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  1. Ragnarok FAQ

    Thanks. Can't wait for the desert biome. This has answered my questions
  2. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    ok here is what we know. 0:10 Angler with legs 0:17 GlowStick 0:20 Firefly?? 0:24 Zipline 0:28 mushroom platforms. 0:28 Ladders that fall. 0:31 invisible thing(Rock Drake???) 0:37 it flies. 0:40 goes from flying to acting like a thyla instantly. 0:42 climbing gear. 0:45 rad scorpion? 0:48 wingsuits 0:57 energy shotgun 1:00 sword 1:03 Rock Drake??(0:31) 1:14 Purple ob
  3. The Mysterious Countdown Becomes More Mysterious...

    Ziplines. Rock Drake, Energy shotgun. Glowsticks New map
  4. The Mysterious Countdown Becomes More Mysterious...

    Cave world
  5. The Countdown [3 Hours left]
  6. The Mysterious Countdown Becomes More Mysterious...

    As much as I love the snow. I hope it's not a new map dlc
  7. Ark theme Is awesome
  8. Ice dungeon possible solo?

    If you stand on the T-Rex head in the mini lake in boss arena the queen will despawn after a few minutes
  9. So how big in real life is a 1x1x1 wall in Ark?
  10. will you make a ragnarok server?
  11. pve Looking for Server on Ragnarok

    Looking for a high breeding rate server with S+ and on Ragnarok
  12. Is this possible ?