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  1. Also have this problem constantly and it’s kind of frustrating. Xbox Val 1097 is constantly down and/or missing from the server listing for up to a week at a time. managed to log in for about 20min yesterday and feed my dinos luckily but it’s been down for the rest of this week and down right now. Ive also experienced the same situation as the OP where I’ve been playing and had other players from the server message me to send them an invite since that’s one way to join when the server doesn’t show up in the list. But I also do know for a fact this server is constantly
  2. If the server is actually down your eggs and babies won’t die. Had this happen during the summer event our official server was down for almost a week. When it finally came up they were still there. I’m guessing they did a rollback to before the server crashed. if it’s a bug though and you just can’t log into the server (I.e. it’s not showing in the list for you but actually up) It’s RIP to your babies and eggs. One work around I’ve seen work if this is the case is if you see someone on your friends list playing ark and they are in the game on your server they can send you a game inv
  3. Yep official Xbox Val 1097 is down AGAIN. In the past month it’s been down about 9 days. Server won’t even show up in the list.
  4. Why is our official Xbox Valguero server NA PVE 1097 constantly crashing and down? It’s constantly offline for days at a time.
  5. Question About Building On Ocean Platforms So I’ve started building an ocean platform base and I’ve run into a number of issues. i have a general idea of what I’m trying to get done and I’m borrowing a few techniques I’ve seen in a few YouTube videos for other platform builds. The one big issue Im having is building down off the platform underneath the waterline. I’ve seen multiple build videos where they are able to put three walls or stairs down from the platform but I can’t duplicate this. When I build I am only able to place two walls or stairs down and the third tur
  6. XBox NA PVE Official 1097 Valguero has been down for three days. My character is stuck there would be nice if I could do something to at least salvage my base on another map but I cant even get to my character. Not to mention we missed a big chunk of the anniversary event.
  7. Bump server still down. Have filed multiple tickets. Going on three days now. my character is stuck on this server and I have bases on multiple maps that could start decaying soon. Not to mention all the juvies I had out that probably died already. would be great to get at least an acknowledgement of the issue or something.
  8. Server is still offline been offline since Monday
  9. Xbox NA Official PVE Valguero 1097 is Down Official na pve 1097 valguero has been down for two days. not showing in server list. help. my dying tames
  10. It seems more like you are viewing it as linear than the game progression being linear. its possible to start in other biomes just more difficult. You don’t necessarily need fur. Also there’s lots of tames that people dont consider that are actually viable at low level. For example You could tame a bunch of dimorphs and have them follow you around. Ez to breed and can kill even huge carnivores in a big group.
  11. So I tamed a bloodstalker and it was instantly destroyed by the anti mesh system when it tamed. I submitted a ticket and support says they wont restore it because thats against company policy? What? So i wasted a week making bloodpacks and you guys wont do anything?
  12. Yeah I don’t think any of the servers I’m on are legacy and they aren’t beginner either. The genesis server was new but they all where new at launch. i have four different characters though one on SE, one on Abb, one on Val and One on Genesis. they all say Na pve official server # in the name. Only one that’s different the SE says NA crossplay pve server # im thinking maybe the crossplay servers aren’t clustered with the non crossplay ones maybe? it’s weird though because I can transfer characters to crossplay servers and back no problem I just can’t see any items I u
  13. Question About Item Transferring I have multiple characters on PVE official servers on different maps. I can transfer to other maps and back no problem on all the characters. I read that item transfers are account bound so I should be able to upload items from one character and download it with a different character as long as they are on the same account. But I am unable to do this for some reason. I am uploading the items in the ark data tab at an obelisk and they show a 24 hour timer after they are uploaded. I’m uploading standard items like wood, tools, etc. no el
  14. Game Crashing When Dino a Dino Gate isDemolished Since the last patch on official pve genesis. if I demolish a Dino gate or Behemoth gate the game crashes.
  15. fi you dont have tribemates theres no point to playing pvp on official since you will get wiped like you already have been. I would suggest playing on unofficial boosted servers if you want to play pvp. that way at least getting wiped isnt as painful. if you just want to do the story and bosses etc. play pve.
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