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  1. [US][Vengecide] Fiberstart Ragnarok Come and join [Vengecide]Fiberstart Ragnarok! Fresh start new server. x5 taming, 10x harvest, 45x XP, 45x egg hatch/breeding. My server is also a FiberStart server not a fibercraft server meaning some stuff only cost 1 fiber to help get you going faster. I also implemented a working element system. You can now craft element with cementing paste using the replicator. Also the replicator cost 5k ingots to craft. I also tweaked the new kibble system to make crafting the kibble easier. You need fiber, cooked meat, berries, and a water skin. I based the different tiers of kibble based on the tier colors. So if you wanted exceptional kibble you would need the yellow berries. Blue Ob also has a community crafting station.
  2. Fibercraft Game.ini Tek stuff Does anybody know the command to be able to fibercraft tek behemoth gateway and door. I found a fibercraft thing to copy and paste but the tek behemoths are missing. Thank you in advance for anyone that knows it and is willing to help me out.
  3. This thread has completely went off topic. Yes the servers should be wiped cause the megas are hording away mass amounts of duped items and it's not fair to new tribes trying to build up. Bit also it wouldn't change who the megas were they would be alphas again because they are large coordinated groups. Also wiping the servers is useless if they haven't found a real solution to the duping and meshing because we would just back in the same place. The ultimate goal really should be to find who has the duped items and video shot it , screenshot it.
  4. PvP Character builds Anybody have any pvp character build suggestions. Im thinking about starting a second character because my current toon is builder oriented with 600 weight and etc. I looked online seen a couple builds but didn't really catch my attention one was just running really fast.
  5. Invisible Wyverns on Valguero and Argys Wyverns need to be fixed on Valguero. Also the new argentavis look that we have had for a while is nice. But you need to fix the cameras when you get picked up by the argy, cant see anything but the claws when someone picks me up and it makes it hard to tame stuff like that. I'm not sure why this issue has not been addressed yet since the argy look has been out for a while.
  6. In my opinion yes it should but only if they are going to address meshing to otherwise it serves no purpose. Climbing picks on abberation only, chairs only placable on foundations, and etc. Some of these fixes are simple to fix but they " think they have another way around it". But wildcards way has never worked we are repeating legacy all over again.
  7. Now that people are duping again yes they should definitely be wiped, only only if they officially solve the problems. They need to remove any items from the game that makes meshing possible or fix them so they can only be used a certain way.
  8. Legacy x2 Weekends I haven't played ark in months but I have a question for everyone. Does anyone know why breeding doesn't get a x2 on the weekends anymore like it used to back in the legacy days before Ragnarok came out. It was just something I was thinking of.
  9. Wyverns could be breedable they would just have to make it that breeding would not effect the stats of a wyvern. They would just be breedable as is.
  10. I would love to see classic servers on Xbox we don't have them yet. Yes official is a waste of time at times. Love the game been in Mega alliances, right now it's just mesh wars. I haven't played in a 6 months. I remember on Abb I was getting shot by somone with a tek rifle from in the mesh. while we were putting up turret towers and etc. And just like you said we had to figure out how he got into the mesh to stop it.
  11. Join a tribe or play an unofficial server. Nobody will negotiate with you friendly or not you have to get to know people. And building a tribe from the ground up is a waste of time unless you know people, most people will inside you before they wanna play with you. I've been there done that. I've also been in big alliances, its tedious work just to be well rounded tribe.
  12. Where would a wipe be acceptable? On servers that barely have any players and no giant bases. I would say if we are going to wipe official servers wipe barely used servers and make them into fresh start server for about 60 days then they become part of the old clusters again.
  13. Sounds like a good idea but they would lose half their player base. And the same alphas would just be alpha all over again it wouldn't change anything. Legacy's alphas are still alphas on these new servers, so it wouldn't fix anything. Large Alliances are organized!
  14. I noticed PC is getting old school classic official Servers without extinction or Abb. Will consoles be getting it sometime as well?
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