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  1. Boss fights

    I have read this thread with great interest as prior to playing on unofficials I had a year on official ps4 servers. The best red stats I have ever seen on there came now where near these stats that have been mentioned. I'm out unofficial with rates as near to officials as we can work out we have defeated all the bosses bar rag wih 25k health and 650 melee
  2. We have 4 maps through Nitrado, Overall its been good. The Broken Cross Ark / Password Protection is a constant pain, but Nitrado have been trying to help with that.
  3. Unofficial Cluster Questions

    On our nitrado hosted servers we have password protection but it's broken so we have had to disable cross ARK transfers the 'normal' way and use the work around of uploading your naked character downloading it on the other cluster server. 90% of the time it works ok, but there are cases where players lose their tribe or character. Apparently cross ARK doesn't like passwords and it's been an issue for over 3 months with no sign of a proper fix
  4. Cross ARK on nitrado hosted servers

    Do other server owners have this issue?
  5. I have limited play time as it is, spending my time removing unwanted players is not really ideal
  6. Cross ARK on nitrado hosted servers

    Anyone? I shelled out a good amount of money to pay for servers and the 16 odd people that play on mine all paid good money for aberration but are growing frustrated that this isn't or can't be fixed
  7. Updates

    That's 2 we have had today. I think they must be bug fixes?
  8. So, from the faq. If you want to be able to cross between servers, the serves have to be open/no password Yeah which means any random can joon and cause chaos. Something we are trying to avoid
  9. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Mate, which ever way you dress it up, wildcard are paying for the rag map, the rag developers are paid by wildcard. Therefore it is a wildcard product. Do you honestly think wildcard just issue money to sponsored mod teams with no input?
  10. Cross ARK on nitrado hosted servers

    Please can someone either admit it is broken or tell me what I'm doing wrong
  11. QUESTION: Why do you choose Official?

    Yeah i guess they were busy getting ready for the release but after sending in tickets and also asking for help via Twitter it was quite disappointing for such a brilliant game
  12. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Spino need a big health and melee buff
  13. Any sensible suggestions for increasing the spoil timer on raw meat and decreasing how much gas is used on nitrado hosted servers please?
  14. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Because they chose to add it as an official map and pay the rag developers money to finish it