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  1. Better food items Different variety of meat from different Tames. Used in better food crafting. Example have food for your tames that will give a x2 x3 x4 buff to maturation, breeding, amongst other things the better the multiplier the better the mats needed. Be able to increase a butcher/ harvest skill to harvest different kinds of skins, scales, plates, bones, teeth, claws, flame poison ice lighting water sacs to makes better armor, tools and weapons. Lastly armor stands and weapon stands.
  2. S+ fence support walls won’t snap into lower section S+ fence support creates a gap on the bottom because the walls can’t clip into the ground on official. Can some one from wild card fix this or can someone give me a work around thanks.
  3. New permanent servers with new rules. Idea #1 everyone starts with a safe zone flag in there inventory when it is placed down it creates a rather large area of pve land. Anything built in this can not be attacked by another player. Outside the safe zone it’s open world pvp.
  4. Can we get 2x maturation aswell
  5. Pipe oil/gas to torches I enjoy building in ark would be nice to have a way to pipe a fuel source like gas to torches to keep the torch light look and feel throughout my base. Without the very time consuming process of refilling all the torches.
  6. Looks like a chicken hawk. Also probably a raptor that can jump and glide like a chocobo
  7. Gasbag disable abilities until fixed Wild card unless you have a fix for the gas bag rolling out tonight, can you just disable its abilities until you do have a fix for it. I can’t see a reason why a temp hot fix hasn’t been done to prevent players from losing years of work.
  8. It’s a sad day for my first mammoth after I restarted this game.
  9. Thank you for the advice I will definitely be leaving a ticket
  10. Dino auto decay / destroyed So I just wasted my time taming a mammoth. i was taming a mammoth left the game to go to work got back and it auto decayed/ destroyed why the hell would it do that so annoyed. Ruins the game for people who like official and work a day job. This has got to be fixed.
  11. I would like to see cryopods opened up across all maps and made easier to get. It’s a big help in reducing Dino cap aswell as lag. If not for pvp at least for pve since we cap our servers daily.
  12. Dino behaviors too basic. Interested in why the tames behaviors are all basic. Improving even some of them would be okay. For example * When something sees you it runs straight toward you. Something better would be if they had a chance of ignoring you or stalking you perhaps even flanking it’s target before pouncing. * another thing I would like to see is fire as a suitable method for keeping some animals away at night as well as a bit less effective during the day. If I hold a torch I should be able to wave it around spooking whatever is next to me causing it to run off. A camp fire should also yield a high chance at night to keep pray away. *smell food if something is coming after you. you should be able to distract it by placing raw meat or berries on the ground.
  13. Is scorched earth for Xbox still broken So I spent time away from ark hoping that the constant crashes would be solved when I got back. So my question is does scorched earth constantly crash still for other people and do you all still have bad graphics during the lightning storm and the ground graphics go crazy. Asking Xbox players because seems like the problems are still there on my side.
  14. Real reason to keep pillar spam Correct me if I’m wrong but official has crazy pillar spam. The only reason I can think of why the devs have not fixed the issue is because the game has to many performance issues and removing the pillar spam opens up more land for others to build and store Dino’s on thusly causing more performance issues / strain on the systems running the game.
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