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  1. Chunk1664

    PS4 Legacy Server Saves

    Ps4 legacy saves can be found on the server interface page on the nitrado website. (The same place you can change settings etc) Although the date of the server saves was around November 2017 last time I looked
  2. I've noticed a new server setting for tamed creature starvation. Anyone tried it out? I assume the higher the number the faster the food drain?
  3. Chunk1664

    Easter Tames

    Am I alone in thinking these coloured tames take away the grind and goals of breeding for mutations?
  4. Chunk1664

    28 GB update on PS4?

    Can't find anything about it. Thought my ps4 was messing about
  5. Chunk1664

    Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    With the next round of servers being repurposed will the save files be updated on ps4 console saves to a date further on?
  6. Chunk1664

    Turn off fog

    Any ideas on where or how you get this to work?
  7. Chunk1664

    Island pve server opening up

    Bump, the island is now up and running.
  8. Chunk1664


    It's broken and has been for months. Good luck getting an answer from wildcard
  9. Hopefully someone can help. I've just started a server with a save file of my old server. It's dated 24th August 2017 but having gone exploring it has aberation items on it and seems about a month old? Any ideas on getting the right save file?
  10. Chunk1664

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    Having just added the centre to our cluster, I find the map a nice change from rag (all resources easy to farm) the island (bosses and my original map so feels like home) scorched (different challenge with spoil timers etc) and aberation (just completely different). I think the centre rightly has a place in our cluster for building and taking advantage of some beautiful locations
  11. Hi there, as of next Saturday we will be opening up our island pve server to new players. The server is part of a 5 map cluster, but only the island will be available to join to start with. We have an active player base from across the world so there is usually someone on to help or trade with. We have sensible rates at 4x taming, 3x harvesting and 2x xp. We have regular events with boosted rates that tend to last a week so that people everyone can enjoy them. If your interested in joining a relaxed pve environment where building and breeding are encouraged then drop me a message on psn - chunk1664 Hopefully see some new people soon Edit. Meant to add these servers have been prepaid for a year and will not be going anywhere
  12. Chunk1664

    Requirements for boss fights.

    We have just completed all 3 brood, ape to medium, easy Dragon, alpha manticore and alpha Rag boss with 19 rex (25 - 26k health, 650 - 700 melee) and 1 yuty (18k health, 6k stam) rex and yuty have asc saddles (120ish armour). Rex and yuty 100% imprinted. Usually 5 riders - 3 allied tribes of 2,2 and 1. All tek gear now unlocked, guess the next will be to try ascension and the ab boss
  13. Looking forward to the spino, my favourite dino. The argy getting some love is also very welcome. Increased bronto raise time is a shame and will make my bronto breeding for colour mutations more of a chore but makes sense that they should take longer to raise than they do now.
  14. Chunk1664

    Boss fights

    I have read this thread with great interest as prior to playing on unofficials I had a year on official ps4 servers. The best red stats I have ever seen on there came now where near these stats that have been mentioned. I'm out unofficial with rates as near to officials as we can work out we have defeated all the bosses bar rag wih 25k health and 650 melee
  15. We have 4 maps through Nitrado, Overall its been good. The Broken Cross Ark / Password Protection is a constant pain, but Nitrado have been trying to help with that.