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  1. All of a sudden I cant type. I cant even type when im not on Ark. HELP
  2. Im just starting out again so I don't have any of those tools to help me.
  3. I don't the details on how to make and pay for a server.
  4. You can only do that if you create your own server(cost money) OR you can have a friend play Ark in your house and you can split screen on singleplayer (Can only be a certain distance away from your friend)
  5. Yeah but then they just run away and sometimes don't come back
  6. Its not racist. People have servers that are english only in every game. It is just so people can understand what you are saying. Like if I killed 5 dinos when I am not supposed to and the admin confronts me and I only speak Swahili nobody will know what really happened. Its not racist.
  7. Trikes Stuck I can't seem to get Trikes stuck in trees anymore. Did they fix this issue? It is harder to tame them now.
  8. That is because they said they were going to fix bugs before the game is released and after all the content is released.
  9. Does the Center Map have dossiers and notes?
  10. They added the Tek Tier.
  11. yeah but does it matter when you know the feature is not going to make it?