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  1. Purge Hour is a brand new Nitrado server not to overly boosted on the Island. 8x XP, 0.5 mating, 8x taming, breeding, harvesting, 2.0 crop growth, Improved fishing/supply loot from 1.0 to 2.5, 2x weight per level for players and tamed dinos. Offline raid protection enabled everyday except Saturdays from 12am EST to 11:59pm EST for PURGE HOUR with x2 structure damage. NO STARTERS. Troodon, itchys, and Leeds removed also so no more boats getting destroyed or getting stuff stolen from a bird or knocked out by troodons. Come have fun and PvP with no rules like official. There is no Alpha yet and no admin abuse only I run the server. Everyone gotta work and play legit even me. Legacy tames from my old tribe will be sold from my imported file from my wiped official server.
  2. Xbox dedicated server bugged

    Now I tried to forcejoin back into my tribe and it wouldn't let me. It said I was added into the tribe but the dinos are still red and I'm tribeles. So i created another tribe and the tribe I created became the name of the tribe I was trying to force join and was blue tagged in the process.
  3. Does anyone know how to fix this or do I have to reset the whole server. Ive tried many way to fix it to find nothing work. No matter if my egg hatching speed is 1.0 or 7.0 is hatches insanely fast and the same thing for baby maturation. I put it from 7.0 to 10.0 and the wyvern were hatching and growing in 15 mins. This all started with wyverns not spawning so I put the server back to default and tamed dinos became super tames. And I rechecked everything no multipliers are on so I am quite confused. Has anyone else had this issue before? We even tried setting things to 0.7 instead of 7.0.
  4. Editing Baby Maturation

    How does the baby maturation speed work for my server normal is 7.0. I put it up to 10.0 thinking it's 10x. Dodoex said it will take 9 hrs or so to incubate the egg and full grow. I hatch the egg and it grew to full grown in like 20mins. So either dodoex is off or my server is bugged. Cause when I turned my server back to default settings to fix spawns the gigas my friend has turned into super gigas from 290% melee to 400% as well as other dinos having random insane melee.
  5. Im a North American and the new center server pvp 96 has been at 255 ping for a while and has not changed the server is unplayable at this point, please fix the server.
  6. You guys restarted Rag official fresh start 281 my 68 is gone it tells me to make a new character. I'm not making a new character I want my 68 back please or my 90 from my legacy server. This is ridiculous and annoying please fix this.
  7. Server 281 from the fresh start rag servers is unplay able someone tried to ddos the server or dupe and now the server is messed up its been rubberbanding everyone for over 12 hours. Please restart the server.
  8. ETA on more servers?

    I realize you guys are trying hard to get everything intact but this is by far a really bad launch. I understand everyone has to start over because it's a full game now and that's fine but we need more servers. Not just 20 more servers we need a lot. I can't play a single official server it doesn't matter if it's rag, center, or island. I got a 20+ man tribe and we can't even play the servers are full. If this is the case we don't need legacy servers especially if they are not supported they are pointless now. Please put up a proper amount of servers. If you had several hundred servers up and they were all full id understand but this is ridiculous.
  9. Ragnarok Best Metal Spawns

    Who has been playing Ragnarok on PC I got a big tribe on Xbox and we are going for Alpha the only probably is metal spawns. I know rag has tons of metal but it seems like they all scattered on random places cause I'm on single player. I think we might have to build up somewhere else And blow into a rag server.
  10. New Tribes directory

    How do I create a tribe to recruit people with the New Tribes system. Is it still not able to create tribes cause I cannot create a tribe to find people for Xbox release, but I see a a lot of other tribes posted.
  11. Ticket says solved on submission

    It's alright I got my toon I finally got in and moved my toon back to my server.
  12. My character is stuck in another server because i cannot get on the server. It says could not retrieve address. It's been doing this since I woke up at about 12 this after noon and it is 8 at night now and nothing has changed. I've tried various troubleshooting methods. Ive reset my router, I've hard reset my xbox, I've downloaded ark on my other Xbox and that didn't work. My tribemate tried to load up the server as if she was joining the server to create a toon and she gets the same message. I got a level 87 stuck in server 680 with my 220+ fire Wyvern and argie in the ark. My fire wyvern got about 8 hours before it disappears. Ive submitted a ticket and as soon I submit the ticket it says "solved"! Every other server loads up fine but server 680.
  13. Looking for people to rebuild on the center

    My bad i didnt know i posted this in here in usimg my phone musta clicked on it by mistake. It would be nice if a mod could move this post please.
  14. I know the alphas but we got wiped by the main alpha tribe because they were doing a server wipe and didnt know we was aloud to stay because we are only two weeks into the server. But i disbanded pretty much almost the whole tribe because most of them didnt want to work so im starting fresh again. But i need the right people who want to grind as im starting up again i only gotta replace two behemoth gates aside from rebuilding the base itself because I demolished all the metal structures and took them to my scorched earth server. The server does have a no raiding policy. The tribes goal is to do boss fights and go raiding. We can buy good fertalized eggs from my alpha friend to when we need them. If your interested please leave your GT below. Must have a mic and some experience please.
  15. xbox Looking for a tribe

    My tribe is pretty fresh only about 6 people we started a week ago. We are going for alpha. We are taken care of on our server to. Let me know if you want an interview its a EU pvp server on the center.