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  1. pvp New official server dragon beta

    The more health on your dinos, the more damages they take from the flame over time damage. Try herbivores with cakes to do this fight....sadly carnivores aren't good anymore for this fight. Also bringing a Yuti is almost mendatory. Gl
  2. Questions to the devs

    Hey i'm not a dev but i can answer them, here it is : #1 I guess the data model they used don't allow them to put IDs everywhere to prevent duping and now they're stuck with that cuz they can't redesign the data model without breaking the whole game and also cuz they don't have the time/money... Or just lack of skill from the data architect. Imagine WoW is more than 10 years old but they don't have any dupe problems somehow. #2 Why would you want the player base to stay on official servers which are free while you can push them to play on private servers from which you get money from renting them ? #3 New dlc incoming. Feeling so g$$$$$$$$$$$$$d how about you ? Enjoying the lag i bet
  3. How to get wyvern eggs after flyer nerf?

    Super easy. Build a 2 by 2 tunnel which is about 15 foundations long (adapt with pillars if needed), if you feel like poison / lightning could hit you from that far, make the tunnel turn exactly like an L shape. PIck the egg up, enter the tunnel and gg you're safe. (works with pteros or any flier which can enter a 2 by 2 like a ptero.
  4. Ascendant Lag

    Well you just called a project manager & lead developer ignorant buddy. Who will they design poop for once most of the dedicated players are gone? I agree on the fact they can't tell the designer, hey you go and slack now, BUT instead of asking them to work on some non-necessary content (beards, haircut etc...) How about they optimize some of the in-game items already existing? Optimization wise, this game is poop man really, for a game which is using Unreal engine...it's garbage. If you look at the features they were planning to add MONTHS if not a year ago, they keep on assigning devs to content noone gives a flying raptor. If players were asked to, how many do you think would vote for some bug fixing vs new content? Right now, the only questions their project managers should have in mind are : How do we stop the hemorrhage? What do we need for the player base to stop bitching about our game being sloppy? Tell me, how much FPS do you have in your base? What's the latency on your server? Compare these data to other games released at about the same date and let me know. I'll give you few numbers with a computer way above average config : In base FPS : 8. Ping (with / without optic fiber) : 200 / 250 DILO man, it's 2017 hello...we don't play pacman anymore...
  5. Ascendant Lag

    Still, you need developers to integrate the content made by the designers for these events....
  6. Ascendant Lag

    They also censored a lot of posts when people complain about them not doing the right thing, on these forums and on reddit. This game is falling appart...and so does the trust we had in this company. Shame on you wildcard. @jat