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  1. Been playing around on my single player game testing out all the new creatures and their rendering is awful. The ice titan pictured isn't even the worst offender it just made me laugh.
  2. KillerKeemgar

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Yeah to expand on what I put before.. After spawning in all animals in ark it's in my opinion that ALL pre-scorched earth dinosaurs need work... Some don't necessarily need a remodel eg: the diplodocus but they could still use better textures (more scales, bumps, flaps in the skin where veins are in the neck etc) And yeah while I'm repeating what most other people have said the way I see it the more people who say the same things the more likely the Devs will notice and implement these features... The tlc pass will be a lot of work but it's probably the most exciting thing for me in ark and I will been hyped for ever since it was first announced. As for some things that people haven't mentioned yet I think all flyers should fly like the Griffin not in terms of maneuverability but in terms of how when the griffin flies downwards it doesn't flap it's wings. This to me looks so good and realistic and I hope all flyers can get this feature even if they don't get the speed boost. The difference you guys made to the sabertooth was night and day and surpassed everything I expected for this tlc pass. It actually made me go out and tame one because they looked so good. I just hope you give every animal the same love you gave that... Also don't keep me waiting post teases every once in a while and I'll love you forever
  3. KillerKeemgar

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    For me I think the Ankylosaurus is in dire need of a makeover. It's far to small and prickly.. if I were designing it I'd make the anky much, much larger. I'd remove it's spines and give it a more pebbled back with smoother armour. Look at the saurian anky, it looks adorable and I'd love to see it look like that in ark (or at least a similar "arkified" version) As for utility I like the metal gathering aspect but I feel that could be given to a different dinosaur (Maybe add a new Ankylosaur like gastonia to be the new spiky little metal gatherer) and turn the current Ankylosaur into a sort of living tank.. the perfect, but slow, addition to a caravan. Give it increased resistance to blunt attacks or attacks from above but maybe more vulnerable to small attackers or traps. It's just how I'd design it but I really hate the current anky and never tame it it's just too ugly.. like I mentioned before how it currently looks would be better suited for a new Ankylosaur like gastonia or saichania Other than that the mosasaur is too bloated.. in reality they were more serpentine and streamlined... I hate to pull from Jurassic world or primeval but their mosasaur are the best fantasy depictions.. So I'd give it crocodile like skin, put it on a diet and also (as with most aquatic animals) let it travel upwards and downwards actually facing the direction as opposed to it's body remaining horizontal
  4. KillerKeemgar

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Can't exist outside of non official content such as mods. Universal studios would steamroll wildcard with a court case if they ever added it as it's copyrighted
  5. KillerKeemgar

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    If I had to pick a top 5 I'd have to choose 5) a stronger defense based Ankylosaur. Maybe like Edmontonia or Gastonia. Could act like a kentrosaurus where it can charge towards a target and impale them on its shoulder spikes. I've never liked arks Ankylosaurus that much as it's just too spiny and too small 4) lambeosaurus. This guy could act like a mid tier yutyrannus only effects creatures on a smaller scale (maybe only buffing them or giving it's call a different status effect) There are so many iconic hadrosaurs out there and it sucks we only have parasaurolophus (which is pretty useless) I feel a large hadrosaur like this would be an interesting addition to the game and also give wildcard a great chance to create an interesting musical "honk" for it. 3) homalocephale. Admittedly this is probably the inner JP:OG (if you don't know what that game is check it out I love it) fan in me speaking but I love these chubby, derpy, defenceless little Dino's and their shrill calls. I always wanted to cuddle and pet one of them and I'd love to see them in ark as a shoulder mount. As for usefulness (other than being an adorable sight) maybe make them call out at the sight of an approaching Dino or player. Maybe once one sentry starts calling it alerts all other tamed homalocephale in the area who also start calling to alert the player of potential danger 2) Gorgonopsid. I mean come on we all want it and it's been requested for ages now. Even if it didn't really have a distinct utility I still think it's implementation would please hundreds. It could have a bleeding effect because of its saber teeth and could maybe charge towards a target and pounce on it temporarily pinning it with its jaws 1) a passive wildlife overhaul.. who says every creature on ark has to have a dossier? I personally would love wildcard to add small birds, river fish, tropical fish, insects like butterflies etc. This would make the world feel more alive. Maybe these creatures could just drop a tiny amount of meat or fish etc depending on what they were. They wouldn't be tameable but would add to make the ecosystem of the ark feel alive as they fulfill the bottom end of the food chain. *Bonus* an aggressive flying pterosaur. While I still think this would be cool it isn't in my top list of creatures. Maybe a swarm of anurognathus or a larger pterosaur like tropeognathus. At the moment in ark if you get a flyer on PvE you're pretty much safe unless you land. This could make trips across the map slightly more hazardous with the threat of flying dangers
  6. KillerKeemgar

    Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    I so hope this guy will be rideable... Seeing as how the kentrosaurus and the leedsicthys aren't I'd hate to see this guy join them
  7. KillerKeemgar

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Id still like plateosaurus to be added, it could act like a smaller (earlier tame) diplodocus, able to carry 3 people and enough to keep a small tribe stocked on resources while moving around. Honestly id just like some more low level rideable creatures added into the game, they usually make the most interesting to see how useful they are in later levels and thus challenges the ark devs to give them unique aspects other than "_____ beats _____ because its an upgraded _____"
  8. KillerKeemgar

    ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

    The salt is strong with this thread... Nah but in all seriousness it was poor timing to release before the game was completed but still they've claimed scorched earth is "complete and polished" so this should give us a taste of what the full game will run like. The only real complaint i have is that this wasn't a standalone dlc, means i have to download the god damn 24GB update and the 5GB scorched earth before i can play it -.-
  9. KillerKeemgar

    ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

    Stupid question im sure but can anyone confirm is single player/non dedicated is in scorched earth? Just wanted to know before i make a decision to buy or not