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  1. has been said since ea a lot of good suggestions where made, maybe difficult or to much work. if you can ban players it should be able to connect to the steam id aswel since if i am not wrong they had a list with id bans that could be used on unofficial servers aswel.
  2. Avaraxius

    Ice wyverns

    i have been jumping beds for a month now maybe longer atleast since the other event and no nest or ice wyvern seen. and i always have been able to see one, not even a empty nest.
  3. Avaraxius

    Ice wyverns

    Ice wyverns What happened to the ice wyverns on official servers been now very long since I even have seen one. When is there going to be fix for it.
  4. this server down again couldn't find it yesterday and now it is also not on the list
  5. what you say is true but it is really stupid that they still did not fix it even with all the nerfs they did at least they should have resolved this bug. Rest is lame excuse server save bla bla they should get their poop together and fix it by now. I def wont use a mana until they post it on patch notes and still wait atleast a week to be sure they did not break something else.
  6. server199 Anyone has access to island 199, seems it is gone from the server list now for a long time. The server down support site seems not to work since it is still gone...... @lilpanda
  7. exactly did that as well more then once so it wont stop from building there.
  8. great changes, generator usage is i think back to old usage. prime meat stack would also be a great addition.
  9. some ppl do not have the time to play normal way through the week only do a reset for decay and feeding. weekends are mostly the time those have really time to play. could also do it like this no evo in the weekend but only through the week. that wil maybe encourage aswel
  10. you managed to get inside, even if you could not get inside a ticket would be enough for a gm to make an entrance. its not allowed to block acces since you are back. once timer is reset the other person has to make it accessible for you especially if you asked it.
  11. I Play PvE because i do not like PvP my base is wel protected againt dinos but not against players because i am on a PvE server. Removing ORP means alot of griefing pulling wild dinos etc.. even if it against the CoC. If they remove ORP then WIldcard needs to invest more on active GM's that are on the server with better toolsets. Like another player said somwere here removing ORP is helping the trolls griefers etc.. have seen this in early acces. Not to forget the bugs/glitches that still randomly appear in the game... Btw, response time of ticket on obelisk blocking is 2-4h and structure blocking few days maybe faster (from experience) @BertNoobians but having to do this each week is annoying.
  12. Yea we should all start recording when we are riding a mana or any dino and make everytime a screenshot when transfering servers or items and keep a dino catalog with screens.... they should have fixed it by now.
  13. same happen to me got yesterday a crappy mana whitout imprint and a crappy saddle back. They want visual proof like eveyone keeps a image catalog of their dinos and make screenshots each time they mount a dino. they should change their max lvl 200 dino return policy without imp.. and fix this bug or stop allowing the usage of manas on the island..
  14. there is another mode called singleplayer where you can delete every day your save file or every hour.
  15. I think some people are confusing pve servers with roleplaying servers... will never play on an unofficial server because never know when it ends if the owner in a drunk mood will wipe whole server. At least when official stops it will be time to move on. Do not accept invites of players you don't know, but does not mean that all players that invite you try to scam you. I have seen enough tribes of players that formed a tribe at low lvl and months later still there. Solo tribe can be fun as wel, the vacations are only shorter
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