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  1. Im very hopeful it’s a ark 2 announcement I dnt want to quit ark but I do want to start a new journey. #tothefuture
  2. Is fear evolved happening this year? Also can we get more water creatures spawning in on crystal isles please.
  3. Well it’s better than saying it’s not ready yet. Lol but on a serious note the rock drake nests on crystal isles is one of the most stunning looking areas please wild card reconsider leaving them in the map. Abb already has reapers. rock drakes do not have to be exclusive to only that map.
  4. Anybody else having high ping Xbox official in arctic I seem to be crashing every 30 min around the frozen lake.
  5. i don’t know why we cant transfer from legacy to official most things on official are so mutated and x amount of generations of tames have emerged things have become rather easy. So what does legacy have that we don’t have now.
  6. Yes please let’s get separate pvp/ pve changes going into the new year. Also I’m on the fence with the flyer nerf I agree we shouldn’t be able to point into speed but we should be able to train our flyers to fly faster in someway so we all dnt have to have a wyvern because we are traveling large distances. Would love for someway to increase my flyers speed that will make it more valuable either roll of the dice through imprinting or genetic mutations.
  7. I’m looking forward to getting some armor stands and weapon racks for my house let’s make that happen.
  8. A must have option it’s so hard to find a drop as a new player sometimes they just dnt spawn and when they do you die before you can access them.
  9. Really could of gave us a bit more than just a fragmented picture. Show us some new mechanics being released. Or how the map is starting to look
  10. Looks like a chicken hawk. Also probably a raptor that can jump and glide like a chocobo
  11. Excited for the new map but would love for scorched earth to be playable on the x box. I did buy it after all but the constant dash boarding makes playing impossible.
  12. I like the teasers but will we get access to the tek item without killing a boss.
  13. So that’s just a side view of the owl picture. Wonder what it really looks like
  14. Looks cool now we just need a way to display are armor and some sort of stand to place are flying pets on. Also a weapon rack and a breath meter when transporting fish out of water to another location, and stairs why are there no normal stairs. And a gate smaller then a b gate but bigger then the small one. And speacial saddle classes that offer protection from knock off, cold, heat, poison, it’s a game with tek so why not it could be a thing. And lastly a ore and gem only found in caves where you have to use only a pick or special tool to mine them add the ore and gems to saddle, armor, weap
  15. So can we get the ability to turn are tames to ice cubes so we can get rid of server tame caps. Something that does not require tek to operate. Considering that part of the player base never makes it to tek tier.
  16. A server where Dino’s have age so they die after 3 months. With 3 times maturation and 2.5x tameing. Allow breeding of Every tameable creature so it’s up to the player if they want to keep the bloodline of their tames going strong or let them die out. Make it a pvp world with protected claimed areas so if your within a certain radius of your base you are pvp protected. Step outside that radius and you enter pvp area. Once A month 30min purge event allowed across server. Special spawns of mutations across server, tame them or kill them for special loot drops. Like vday chocolate or a soup tha
  17. Not sure why people need over 300 tames. That seems crazy is the point of this game to just tame and look at what you got but never use it. Might just need to get rid of the kibble tree and evo events that way the official server setting will force people to spend 5 hours to get 1 tame. Reducing lag from massive tame farms. Also make Tames age so they have to be mated or you loose them. Forcing people to actually work for what they have and single players will have to join a tribe to keep babies fed if they can’t get on every night to feed them. Along with that pve servers should have a purge
  18. Thank you for the information. Now I need to look into unofficial servers.
  19. Xbox not to many options. But you seem to know a lot so tell me other options on Xbox. That don’t require single player or own server.
  20. Can we also get 2x maturation for those of us who work 7 days a week. Or better yet freeze the babies when we aren’t online. Or even sell the v day chocolates in the store.
  21. Or Scortched earth dash boarding on Xbox every 30 min to and hour it’s unplayable
  22. So the questions keep coming. Players want to know. Have you started getting s + ready for consoles or has it not been worked on yet? Either way we just want some idea of where it is at. Should we hold are breath or is it being pushed till next year and we should just move on we just want some insight as to where it is at. Also dino cap hot issue as always the game feels like pokemon gotta catch them all. Spawn rates to high? Maybe not enough focus on primitive survival. Map design promotes gotta catch them all game play. Any thoughts from wild card about this maybe share some ideas
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