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  1. thx for the info, now i see that I/we have to kill alot of dinos
  2. Is it possible to add total tribe count of tames and personal count our dinos are personal owned and its good to see then how manny dinos a tribe member owns, and hurry with the fix for text fitting in the area for count keep killing but cannot see what the count is.
  3. that is something that is going to happen or they have to do it account bound not server, bit of a design flaw if you ask me but lets keep it at the breedding lol otherwise we are going to have another cap topic
  4. probably but the good news is ppl that have 400(+) cannot add more dino's
  5. they are adding the 400 counter so this wil be 'resolved'...(maybe), its not the breeding, it is the claiming and taming every low dino's (egg farm) they find mostly that causes this.
  6. According to support answers pulling wild dino's/ rock elementals is allowed you need to protect your base better since dinos etc etc wander. This is what i got as answer for my tickets this was for PVE. Shot said is part of the game even for PVE..... and they wont do anything about it (yet?) since it is stil alpha.
  7. I think they should double (2x or even 3x) the speed on PVE thats what i would like to see, PVE and PVP should be different on this because they are totally different play styles. This event i had alot of fun with breeding to get that one special color or the increased/stats lvl. Because it is an event people wil try to get the most out of it this was also with the 2x weekends. Apart of the event i did often alot of calculation of the time food was consumed by the dino so it is possible that you can see how long food wil last. My opinion is that there should be like a max taming time of 7days longer than that it is a pain (for a full time worker at least) or the baby time should be much shorter on all dino's (3x ?). I think on events you wil always see an boost on everything because there is little time so it is not a very good way to compare actual player behaviour.
  8. Got a question why delay the patch by 1 day almost each time, add 2-3 days to give your testers and dev more time looks strange each time on the last day almost. Is it not possible to skip weekends for non (critical) issue patching (adding content).
  9. can we get a official response stopped everything because i toughed it was over at the 20th.
  10. bug in imprinting? Is there a know issue with imprinting, i got an anky with 98% but when i ride it it says 30% dam and res, and 3% rider imprinted. looked at other dinos' and they give correct imprinted info 65% is 65 rider imprinted
  11. Can we see in the patch notes also (atleast a few ) optimisation and planned fixes for issues, or is it only tek and dino releases, i am more concerned about new introduced issues(and old ones).
  12. So it is going to be transfers to other servers when cap has been reached for a tribe on one server, since it is tribe bound and not player (?) Multiple egg farms.
  13. does this update have a fix for dino's 'hanging' in ceilings?
  14. breeding speed Is there going to be a change in the breeding timers, so that it is possible to breed something in a decent timeframe rather than hours and days can't we get a change for this. Dont know how the experience of other players are but i know a lot of people that would like to see the speed increased (2x or even 3x) so it is possible to do this. For my self it is almost impossible to breed a giga or anything that is longer than 2 days that even is a lot of math to see when i have to be online to feed. It is pretty difficult for someone that works fulltime.
  15. Is this 10% or 1% been breeding like crazy, got some good eggs though but the drop is insanely low and stil no drop. (got alot of females)