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  1. Vengecide

    Discussion about ARK Survival Evolved

    If you want to avoid your stuff getting destroyed play pve not pvp. Pve is player versus earth. And pvp is player versus player. But I would recommend solo split screen if you cannot afford two xboxes. How ever if you can afford two xboxes you can rent a server. Because on solo when you go offline everything pauses. Where as if you rented a server it would stay online while your offline.
  2. Vengecide

    bugs 10 Month/Day 800 SP Save Deleted 😞

    Why dont you rent a 10 slot nitrado server it backs up the server without you having to do it to. Or restart over again on singleplayer and spawn back in the materials to your base and the items and dinos you lost.
  3. Vengecide

    pvp Alpha Tribe Being Bullies

    Switch servers Alpha tribes do that. They not gonna stop its part of the game.
  4. Vengecide

    Stego raiding broken

    Yeah my bad about that. The one im on is very similar to official settings. Only difference is the dinos have a slight health buff.
  5. Vengecide

    Stego raiding broken

    Whats the point of having turrets if all you do is gotta ride a stego upto a turret tower with little to no effort and just throw c4s on it and turret tower is down? How are turret towers built now for this shananigans. I already know turrets alone doesnt defend a base from being raided i used to be in a mega alliance before. But my base took little to no effort to get into and we had a reasonable amount of turret towers. I logged into the middle of my base being raided. And i found the bottom of the turret towers blown into they tookout my generators. It dont matter cause it was on the unofficial i was playing on.
  6. Vengecide

    Faction Servers

    Faction is now called supremacy on the new servers. Faction was a mega alliance spread across different legacy servers. Just like you had The Purge alliance, French Touch, Hydra, Berserkers, umbrella corp and etc. But yes they still exist.
  7. Vengecide

    Looking for a bit of advice

    If your level 60 make yourself a couples sets of flak armor, pikes, and bolas. I would suggest traveling to a new island server if yours is at a constant tame cap.
  8. Vengecide

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    Just because an admin plays on their own server doesnt mean there is admin abuse. If i played on my server as an admin i would play just like everyone has to. Generally those with admin abuse are probably mostly done by young kids running a server.
  9. Vengecide

    Your favourite Dinosaur [Personal Question]

    I dont really have a favorite land dino or aquatic dino. My favorite air dino is a wyvern. No favorite for a mammal dino either. I like all of ark each dino is unique for somthing.
  10. So apparently my old raid tactics are deemed almost useless. I know turtles arent nomore and that its stegos now since last year. But apparently brontos arent that great anymore for draining bullets like they used to. Cause i was raiding with my friends and he said some of the things i wanted to do werent viable for raiding and that different dinos are being used for raiding now including trikes for certain things.
  11. Vengecide

    Ready to quit!!

    I used to get mad like that when i first started playing trust me though youll get used to it its a survival game. I used to hate survival games until i found Ark. I think when i first started playing i quit so many times on and off in one week. I would get so mad and be like im done and find my way back to the game.
  12. Vengecide

    the old ark or new ark?

    I liked Ark a lot better before it was released as a full game last year but that doesn't mean i dont enjoy playing it now. Im not worried about tek or no tek. But i liked old school ark. Its hard to get a tribe going now most people dont want to grind on official anymore.
  13. Vengecide

    Offer Legacy servers users a save option

    They do that already. When you rent your server you can load it up as a save for your nitrado server. Unless they changed it and stopped doing it. I used to be on 927 scorched on legacy it was part of the first wave of servers being brought down. I tested it to see for myself and all the dinos were there. You have to rent the server thru the nitrado app on xbox (not the nitrado website or youll be renting a regular pc server). But you can edit your settings and your saves from the website.
  14. Vengecide

    Building Advice Needed

    Are you pve or pvp?
  15. Vengecide

    PvP and undermeshing

    How often do people get undermesh. All i hear is people getting undermeshed but how often are people actually getting undermeshed. I was suppose to join my buddies alpha tribe that was established on multiple servers but they got wiped and undermeshed. Its questioning my view of official pvp i love the grind and i used to be in a mega alliance on legacy before the new officials came out. But its like is it really worth it to build up just to be undermeshed if i make it to Alpha. Cause it seems like all the big mega alliances and big tribes get to do whatever they want. What is other peoples opinions, Are people really getting undermeshed as much as they say they are or is it just an excuse for being wiped sometimes. Im just getting back to ark after a couple months break.