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  1. Ps4 EU rag server 463 has been having problems for the past 5 days with horrendous lag, disconnects, server disappearing for hours
  2. Has his character uploaded? I had the same problem on Ps4, so logged out and went to the target server and my character was in the cloud. Downloaded him and transfered back to my original server and had to overwrite my character
  3. Why don't they just restore the previous build? They must have a copy of it somewhere? Then take their time and repair the event and re release it? Surely that's a better option than a hot fix?
  4. Can you copy and paste the written confirmation from the crunches? The only confirmation I have seen is at the end of the trailer
  5. Well I must remember to check exact dates and watch every second of trailers. As I said, it was hardly the clearest announcement from wildcard
  6. A mute point as the posts above show. I was mearly pointing out that the information on the console release should have been clearer, rather than just at the end of a trailer
  7. So there we have a post by each of us with slightly different interpretations of summer and autumn. Hardly the clearest message is it?
  8. Autumn, also known as fall in North American English,[1] is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere
  9. Sorry but in the UK September is classed as the start of autumn, always has in the circles i mix in. Would it have hurt to add a few lines in the crunxh clearly highlighting the spetember release?
  10. So what you stated that the Crunch contained the info is wrong? The trailer contains the september releaee but that is hardly summer is it?
  11. I have read the crunch 3 times and can't see where it says September for consoles? The trailer does eventually say it right at the end. How long has that trailer been out?
  12. I use the beacon app, i find it very useful
  13. Unofficial nitrado hosted ps4 server and e have lots of ice wyverns but no fore wyverns either
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