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  1. Can't get into my rag server, my friend can't get into his genesis server. What's happened?
  2. Ps4 EU rag server 463 has been having problems for the past 5 days with horrendous lag, disconnects, server disappearing for hours
  3. We have a clustered normal servers and started 2 new primitive plus servers on ps4, for what it's worth I would add the primitive engrams to the main game. For pve players it gives so much more content with the extended farming, cooking and building items, the arguement that in the main game it would be ignored is a mute point in my opinion, just because you have tek troughs and things doesn't mean you wouldn't have a smoke house or fruit press and the like as they look great and give you other things to harvest and farm.
  4. Wildcard must know by now if the console version is ready to be released? It's 24 hours away and if there was a problem with the Microsoft or Sony certification they would know? I'm staying positive that it will land tomorrow, but some sort of confirmation would help massively
  5. Can't wait for the PS4 to catch up with the PC and have generators unaffected by the storms
  6. Looking forward to the spino, my favourite dino. The argy getting some love is also very welcome. Increased bronto raise time is a shame and will make my bronto breeding for colour mutations more of a chore but makes sense that they should take longer to raise than they do now.
  7. I did nothing thanks to the sever being broken
  8. Had an awesome day yesterday, hatched our new tapa egg and got three lovely red and dark green babies, then hatched one of our mutated allo eggs and got twins! 5 babies from 2 eggs to add to the spino and rex who will be all grown up tomorrow. Spent a bit of time hunting for meat to fill the fridges as work today means time is limited but can't wait to breed again when these 7 have grown up. Gave away or traded 9 dinos to other tribes on the server and sold my theriz as I have one to hatch that should come out twice the level of the one I sold. Finished the night having a ride round on my wyvern as I still havent quite got the hang of using him properly. Logged on this morning and restocked babies troughs and did imprints, ready for a day of real work
  9. Tried to build a hatchery, server lagged constantly for 2 hours so logged off. Happens every Saturday.
  10. Just finished my morning routine, check dinos, feed them, collect eggs and poop, fill compost bins, feed babies then log off for work and hope it's all ok till I get on later
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