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  1. this is what they should have done from the start they cant implement that now on the current servers. maybe new servers and the last dlc they going to add on that map. lets keep the hope they will correct all their mistakes on Ark2 and wont be a cash grab.
  2. Avaraxius

    ARK 2!!

    Weeks before release we will keep supporting ARK servers will stay playable. Just before release there will be no support for the servers but we will patch. Few months after release. these servers will be closed, first DLC we will be closing more ARK servers.
  3. Good thing about the rates but please stop saying rates are now x4 stop comparing the old values there is no old value from alpha/beta release those really do not count with a released game It is just x2 now...
  4. where is the server support all moved to epic store? Since the free epic store launched the "free" servers are real crap sorry but that is the right word for it. We where used to bad servers but servers going down whole time. My main server is now down for more then 24h I know there are servers it seems down for a week now? what kind of bad support is this. the report site is a real joke it seems no update nothing you leave your email behind for nothing. What kind of anniversary is this one that reminds us that wildcard did not learn anything in all this years it seems. Communicat
  5. servers are full because of free players it wil probably drop in few weeks. 5min afk is bad for a game where you have to hand feed babies. And there is a afk kick system already. My idea is more of a epic players servers only that will allow the players who payed for the game to play normal again..
  6. If they really would care they would have fixed char loss few years ago and had a better support returning it also. But you are right they care about the game not the players. Seen this again with the freebee epic store launch...
  7. you mean solo player i hope, most easy for low lvl is berry since they often have no crops or kibble. you should not even be using crop or berries to tame them valuable real life time lost, kibble is the way to go.
  8. sorry @Castlerock transferring server to harvest mutton is the most .... advice you can give someone, in a game where you can loose your survivor with a transfer. and good luck to the low lvl person berry taming a decent lvl theris for harvesting...
  9. First off all there are no old school ark players they are alpha/beta testers that started the game while it still was in development. So stop comparing a released game with pre release versions. So giving examples like meat taming your first dino for 24h is not relevant because it was testing stage. Now it is released and BIG thank you to everyone who had proven meat or berry taming for 24h is not normal. I am playing this game for about 4 years as a solo player it is doable on official servers. Improvements like QoL makes the game available for longer period and keeping it interesting
  10. go single player and buy crates so you can test it. i got tek saddles and weapons did not get any structures.
  11. spawned a lot at single player, ambergris, fishing net a lot of worthless skins, snow owl pellet all in a T3 ??? liked the structures part more. I got only 10 black pearls from the t3 crates is got and I got a lot of them...… I have seen good items aswel but medium crop plot?..... T3...
  12. they are rewarding exploiting, they should remove it. they encourage players to use exploits till they patcht it. Since they do not remove it but reward the players that use it. so next time same wil happen and we al know next time will happen.
  13. your right but just remember aberration has also it set of rules on building and dinos, this is a new map/content with a different story connected to it. If every new dlc would be a copy of the original just with a different map it would not make it unique but boring after a while. ARK players have always adapted them selves to changes that where made almost every change had negative comments of the players but after a while players get used to it. Because if is different then what it used to be does not make it bad.
  14. i believe they said they would never do sub or paid items but dont know if that will change to keep the servers supported and devolpment. money has to come from somewhere to keep the arks running. but missions add something xtra to the game then only grinding and taming. would be good if they add it yo old maps aswel maybe bit different. But no to microtransactions rather have a sub then..
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