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  1. Unofficial nitrado hosted ps4 server and e have lots of ice wyverns but no fore wyverns either
  2. Same on our ps4 nitrado server
  3. Invisible wyverns - ps4 On our nitrado hosted servers players are being attacked by invisible ice wyverns. Anyone else had this?
  4. Chunk1664


    I will go with July 17th, depending on what problems they discover on the pc mode
  5. We have a clustered normal servers and started 2 new primitive plus servers on ps4, for what it's worth I would add the primitive engrams to the main game. For pve players it gives so much more content with the extended farming, cooking and building items, the arguement that in the main game it would be ignored is a mute point in my opinion, just because you have tek troughs and things doesn't mean you wouldn't have a smoke house or fruit press and the like as they look great and give you other things to harvest and farm.
  6. Happened to a few players on our nitrado hosted servers as well. Was this not noticed before the patch was released?
  7. Chunk1664

    Disappearing Mech

    Two tribes on our Nitrado server enabled mechs on Tuesday after the patch, both signed in today and they were gone. Nothing in the tribe logs and no sign of them anywhere. Is that intended or a bug?
  8. Lost quetz Argy, tape, rex and 2 wyverns so far. Rather frustrating
  9. We have the same issue, needs a fix asap
  10. When riding a Dino there appears to be a "forcefield" effect on the screen making it impossible to see items, Dino's etc. As soon as you dismount the effect goes and vision is back to normal. Wasnt appearing yesterday but appears to have started this morning
  11. One of the players on our unofficial server just killed the ice Titan, but it's body disintegrated as it fell and he didn't get the trophy or and drops. Is this a bug or has he missed something?
  12. Patch notes now say enforcers are disabled? Nothing about mechs though? Is there anywhere with more information?
  13. Wildcard must know by now if the console version is ready to be released? It's 24 hours away and if there was a problem with the Microsoft or Sony certification they would know? I'm staying positive that it will land tomorrow, but some sort of confirmation would help massively
  14. One of our theriz is Fingers Malone
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