessary for all the official maps). We don't see any mounds at all. Please fix.
  4. Here is what you gave us with the new turrets wildcard: https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyStupidSquirrelCeilingCat Once more an absolutely untested thing? Where is the final tweaking you talked about?
  5. 27th is over... where is the turret? May we expect delays on Aberration too? Again behind the timeline?
  6. 12:00 AM + 8 hours = 8 AM?? Sure.... They can not even calculate the time....
  7. Ehm.... 1. You will never fix all the bugs till then 2. You will never finish all the performance optimizations till then...so for sure it won't run on Epic on Xbox. (For example you still not understand that the floating dinos names are causing extreme performance losts!!!!) 3. I'm aware of a few bugs which can easily crash each server out there. I do not recommend you to go live with this bugs !! And no...i will not report them again... you had enough chances and always ignored all my bugreports via tickets and in the forums! So you are FAR away from a release guys...far away....
  8. I doesn't care. It will need resources on wildcards side anyway. They do not have this resources.
  9. And one more new project they startet.... Pleeease wildcard, first finish the main game, then create such extensions. Your completely overloading yourself with work !
  10. Nice. But shouldn't be implemented into the major build. Do you have any idea what your change is causing? Wiki entries which has to be adjusted? Taming calculators and so on? Greets
  11. yeah...but then when it will get supported, he has to add that because this 2 things are missing
  12. Has anyone tested this on this forum and official servers? Are the notifications for The center always correct? Is the level and dinotype contained in each message? On private servers, unfortunately there is still an issue that about 50% of the messages sent from The Center and Scorched servers aren't correct. The level and dinotype is missing. Reporting it in this forum and as a ticket doesn't help anything...they simply ignore it. So my last hope is that the officials have this problem too, then it will get fixed some time ^^
  13. They really should start to give such informations on the official forum and in steam forum instead of twitter. Edit: Or at least each time on the same twitter account.
  14. Toni

    Biomes Marker

    Looks nice, but doesn't help anything when you do not release it. Only 4 days left to move our very big bases when they are affected !
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