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  1. natural disasters

    One thing I didn't like about Scorched Earth was the disasters. I felt like it took time away from the game. Having to wait for the heat to die down or waiting for a electrical storm to pass so I can do things. But maybe it could be a setting where you could turn disasters off.
  2. ahh. ok
  3. Im playing on a player dedicated server with higher rates
  4. Getting Tek Tier So it is basically it is no tribe no Tek Tier?
  5. It happens when your tame is in the way of the boats progress. Make a foundation that hangs of the boat and put your tame on it. That will stop the rubber banding.
  6. They are going to fix the bugs before the full release of the game after all the features are added.
  7. Defeating Bosses Solo What will I need to defeat the bosses on solo?
  8. Totally worth it. I once fished for 2 hours and got sooooooo many blueprints at high level. It is very much worth the time
  9. What map are you playing? Island- Start on one of the easy spawn areas. Try taming a trike as your first dino Center- Spawn on Northern or Southern island. Again try taming a trike
  10. Dinosaur Emotions Dinosaur Emotions. I think that it would be cool if we had dinosaur emotions. IDEAS -After a certain amount of playing time without interacting with a certain dinosaur the dinosaur will stop following commands. EXAMPLE You don't touch or interact with your Triceratops. The Triceratops stops following stay commands and starts being aggressive or passive randomly. -Time which the dinosaurs will start not listening to you - 5-7 hr of game time
  11. Try contacting Jat or Jen
  12. They instantly become wild when you un claim them
  13. Put your tame on passive then un claim it. It wont attack and you can harvest it.
  14. More 3-D creatures I have been checking the 3-D model store on the Ark website but new creatures are never added. Will they add anymore creatures we can buy? Hope they add a Pachycephalosaurus
  15. Yeah those are the 2nd most annoying creature