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  1. Boss fights

    I have solo killed easy brood with 18 rex, all with 18k to 21k health and 450 to 550 melee. It was meant to be a way of retiring my old breeding rex so only used primitive saddles. Lost 1 rex and the of the others the worst lost 8k health
  2. Is there any option or ini file setting that can be used to allow element and boss trophies to be transferred on unofficial ps4 servers?
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    When are you going to acknowledge or fix the broken cross ARK transfers on ps4 nitrado hosted servers? They have been broken for over 8 weeks
  4. Any Cool Mutations?

    Used to have loads of colour mutations on official ps4 pve servers. Started our own private rag server so starting out again on the breeding and mutations. Quick question though, have they changed the colours as some of the wild dinos and non mutations we have for already look amazing and I've never seen on old officials
  5. Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    We had to disable the cross ark settings on all 3 servers, you can then upload your character at the ob (put everything you have on you in Ark data first) Only problem is when you exit the game and sign into the destination server you cannot spawn at your tribes bed Its really hit and miss so most of our players are not risking it
  6. Disabling certain dino spawns

    Is that in the server settings or can i do it from the admin command menu?
  7. Cross ark issues

    Our cross ark transfer hasn't worked for over 3 weeks and no one will answer when it will be fixed.....
  8. Is there a simple command I can add to put nitrado server to stop certain dinos from spawning? All the players on our servers want the diplos removed but I'm not sure if its possible?
  9. Anyone else still experiencing babies not eating from troughs or from their inventory?
  10. As the existing way of transferring between cluster servers is broken you have to upload everything to download on the target server. A couple of layers today have lost a wyvern each and a mantis during transfer. Is this a known bug or just bad luck?
  11. After reading and talking to a few players that are still clinging to the old legacy server I played on, I'm glad I moved to unofficials. We have a group of 10 to 15 of us in different time zones so there is always something going on. I thought I would miss the cross ARK trading but the thought of actually have a pure breeding line of our own tamed and then raised dinos is quite exciting. We have 2x everything apart from taming that's 4x and it seems a good balance to me
  12. Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    We have 3 servers for ark on ps4, since our last update cross ARK transfers have been broken. There is a work round so you can transfer but it's not transferring like it should be
  13. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Despite the bugs and frustration I think everyone would admit it's a brilliantly addictive game with many different ways to play to reach goals and targets. Well worth the money i paid nearly a year ago
  14. Well its been 4 days since the last ps4 patch that broke cluster server transfers on the nitrado hosted servers. Nitrado have said it's a wildcard issue and wildcard have said............... Not even an acknowledgement of fhe issue let alone an eta on a fix
  15. CrossARK Character Transfer

    Nitrado are aware of ths problem and have passed all information and data to Wildcard. We have to wait for Wildcard to fix it with a patch