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  1. How do you put together a tribe in Ark when everybody wants to mess around all the time. I used to be in a big popular mega alliance with the purge back on legacy servers before the new servers rolled. But they wont talk to me anymore. I started up a tribe with somebody recently we got to know eachother for a few days. I was a admin everything went well until i logged on this morning and was accused of trolling by my tribe leader. Which was hilarious because i was building the whole couple days i was playing everyone had there own tames and their own set of flak, was naked with metal hatchet and metal pick cause i was working on the base not forging stuff for myself. So rather than argue i just left the tribe. Im probably gonna try starting up on the new servers that were released try making my own tribe again.
  2. Server NA 285 needs help

    I was just playing on that server myself a few days ago with my tribe We built up there for a couple days. I scouted it out for like a week, it was wiped by invictus hannibal used to be on there. Who was it Apex-invictus, Armyofdarkness NFG? Im not in a tribe though i left it cause my leader wanted to start acting up and accusing me of doing stuff i didnt do. My GT is also Vengecide if you want to talk. They were bullying my tribe before we left the server.... I hate to tell you but Apex probably aint going anywhere they are part of a big alliance. I just got back to so if you want to make a tribe with me let me know. x2 is friday to wednesday. Do yourself a favor and make your profile on xbox appear offline while you play ark. You and anyone in your tribe must do that or thats gonna continue to follow you to other servers.
  3. Dying as passenger on Rock Drake Saddle

    I agree. Players riding the drake should not take damage just because their dino is getting hit. Cause if so then when i do damaga to a giga the rider should take damage too. What the writer of this article is trying to say is that he takes damage on the rock drake as a passenger when the dino is taking damage.
  4. Ark Apocalypse servers

    Ok thank you for taking the time to reply back i really appreciate it
  5. Ark Apocalypse servers

    I am a Xbox player. I hope wildcard comes out with more apoclyse server 1 of each map is not enough. I know they are not the regular official servers but i cant play on any other map except Aberration an scorched earth and i think that is ridiculous. All the other maps are full and this is the same problem we had with the new servers for regular servers when they came out. Aberration is not boring but its boring when im stuck on it because i dont have a choice.
  6. Yes, this is being selfish.

    Lol 😀👉👍
  7. DBU Alliance

    Hey me and my pal are experienced i got 89 days play time and we both used to be in The Purge alliance on the legacy servers. We just came after a few months break. Wedo good work, we are only two people atm. We are looking for new people but its not easy on the new servers now to find legit people. I got a level 80 toon. We are looking for opportunity in ark and being in an alliance would make things better for all of us. My GT is Vengecide, we could also maybe use an alliance discord chat to so people offline can keep contact.
  8. Yes, this is being selfish.

    Hey if you are looking for a tribe let me know me and another pal of mine are starting up a tribe. We started it up already it was just me and him doing stuff. But our hut got blown into so we are waiting until friday for x2 again to redo everything up. We are experienced and looking for legit people who will do work. I got 89 days played and im level 80. We are mainly building up on a island server. My GT is Vengecide. We will give you our discord if your interested. I am greatly sorry for what happened thats not right. Our tribe might just be starting up but we don't do stuff like, we dont look at our tribe members as just another tribe member. But whatever you decide to do i wish you the best of luck.
  9. Xbox wont run Ark

    Is Ark making everyone switch to xbox one x. I cant get on Ark it says i own it but cant run the game on this xbox. But i was playing earlier today a few hours ago. And it also says i dont own the season pass or scorched earth. But i bought the collectors edition.
  10. Ark PvE [Vengecide]

    Ark PvE is a 20 slot server on Ragnarok. Its x10 harvesting and XP. And during the week its x4 mating, breeding, and taming and x8 on the weekends. Its designed to feel like a boosted official. The only rules i have is No pillaring other people so they cant expand their base and No building in caves there is more than enough space for everyone to build somewhere. Please take care of the server and dont make a mess out of it, nothing is more annoying than a giant castle left in the middle of nowhere taking up space thats not being used. Come join and have some fun.
  11. Can anyone help me with drop editing i need a drop edit for white drops only for a starter. Full primitive flak armor, primitive metal pickaxe, primitive metal hatchet, primitive pike, primitive crossbow, and 50 tranq arrows, primitive ptera saddle. Thats all i wanted in it. I dont have access to a pc for the beacon editor app. I would appreciate it if somone could please help me out. If somone could paste the code.
  12. Purge Hour is a brand new Nitrado server not to overly boosted on the Island. 8x XP, 0.5 mating, 8x taming, breeding, harvesting, 2.0 crop growth, Improved fishing/supply loot from 1.0 to 2.5, 2x weight per level for players and tamed dinos. Offline raid protection enabled everyday except Saturdays from 12am EST to 11:59pm EST for PURGE HOUR with x2 structure damage. NO STARTERS. Troodon, itchys, and Leeds removed also so no more boats getting destroyed or getting stuff stolen from a bird or knocked out by troodons. Come have fun and PvP with no rules like official. There is no Alpha yet and no admin abuse only I run the server. Everyone gotta work and play legit even me. Legacy tames from my old tribe will be sold from my imported file from my wiped official server.
  13. Xbox dedicated server bugged

    Now I tried to forcejoin back into my tribe and it wouldn't let me. It said I was added into the tribe but the dinos are still red and I'm tribeles. So i created another tribe and the tribe I created became the name of the tribe I was trying to force join and was blue tagged in the process.
  14. Does anyone know how to fix this or do I have to reset the whole server. Ive tried many way to fix it to find nothing work. No matter if my egg hatching speed is 1.0 or 7.0 is hatches insanely fast and the same thing for baby maturation. I put it from 7.0 to 10.0 and the wyvern were hatching and growing in 15 mins. This all started with wyverns not spawning so I put the server back to default and tamed dinos became super tames. And I rechecked everything no multipliers are on so I am quite confused. Has anyone else had this issue before? We even tried setting things to 0.7 instead of 7.0.
  15. Editing Baby Maturation

    How does the baby maturation speed work for my server normal is 7.0. I put it up to 10.0 thinking it's 10x. Dodoex said it will take 9 hrs or so to incubate the egg and full grow. I hatch the egg and it grew to full grown in like 20mins. So either dodoex is off or my server is bugged. Cause when I turned my server back to default settings to fix spawns the gigas my friend has turned into super gigas from 290% melee to 400% as well as other dinos having random insane melee.