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  1. Ah sorry about that, please restart your Steam Client to update to v254.93, and then you'll be able to see the Cholocates within your Inventory! Cheers, Jeremy
  2. Ah I had already sent a note to Jen & Jat to add the Arabian Nights village to the ARKitect winners about 5 hours ago, before Wolf Angelus even posted (on a side note: I didn't even realize it was his at the time). I hadn't got a chance to personally review this week's entries in-time, but once I saw that village, I was quite impressed!
  3. Only if the Unofficials run with the -vday parameter, when the update is released on Sunday!
  4. Indeed the other Bonuses will start when the V-Day content releases on Sunday. You'll notice it then, as I'll be updating the News accordingly at that time -Jeremy
  5. Actually Wolf Angelus I'm a big fan of your work, and I didn't get to review this week's winners myself as I was out of the office most of today (Wife's B-Day). I absolutely love the "Egypt & Arabian Village", it's super creative It's going in for a tie, the page should be updated shortly! Sorry about the mix-up on that!!! Cheers, Jeremy
  6. Btw we didn't even know ARK was being considered for "Best use of a Farm Animal" (or any Steam Award) until Valve told us ARK had been nominated for it by the Steam Selection Committee on its own. After they told us we were nominated, we figured it'd be fun to add the Ovis since we had already planned on adding a creature for wool shearing using the new "hair" system! -Jeremy
  7. Next week. Gonna make sure it appears solid on PC first throughout this weekend!
  8. They're intended to be end-game gear, challenging both to acquire and to upkeep (via a new TekEngram/Resource mechanic). The purpose of the Tek Tier is to provide room for certain end-game mechanics to grow in long-term directions. The video may make it look like everyone's gonna be running around in unlimited Power Ranger / Iron Man armor en masse -- if it's balanced properly, that will hopefully not be the case Also, any or all of the Tek Tier stuff will be specifically disable-able for servers! -Jeremy
  9. Gonna be a bit of a rapid info dump on how Procedurally Generated ARK's (PGARK's) currently works -- will continue to flesh this out as I get more time over the weekend. Bear in mind the system is early and will be rapidly advancing, so if you use Procedurally Generated ARKs, there's always a possibility of losing your save data when the algorithms are further modified! Without further ado, here we go! How To Configure your first PGARK Launch the game, goto Play Local ARK, select "Create New Procedurally Generated ARK" in the upper-left of the Host UI, and then you can play aroun
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