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  1. First reset for me today, was halfway level 2 and now back to 0 XP. Official pve server.
  2. Me and others also made reports about 199 but no asnwer back yet, really hope this won't take as long to fix as 465. Can you even log on and off it? Need to reset timer soon but I don't want to be stuck..
  3. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland199 seems to have issues, I would suggest sending in a report, although I'm not sure WC is monitoring them during Christmas.. I know more plp have send in reports about it. Battlemetrics somehow shows it is listed as an unofficial server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1485590 which would maybe eplain why plp can't transfer from and to the server. I haven't tried it myself cause I don't want to be stuck during these days, hope WC can fix it soon seeing people most likely need to refresh timers on other servers..
  4. I understand Ark devs not monitor Steam forums, but I had hoped these forums were monitored and issues addressed within reasonable time. Sadly I read no response with any information here. Again I am done with Ark for the day after the server kicked all plp and it rollbacked 10-15 min. So far during this weekend, it has randomly kicked all players every once in a while, and I think my personal counter is somewhere around 8-10 times per day. Think of the fun I had when doing OSD's and veins (which apparently have issues of their own, wouldn't know, get kicked before I can finish them). Made a report, but based on the (lack of) replies Sleiva gets I don't have a lot of hope. I'll keep Genesis on the wishlist but I do hope they increase the support for players, no use to have to go to YT to see how Ark is played.
  5. Just found this thread and would like to add another annoyed player on Extinction PVE 465, who has moved to SE to wait for a fix. Think I have a healthy patience for server problems but this seems too bad for people to play on. Hope someone on WC dev team can find a way to fix this situation, I would love to have some Extinction fun again.
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