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  1. ninjaridz

    Thank you for continued disappointment

    Lol half this forum love ark and are desperately trying to get issues high lighted, the other half love ark and are desperately trying to silence the other half! All the while wildcard get to keep coining it in happy days.
  2. ninjaridz

    Bad luck on new server

    It will stay forever until it starves or dies. Good luck I hope you find it.
  3. ninjaridz

    What is being done about this crippling DDoS/Duping?

    Not 100% but I belive xbox servers are regional.
  4. ninjaridz

    "Easy" Spawn areas

    Once you work out the Dino AI (which is dumb and stupid) you'll find the game easier too handle! Tips I can offer you is.. 1 always have plenty of spears 2 never take on a Dino from the front they have stupid hit boxes use this too your advantage. 3 if farming take stock of the area ie are there predators around are there any ledges or cliff sides a Dino could fall from. And 4 speed!! Dino can't eat what it can't catch 🖖live long and prosper
  5. Yup it's back, time for another light hearted look at achievements. Remember this is open to all and any who had an achievement idea silly or not. Pls enjoy 😄 1. I'M SURE THESE THINGS DID MORE MILES TO THE GALLON? tame a flyer. 2.BREAKING EGGS..... WITH HAMMERS, destroy a thatch or wood hut with a giga. 3, THE FUTURE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, unlock your first tek item. 4, WITNESS MEEeee..!!!! fall from the top of the map roof too the floor and die! 5, I DESERVED THAT!!! strike the first blow in pvp and lose (die).
  6. ninjaridz

    Xbox and PC Cross Play

    Actually you can abuse the xbox shared game feature a lot more than twice 🖒
  7. ninjaridz

    Egg lay rate.

    Extremely interesting thx 🖖
  8. ninjaridz

    Season Pass issue

    If you have a duff code you'll need to submit a ticket and await a response the developer's don't respond to individual post here I'm afraid. 🖖
  9. ninjaridz

    Xbox and PC Cross Play

    If you get the xbox version you may possibly get a windows 10 version for free possibly! If it gets released on windows 10!
  10. ninjaridz

    Xbox and PC Cross Play

    Short answer is no! Longer answer is if you get the windows10 version of ark that doesn't yet exist but possibly may do maybe????
  11. ninjaridz

    PVP is a joke -Kibble tree broken

    I feel for you unfortunately this is ark! Your dealing with players well trained in everything they need to know and follow a process to succeed quicker then there "enemies". Use your experience to grow bigger stronger quicker then the last time 🖖
  12. ninjaridz

    Egg lay rate.

    Them pesky birds always causing trouble lol I hope it works for you!
  13. ninjaridz

    Egg lay rate.

    By not having males you're losing out on almost 50% of the boat! Have you tryed too move your dinos around as I find this helps a lot, dilos in particular I found myself constantly trying to get dilos to drop more!
  14. ninjaridz

    New foods related to the 4 main crops.

    Agreed they should of incorporated prim plus into the main game rather than having it as a unused game mode! As it has tones to offer you and works great with a game like this unlike tek teir that does not!
  15. ninjaridz

    PR Disaster

    Agreed i missunderstood your point! Although is money really an issue here, was ark not the biggest selling EA game before Pubg came out?? And is this truly a money problem what does a community manager do for a multi million pound/dollar company?? No really I'm not one so I'm unsure of there work load and I'm sure it's huge! Is dealing with social media not part of it or is it too much for an already over worked dude or dudet too deal with? I'm sure there are many of us who would do this for practically nothing for a mere foot in the door!