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  1. Will allowing Deinonychus to spawn on the Island spawn the nests too?
  2. I will try this. But its weird that the artifacts are spawning perfectly
  3. Only 1 cave drop spawns I'm on my own dedicated server and caves are only spawning 1 cave drop. Any way to fix this?
  4. How can I block deep sea loot crates? I am on my own personal server and would like to block deep sea loot crates in specific locations. Can I do this and how?
  5. Anyway to block certain deep sea loot crate spawn on my own dedicated server?
  6. LOL. That was the code we emailed Helena days ago. Guess they didn't expect us to find it so quick
  7. Maybe this is measuring the amount of CO2 were producing inside the beacon or drop
  8. I got a theory. Maybe were put inside a beacon or orbital drop. We do this because humans cant go through the forcefield protecting the ark or planet so survivetheark.com/g/ is the inside of a orbital drop or beacon.
  9. I sent Helena 724EA9458ED40FBF in the subject. It used to just say Standby, please await further outgoing communication on established channels. now it says -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] Standby, please await further outgoing communication on established channels. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdQSSVAAoJEHJOqUWO1A+/LUUP/3bBveI0+GwlIcmc7yUafqxX 9mw6Ge1fHt0sH6wym5q40gvPeKtyANG7IyYc/4PJu6TSnlXJnmcuMqvXqfSlgFSt fbtixWEri6PbI/A9NkkzCLx3mAnxFVf1jtLfol5ZZxB0EzbD1DJuGzuXCtbMHGKF 9CKj5MpOZLXiGoKxytjx+3omfXQHU7oasMWdVrfqgOOaqSc79ORZZQMNjCDoPv12 qNFQMe7p8eDWCOU800KKP95PECuNfbm1jaxCCw8QI3v+AAZNvRT8fUQmzgrkJXiL BhMrh+p7JFGk9HHDGA1VhfMiHnO/dBrjlB6/ADb8Rxv5ioMVpn/BMXyDLVjEWiu7 25grwcR7H9AP86xIq5dZ/JRF0TTlDArA53jijm6coJCkeunw1ado6M2vFArNRZO9 yU+4kULEvEuvXaKTwaCgPO+Y6tsjrnvhYsAJTetEdcuGeWF5DSqDsj0WKPAQvuXY XOYYOtTopqhBueAlHl2Wy2OtlJuWEGJb21qR3WSvV6RLySWTxCfPc+VipQcBVAjx keNzwAZ0j7ZmSl3y8L1nI23gm3k7vcqdDrYIj9Cu2NujwZSkAIuZfEOW0nCzjZqr RbjT+LTpM8gF1EQR7LAWCyug2AELKivPyQa0tRKgeqTja4rJr9qm6ZN884kUhmk3 /EgneJyCBXO2o6wfEBJN =6VqM -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- This is something new
  10. When you look at the font VenetiaMonitor every q and d are highlighted
  11. Look like that file just tells the website what font to use Yep looked into it and opened it. Its just the font of the countdown timer. If anyone wants to look into it more just drop the .woff file into this website. https://fontdrop.info
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