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  1. probably till patch rolls you cannot play then, happend before
  2. for who wants to read why they did not wipe after ea.. https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-survival-evolveds-design-lead-on-huge-server-wipe-reversal-and-new-structure-post-pc-launch/
  3. Avaraxius

    Racism in Ark

    it is not the game, some of the players are.
  4. so you are a legacy players then if i dont read it wrong, i choose to move to official before they announced the wipe for the server. I lost a lot of breeding lines, boss rexes item etc etc. but i wasnt that ignorand to stay on legacy to think that they would not wipe it. Dont trust a company that says they wont wipe a server and suddenly they drop all support and announce they willl do wipes. Every game has a end that does not mean that because some players are furstrated they should do a wipe, like the other player said you can choose to wipe your self and make a new bob.
  5. this is a feature of ark, best way to avoid it also make alts on servers you play and do not transfer your (main) survivors. Can go 10000 jumps good and that one jump can mess you up is like rolling a dice.
  6. Could be any other game that is not from wc or related to them..
  7. Night is not that bad but fog and night is a real bad combo
  8. Would be great for a NEW server type that do that every season, like diablo. But don't mess with the current ones.
  9. If you like wipes why not play singleplayer more fun 4u can wipe it each day if you dont like they way the game is maybe time to move on to another game. Eventually the amount of official servers will drop.
  10. Go away....... if they would suddenly do that would definitely be the end of ark for me. Didn't waste years of work for getting wiped because some new players cannot adjust to the game. Already got backstabbed once by not keeping their word on ea servers something like this would be the end. But they got servers that get wiped each month ppl that want to have wipes could join those or buy their own private servers. And if you do not like progress of other players play singleplayer.
  11. On the mac the "lag, frame" drop is more/different can compare it with my pc. i do not even try to do a scar run or taming even flying mostly harvesting and bed jumping or dual log with my main account to craft. Ark performance is bad for me on the mac
  12. it probably runs much better then on the macbook pro.. (with me only good for jumping beds mostly)Never seen a clear patch for the mac other then when they patch the game is later on the mac, i think the support on mac is poor. You are better of on a pc then on a mac since rly you probably heared this alot mac has good builds but not good for games (anymore). Looks almost like apple is yust a name they wanna put on the supported list. Other option is checking for driver support> dual boot? still supported? And dont think it has anything to do with your ram ^^ Would expect it to run like crazy on your machine.
  13. I hear ppl crying in pvp for nerf they are to op we cannot raid bases. Inc nerf each patch
  14. sorry dont play on console :s, but send me an xbox and i wil get the game again and make screenshots :):):)
  15. I have seen ON OFFICIAL PVE servers pillars being removed tribes getting wiped, stuctures getting deleted for blocking other players and dinos getting killed because for blocking. So i rly trust the enforcement team that they handle this. i have seen them take issues in 2h, 24h and within a few days.
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