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  1. Dude mine breaks almost immediately when it lands in the water often. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I think something is a little buggy with them. Besides that, are you continually clicking when you get one? You have to click to bring them in faster. Otherwise idk if a stat has anything to do with it.
  2. Oh that sucks, sorry. You'd think you'd be able to fish a bit more in the ocean since it's an ocean and all lol. Can you use your own rod in the arctic fishing mission? I believe you can use your own net in the bog fishing one and get fish meat, I wonder if you'd get normal loot in the arctic.
  3. I've heard gasbags in the lunar caves. Not on official anymore so haven't done it personally.
  4. Yeah that's what it feels like. Maybe a ferox can get it done too, but I haven't tried that and would use a bloodstalker as long as I had one.
  5. No clue, never seen that one before either. Were you pouncing something? That's kinda what the icon looks like.
  6. No they're not breedable afaik. I think it's 12 foundations but am second guessing that off the top of my head.
  7. The plesiosaur hunt mission gives long necks pretty frequently. I haven't gotten a BP but a fair amount of actual rifles. Some other missions do too, but not as often.
  8. Doesn't seem like it. Unless you have S+ and can make one of the city terminals they have.
  9. You should be able to drag the tranq arrows onto the weapon and change the ammo.
  10. On my SP they definitely come from different angles. Sometimes the asteroids come from the bottom up and what not. I wonder why they are only from one side for some people lol
  11. You heard it here from the kapro himself ?
  12. I'm hearing it's not in the drop table for missions or loot crates, haven't found one myself of course. I'm hoping they rework the loot tables for sure because there's things like stone hatchets as rewards for some fairly difficult missions instead of useful saddles.
  13. Yup I've noticed I got poisoned around those too. Pretty sure they're the culprit afaik.
  14. Using a modded smithy by chance? I think the S+ smithy has it, but maybe if you have a modded smithy that hasn't updated it may not show up. Or have you learned it yet? That'd be a bit of a reason why lol
  15. They're like explorer notes for sure. Yeah you get an invisible oxygen boost in the ocean biome so you breath longer and swim faster, pretty sure it was intended but not with the theme of the glitches.
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