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  1. Really awesome to see that the ARK Millennium Falcon by Sitharias was featured. I remember seeing it on Reddit a few days ago and I was blown away
  2. Oh really? Okay, thanks. It starved pretty quickly though
  3. Hey there. I decided to tame a troodon in Ark a few days ago, and I've prepared some paracers to sacrifice to it. I started taming it about a half hour ago by knocking out my high level paracers and feeding it to it. First, despite having twice the number of paracers I needed to tame the level troodon I wanted, it only got as far as 60% taming. I went out to tame some more paracers to sacrifice, and I came back to it slowly taking damage from nothing. It's dead. I spent all this time trying to tame it and it slowly took damage until it died while sitting in my taming pen. I don't understand. What did I do wrong? I'm really angry right now.
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