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  1. Strange that ther is no offical word here (or did i mis it) dont count mod :). Totally silent as always no information they will see if they can improve annything like always one side comunication. this toipc wil continue long before it eventually wil die out or get locked because geting to "off topic". Would like someone of the twitter crazy WC employes post on this forum bit more. IF this forum doesnt have any function close it of and use reddit and twitter only seems those two are used almost for most communication. Give is clear number why cant someone who likes dodos or jerboas tame 500 of them and someone else can have 100 rexes 50 gigas 20 rapoters 10 trikes 100 allos 50 brontos 120 anky's to fill their tribe limit. THere are enough pictures of tribes that have alot more dinos, if you are goign to enforce a rule set the rules by numbers not by a wild gues should not be that hard...
  2. Avaraxius

    Transfer bug!!

    I once was kicked out of tribe because a small rollback after i jumped, but i changed server and returned and was back in tribe. Don't know if same thing but if did not try try going back to other server and return again.
  3. Serious if they going to apply max rules in the only to them known numbers they should implement a max numbers for each dinos. Especially easy tames for example max 30 are allowed to be outside cryo 10 dodos 20 jerboas or 30 dodos etc yust max it. And if you are running a script to check that is a real wrong move in my opinnion. add a warning first time 2nd time wipe those tames, 3th wipe all dino’s and after that wipe all. And let the warning apply at least a year.
  4. Avaraxius

    Whose excited?!

    To scared to tame all those colors could be reported taming easy tames and get wiped. Probably will tame 1 color and cryo it before a gm will see it . Loved to tame different colors of jerboas and even dodos, anky’s but after hearing ppl get wiped for 60 (event breeding) dodos no thx. Wil be yust another ark day for me. If i would tame 5-10 of each dinos i like i would be reported for capping server with easy tames.
  5. recenlty on our server a tribe got wiped for even less, dont understand this. it is plain stupid even for 60 (event )dodos breeding (server is not even at cap) to get wiped from all your stuff without a warning. Breeding lines, bp's dust, dinos wiped because someone probablywas thinking it was funny to report i wonder then why should that player even continue playing. So could ppl get wiped for having 100 anky's, rexes, wyverns because someone reported them?
  6. Avaraxius

    Evolution Event / Breeders

    We have now cryopods and people always will complain, but understandable. But rotating events are not a bad idea. If you mis ome month you can try next month etc...... the lag is part of ark, server cap been a while since i encountered that. Learn to adapt to the situation.
  7. As suggested since ea they must implement this, if they cannot maintain stable patching and server transfers they will have to ad this qol. I am def for account bound imprinting or even tribe ownership in PVE. If you cannot guarantee no survivor loss with transfers this is one of the options.
  8. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    As a solo player i encounterd 3 times survivor lost while transfering and rollback, this is what i did not to be a victim of the speed the tickets handled. Get someone you know/trust to join your tribe move your main survivor to another server and create a new one and let you friend invite you to the tribe. after that park the new survivor on another server and return your main back. Promote the new survivor to admin and give him all the rights aswel. When you loose next time you survivor you have atleast a backup to reset timers and feed dinos, and when you support ticket gets answered move it again to another server and follow the instructions of the GM. This way you wil alwas have a backup 2n option is get another account when the sales are up to make a backup again. This what i do now, so when the the ticket takes long atleast my work wont decay. (if you didnt know this already) And try to make alts on servers try not to jump with your main if not needed, you can transfer items (transmitter, obelisk, drops) between your survivors of the same account. Jumping servers in ARK is not safe. <- Keep that in mind
  9. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    Totaly agree with this, there are alot of solo players the devs could atleast introduce a change in decay timer until they have given the support to all the players that lost their charcters because of the rollback. I am currious how they are going to reimbours bases and dinos and items because of this...
  10. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    weekends there is mostly no support and i do not think at least it seem that they did not change their policy on that for this incidents caused by their bug. thats the good thing about patches /fixes before weekends.
  11. Avaraxius

    Cant live long enough in SP to use obelisk.

    You have to pay to play online at console? Get a pc it is free. That was a joke didn't know playing online on console costs money. Multiplayer ark is free.
  12. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    Weekend is coming dont think it wil be 2day and with alot of ppl with same issue could take a bit longer maybe.
  13. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    thx for that info the wil do a new ticket for that, at the time they did not have the command for it, they could only put imprint on a gm 'spawned' dino or raised.
  14. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    From my experience you always have to create a new character and gm gives you the lvl you lost if you where 90 he wil make you lvl 90. As for the imprint they cannot assign imprints they can raise dinos from baby stage to mature and imprint 100% and assign to you and reimburse max 5 dinos (maybe they changed it now for this bug):
  15. Avaraxius

    Lost Character and Tames

    Make imprints account bound since it is possible to ban accounts it should be possible to assign imprints to the account. That wil atleast lower the pain a bit of a lost character. If even possible if survivor not on server maybe option to auto invite tribe again account bound. Another option when jumping to another server make a backup for 1-2 day of the survivor so a gm can get it back.