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  1. This would be boring it would be about 1 following the story of Helena Rockwell mei yin and the others Or 2 about the player witch would be a problem because the player is not specific character
  2. The stupidest things I have done would be beating alpha broodmother and ape and being like alpha dragon can’t be much harder right (all my Rexes insta die) Fighting manticore unprepared and fight king titan without being prepared and Rockwell too also thinking megatheriums are not op and going into the wasteland with crossbows
  3. I doubt the turtle will be useless WC will find a way to make it very useful Lol so true
  4. I really hope that we would get roaming bosses but I think they should be in a very small resource rich area
  5. It will have lots but not as much as extinction
  6. Pc-extinction I am playing extinction again and I was leveling by farming alphas and trying to get enforcer because they are so powerful
  7. Are you done and going to admit it’s sci fi
  8. You didn’t have one in the trailer so I doubt it
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