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  1. I would like to see a dino seahorse, a dino puffer fish that works like a velo and also a mini tek submarine that would have inside it a tek gen to power a man powered tek turret on each side it would also use gas for a turbo like tropo and have a mechanical arm for picking and grabbing dinos and the arm can shock dinos to kill them as well as a attack while holding the dino or player, maybe it could have inside a mini vault and a tek pod to that would be awesome. Some underwater plants would be cool to like a seaweed that works like y trap and grabs dinos and players with vines and a plant th
  2. Not just that the bluescreens and dcs are not helping but yeah it makes the map unplayable if cannot farm element on it.
  3. In the past 3 weeks I have lost 57 Rexs and 3 yutys because the manticore would not land in Alpha boss fight I cannot be losing this many Rexs daily because of game bugs it is making Valguero unplayable they need to fix this it is the only way to farm element in Valguero.
  4. All servers have been 255 since the event patch cannot even play the game
  5. How about make a way to restore characters my character was lost in a roll back I was level 106 had completed valguero boss island broadmother and rockwell aberration I filled a ticket and it took 15 days before a GM would give me levels and tribe back but not my boss completions do you know how hard it is to arrange boss fights specially island or rockwell and many failed times because of attacked pvp, 255 or maintenance disconnects many players have to pay Alphas on these servers for a seat just to complete some of these bosses because you cannot even get near the artifacts that are control
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