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  1. spawned a lot at single player, ambergris, fishing net a lot of worthless skins, snow owl pellet all in a T3 ??? liked the structures part more. I got only 10 black pearls from the t3 crates is got and I got a lot of them...… I have seen good items aswel but medium crop plot?..... T3...
  2. they are rewarding exploiting, they should remove it. they encourage players to use exploits till they patcht it. Since they do not remove it but reward the players that use it. so next time same wil happen and we al know next time will happen.
  3. your right but just remember aberration has also it set of rules on building and dinos, this is a new map/content with a different story connected to it. If every new dlc would be a copy of the original just with a different map it would not make it unique but boring after a while. ARK players have always adapted them selves to changes that where made almost every change had negative comments of the players but after a while players get used to it. Because if is different then what it used to be does not make it bad.
  4. i believe they said they would never do sub or paid items but dont know if that will change to keep the servers supported and devolpment. money has to come from somewhere to keep the arks running. but missions add something xtra to the game then only grinding and taming. would be good if they add it yo old maps aswel maybe bit different. But no to microtransactions rather have a sub then..
  5. Not rly true they changes the timers for imprinting on the charity event. but of course depends also on how much wildcard CARES for their community.
  6. Don't think you will get they having hard time fixing the bugs/meshes don't think they will have time to filter that data out and it requires large extra storage aswel if they want to save those files to. But download a legacy save file and check it out, there is also old topics about saved legacy files with some tips in it if I remember correctly.
  7. you wont get it see legacy save files, if they gave you it would be all tribes on that server. with save data you got acces to the pin codes and that could be used on the servers to get acces to vaults etc...
  8. they nerfed them you cannot stack them either anymore... rly sux. Did not try to transfer but probably changed that aswel.
  9. @NukeGooseYou cannot blame this on the community even partly if an issue is there for months or years then is the devs to resolve the bug, I hate to compare to real life but people tend to use/abuse (not all ofc) if they found a fault in the system and the persons that are required the take action like the government will take action. So if the devs are to slow to resolve or do not have the resource or knowledge it is not the player but wildcard who owns the game that is responsible. For this almost every game and software company has a QA team and it is their job to find the issues before the player but it is not always 100% they will find all issues, But the response time of the devs is important.
  10. It is not so hard to post on twitter since forums is not their main communication area. It last now a couple of hours so maybe it is still night at their main country but in EU it is day time. A small post like where are looing into it etc etc is not so hard.
  11. they are in a different time zone need to wake up still. We will get update from @Cedric @complexmindedwhen they wake up. Then we can make tickets for the lost dino's and get a lvl 201 for them.
  12. all servers show 0/70 and loging lock..... great job
  13. They should remove the lock option from the oil pump completely or any other resource collector that can harvest so players wont need to build around them. Seen a lot of pumps that where owned by one tribe and where locked. If building not allowed they can set rules that will not allow other objects then a harvester but it is easier to put in COC that it is or is not allowed then change it in the coding. Even if a pump Is unlocked others will come and demolish it when timer is up and lock it.
  14. cluster with an active gm and not so toxic community with people that respect each others space. would be good add on official. But since official is not private we have todo it in another way to protect our game experience.
  15. thats your opinion don't know how much time you spend is this game, if normal players did not use pillars there would be box pillars on every spot and some newb that would build on a resource and not log in anymore until the structures decay. so before you say something spend more time in game and not only have your login screen open.
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