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  1. like its going to be a big achievement character loss had been since launch of official servers and had been increasing since, server stability became worst with gen release. all together wildcard is doing a poor job. By the time more fixes wilcome and Ark2 will be released and support on Ark1 will be dropped like on legacy. Connect char to steam/char id of account so new chars will be in tribe or something. Since you can ban players you should be able to donthis also.
  2. 1 week time, howlong will it actually be with the lag spikes, rollbacks, server disconnects and surprise patches.
  3. Good thing about the rates but please stop saying rates are now x4 stop comparing the old values there is no old value from alpha/beta release those really do not count with a released game It is just x2 now...
  4. I hear ppl crying in pvp for nerf they are to op we cannot raid bases. Inc nerf each patch
  5. New: Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc) what does this mean exactly for the gas and oil node not the terminal, it is not allowed to make a building around the node you are harvesting? then i would strongly suggest make it not possible to lock these harvesters and or make them last longer then 2 days.
  6. Was hoping for an announcement that there was goin to be a fix for the poor server performances.
  7. After this make imprinting account bound and the game wil be even better.
  8. this is pvp probably don't forget this has also a big impact on PVE not al is pvp.
  9. one of the worst changes for structures you are forcing the players to make them more resourceful for protecting their building space and area. With this change you will be causing players to build small bases and kill their spawning areas. This is no solution pillars are necessary evil in ark, you should have resolved this in early acces and not after months the game is released! By implementing this change you do not resolve anything you just make it worst like the first pillar change.... By now i have made 1by1 structures around my area and wil see til someone comes with a better solution after the patch, like i said you just made it worst with this announcement.
  10. Still no guarantee they wont wipe those 'most likely' reminds me the saying that legacy would not wipe.
  11. So you are not wiping us but yust stop support? Backstab for the ea players? Thank you for our support and letting us down after launch date.... why not transfer the save files to the new servers instead giving option to download these..
  12. can we get a official response stopped everything because i toughed it was over at the 20th.
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