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  1. Admin commands after update

    I have not been able to get on yet because of slow internet, but several of my friends reported having the admin command box after the update.
  2. Xbox update?

    That is exactly what I have been saying.
  3. Xbox update?

    More conspiracy: They are waiting to release it late tonight knowing everyone will be breeding... killing off thousands of baby dinos. First they make you beat baby panguins with a bat to get polymer, now they needlessly slaughter thousands of babies. Why do you hate the young dinos so much wild card?
  4. Hyena and salts

    It that what you call it? I had a completely different phrase in my mind for what I thought of you for this response... but he is working and it is not safe for work. Don't worry, though. I will teach you to fish. You did not help anyone... if you thought he was waiting you could have answered his question. Instead you came off as arrogant and self righteous. It would have been better for you to have never said anything at all than prove to the community what kind of person you are. Hope this helps you for future posts.
  5. Bonus Event

    I wish they would make it a weekly event.
  6. Xbox Play Anywhere Status Update?

    It has been coming soon ever since I bought the game almost 2 years ago. It was listed as available until I complained to Microsoft. They told me to check every day to see if I could download it because it should be available any day... the next day it was listed as coming soon instead of available.
  7. Bonus Event

    They will let us know Thursday or Friday if their is. They don't generally announce that stuff too far in advance.
  8. Warning about updates!

    Client side updates (the ones you have to download) seem to be getting a lot more advanced warning. Server side updates you just wait until it kicks you and log back in after 5 min. More warning would be nice, even a brief description of the patch, but I have never lost anything due to a server side update. In fact, we were taming a megatherium last night when the update came on xbox and didn't skip a beat.
  9. To be released Patch Notes - I hope this is a joke

    I think people do not understand xbox play anywhere... xbox and steam will not be able to play with each other, people with the xbox app on their windows 10 pc will be able to play their xbox game on their pc against other people on the xbox or in the xbox app.
  10. Feeling absolutely gutted

    Cross server transfers killed the type of PVP server you are looking for. They used to exist, but not anymore.
  11. Rex taming raft.

    Once you get it tamed you can glitch it out... I created a drive through part of my base and just drive the boat through... Rex (or other tame) is not on my dock. Also works great for trapping them if they are close enough to shore.
  12. Question for the oldies.

    Or the Great Turkey Massacre of 2016 on Xbox. So many tames lost before I got off work that day.
  13. How does Auto Decay work?

    lone structure (foundation, pillar, etc.) 12 hours Thatch 4 days Wood and dinos (I think adobe) 8 days Stone 12 days Metal 16 days Tek I saw a structure with 40 days remaining. So tek foundation with thatch walls will decay in 4.5 days... 4 days for thatch and then when foundation is alone another 12 hours. I see a lot of people make this mistake. They put thatch on a stone or wood foundation, work m-f, then when they get on Friday night their structures are gone. If you really lost your doedec that quickly and are not legacy submit a support ticket maybe?
  14. I think the island is supposed to be a starter place, as you progress move to other maps and face harder dinos. That is exactly why we started on the island... moving to scorched next week if all goes well this weekend, then Ragnarok!
  15. They have cheat codes for that. lol. Also be aware of the cool down timer on dinos. Once you pull them out you cannot put them back in for 12 hours.