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  1. Anyone else hope the new dlc will have a map with every biome and creature on it?
  2. Can I upload from SP to the new servers?
  3. So here is what I understand. Legacy= servers made before August 8th New Servers= Made after August 7th Legacy will get all the new content. BUT will not be allowed to transfer to New Servers
  4. No. I just was saying that PvE is just about having fun. Not a contest
  5. Will you add new creatures and items after August 8th? Or when the game comes out nothing new will be added?
  6. But the PS4 exclusives will be for everyone once Ark is released
  7. Are they going do add more 3d dinos for the store?
  8. Yes this is true but I feel like the community doesn't help it either at times
  9. Will they add more dinos? I really want a Pachycephalosaurus
  10. hey do you know if xbox single player have the Super Turkey nerf yet?
  11. Pachycephalosaurus' First Ark Pc World
  12. Pachycephalosaurus

    First Day Sunsett

    My new Pc just arrived and I experienced PC ark for the first time with 10 or more fps. Its nice
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