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  1. I Play PvE because i do not like PvP my base is wel protected againt dinos but not against players because i am on a PvE server. Removing ORP means alot of griefing pulling wild dinos etc.. even if it against the CoC. If they remove ORP then WIldcard needs to invest more on active GM's that are on the server with better toolsets. Like another player said somwere here removing ORP is helping the trolls griefers etc.. have seen this in early acces. Not to forget the bugs/glitches that still randomly appear in the game... Btw, response time of ticket on obelisk blocking is 2-4h and structure blocking few days maybe faster (from experience) @BertNoobians but having to do this each week is annoying.
  2. Yea we should all start recording when we are riding a mana or any dino and make everytime a screenshot when transfering servers or items and keep a dino catalog with screens.... they should have fixed it by now.
  3. same happen to me got yesterday a crappy mana whitout imprint and a crappy saddle back. They want visual proof like eveyone keeps a image catalog of their dinos and make screenshots each time they mount a dino. they should change their max lvl 200 dino return policy without imp.. and fix this bug or stop allowing the usage of manas on the island..
  4. there is another mode called singleplayer where you can delete every day your save file or every hour.
  5. I think some people are confusing pve servers with roleplaying servers... will never play on an unofficial server because never know when it ends if the owner in a drunk mood will wipe whole server. At least when official stops it will be time to move on. Do not accept invites of players you don't know, but does not mean that all players that invite you try to scam you. I have seen enough tribes of players that formed a tribe at low lvl and months later still there. Solo tribe can be fun as wel, the vacations are only shorter
  6. Do you play on official PVE, what you say is so untrue.
  7. they are to lazy to send a ticket waiting that it wil magically dissapear..... or to have a nice topic for on the forums.
  8. @HoboNation the 10 people that post in this topic does not represents the whole PVE community this includes me it is our point of view, because someone starts a topic it does not mean he speaks for the whole pve community. On the servers i play i never seen players complain how bad pve is how is it is etc etc. everyone is playing their game having fun. the Communities are social, chat is active and there are trades. So this topic or any other topic concerning pve is observation of each player. The forum posts often make things worst then it is ofcourse there is also truth in it. I do not play PVP ark pvp is not for me but if you see from pve perspective you always see players complain about how easy it is or how hard and how op the dino is and so on....... But i think there was also PVPVE or so maybe thats another option aswel.
  9. Image says nothing this is one players that uses this kind of set up the server has more players. If the player would use a box building with spikes and turrets and plants (would happen when orp is off)another player would say pve is cattle ranches aswel because they put ugly buildings to stock their dino’s in. New pve servers without orp and change in coc that allows pulling wild dino’s to bases that is the option. And then we will have fun at forums.
  10. i use to have a theri spawning in a building you would not expect that it ever would spawn. SInce ORP i dont have the issue that a dino is killed by something that should not spawn inside a base. Ofc you can take preventive measures but how long wil that last if you are offline for 3 days maybe and playber B keeps pulling gigas, titan etc to your base that drains all your resources. Walls and gates area not 100% protection from dinos spawning in base. if they would turn of ORP they might aswel change COC again.
  11. ORP is one off the best features that where add, griefers/trolls/little kids, cryers land stealers you name them they only went active when you got offline luring gigas, rock elementals, wyverns etc etc anything you could not kill while offline. Only reason i mostly when i see someone that does not like ORP is because they cannot loot the base/base by luring wild dinos. FOR these they go a real good team when you send a ticket they clean it within 2-4hours depending what it is blocking dinos on obelisk is less then 4h mostly, so go ticket frenzy. Blowing off steam on forums does not help.
  12. Avaraxius

    Valguero and X2

    They shouldn't do it for atleast a month, keeps the map cleaner. It is a survival game no need the buff that fast. Rly if you do not like the rate play on a map that has the x2 until they release it on the new map, till then only reset timers.... if you do not have fun playing on normal rates.
  13. Nnot rly does not exactly say that in CoC, and he/she is not saying anything about blocking whole map or anything related to that he/she is talking about resource protection and as a pve player i totaly agree with that.: GM intervention may be necessary if your structure or creature is negatively impacting a server (ie. you block off a large portion of the map so that other members of that server cannot access it).
  14. some problems dong magically dissapear by leaving, it costs some effor like make a ticket or build higer walls. Kiting dinos in to bases in pve is not allowed aslong there is no tribe war. Some issues could be resolved by reporting but maybe you left before they added that rule. I still find it funny when players say there are pillars all over the map most forgot there are more then two players on servers, and good job checking the whole map for pillars. Send tickets with proof that wil resolve alot of issues instead of giving up and leaving server. (btw no dino can enter a base with kiting with good defence/walls/gates)
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