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  1. Xbox single player. The bio-domes on extinction are bugged. The shields they generate with the desert or snow backdrop only half render causing a weird visual glitch where the skybox is half correct biome and half wasteland/city
  2. Tropeo colour region 3 missing from Xbox one Pretty much what the title says. Colour region 3 aka the back fur is missing from the Xbox one version of the tropeognathus. They all spawn in with the fur being a cream colour which cannot be changed with console commands
  3. Yeah to expand on what I put before.. After spawning in all animals in ark it's in my opinion that ALL pre-scorched earth dinosaurs need work... Some don't necessarily need a remodel eg: the diplodocus but they could still use better textures (more scales, bumps, flaps in the skin where veins are in the neck etc) And yeah while I'm repeating what most other people have said the way I see it the more people who say the same things the more likely the Devs will notice and implement these features... The tlc pass will be a lot of work but it's probably the most exciting t
  4. For me I think the Ankylosaurus is in dire need of a makeover. It's far to small and prickly.. if I were designing it I'd make the anky much, much larger. I'd remove it's spines and give it a more pebbled back with smoother armour. Look at the saurian anky, it looks adorable and I'd love to see it look like that in ark (or at least a similar "arkified" version) As for utility I like the metal gathering aspect but I feel that could be given to a different dinosaur (Maybe add a new Ankylosaur like gastonia to be the new spiky little metal gatherer) and turn the current Ankylosaur into a sor
  5. I so hope this guy will be rideable... Seeing as how the kentrosaurus and the leedsicthys aren't I'd hate to see this guy join them
  6. The salt is strong with this thread... Nah but in all seriousness it was poor timing to release before the game was completed but still they've claimed scorched earth is "complete and polished" so this should give us a taste of what the full game will run like. The only real complaint i have is that this wasn't a standalone dlc, means i have to download the god damn 24GB update and the 5GB scorched earth before i can play it -.-
  7. Stupid question im sure but can anyone confirm is single player/non dedicated is in scorched earth? Just wanted to know before i make a decision to buy or not
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