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  1. Can we get some cheese with all this whine? Valentine's Day is right around the corner. sheesh.
  2. I’ve done this accidentally a few times and it’s kind of frustrating. Please make the cloning chamber only show available clone choices based on the location of the cloning chamber. A cloner on Land should only give you the option to clone land based tames not nearby tames in the water. And vice versa. An underwater cloner shouldn’t be able to pick up nearby tames standing on the shore. As is the cloner next to the shore or on a platform can pick up tames underwater beneath it and choose them rather than the tame actually standing on the cloner pad. Once you start it there’s no
  3. Sweet Nov 6 calendar marked. this is the only time of year I’m able to actually raise gachas without them dying lol. I got a Fridge full of gacha babies waiting for this event
  4. 1105 is the last high I’ve seen on Xbox pve.
  5. Ran into an issue this weekend during the breeding event. I’ve been breeding aquatic tames lately and I can’t figure out how to imprint a Diplocalus baby on Xbox. Normally on console when a baby is ready to be imprinted, you can cursor over the tame and the tooltip for what the baby wants pops up with the press Y button to do the imprint. On baby Diplocalus they have a ‘take oxygen’ tool tip using the Y button. Baby Diplocalus cannot be removed from underwater while they are being raised. They insta die if they are removed from the water. My question is how do I imprin
  6. How do you transfer off gen2? does it have mission terminals like gen 1? still at work haven’t played yet but I don’t want to xfer in and get stuck there. I was reading on Reddit some console players are saying transferring isn’t working atm.
  7. So since the Love Evolved 2 update the servers have been a bit buggier than normal. I was transferring items between servers via the tek transmitter on official pve (Val 1097 to Gen 1270) Some of the items I transferred removed from Ark Data no problem on arrival but when I tried to remove my metal cliff platforms I got an error message and the metal platforms disappeared. It’s like they removed from the transmitter but didn’t go into my inventory and just vanished. Error message was: “Downloading item from Ark failed 006” Also after this happened I was unable to trans
  8. Right now on console the transponder nodes are buggy and disappear when you pod a tame making them not really useful. Maybe instead of just randomly throwing them they could be attached to a tame via the costume slot so they don’t disappear when the Dino is podded? thanks
  9. game has been out for 5 going on six years. instead an across the board wipe maybe play arkpocalypse or wait for ark 2? even if its unbalanced its not fair to wipe peoples' work that took years. who said the playing field was supposed to be equal?
  10. Just bumping this thread because I just lost my boss team for the second time on official due to manticore bugging. I've done the alpha fight on this at 15-20 times successfully. I know the fight and my tames are more than enough to beat the fight I have 100k health 1500-2k melee rexes. But out of those times I've been wiped three times. once due to a disconnect and twice now due to the manticore bugging in midair. Yes, I know to bring shotguns and ammo. I have a 298 asc shotgun but this doesnt help when the manticore bugs at high altitude out of range of the shotgun.
  11. Umm how would a tame that raises your babies for you not have a use in pve? Sure it won’t steal other babies in pve probably but not seeing how you came to this conclusion.
  12. Also have this problem constantly and it’s kind of frustrating. Xbox Val 1097 is constantly down and/or missing from the server listing for up to a week at a time. managed to log in for about 20min yesterday and feed my dinos luckily but it’s been down for the rest of this week and down right now. Ive also experienced the same situation as the OP where I’ve been playing and had other players from the server message me to send them an invite since that’s one way to join when the server doesn’t show up in the list. But I also do know for a fact this server is constantly
  13. Yep official Xbox Val 1097 is down AGAIN. In the past month it’s been down about 9 days. Server won’t even show up in the list.
  14. XBox NA PVE Official 1097 Valguero has been down for three days. My character is stuck there would be nice if I could do something to at least salvage my base on another map but I cant even get to my character. Not to mention we missed a big chunk of the anniversary event.
  15. Bump server still down. Have filed multiple tickets. Going on three days now. my character is stuck on this server and I have bases on multiple maps that could start decaying soon. Not to mention all the juvies I had out that probably died already. would be great to get at least an acknowledgement of the issue or something.
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