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  1. What about the Giant Fat Bee sitting in the nest that looks 2-3x bigger then the other bees? (nb4 you say perspective, you can see a drone crawling on the nest directly to the right of the supposed queen) Edit: Not that I disagree with your assumption that the answer is no. Looking at the size, I would also say the queen will not be able to be ridden.
  2. The most I did was mess with debug mode (debugon). Gotta love the super jump!
  3. This throw anyone else down memory lane? Carnivores FTW!!
  4. So people have a chance to see it and know when to tune in.
  5. Dev's stated (After PC player outrage that we just got a dopey Parasaur saddle skin and xbone got the rex skin) that the rex skin was kind of a "preview" for something that would be available to all platforms. I think that with Tech Tier we'll be able to craft bionic Dino's. This is a hint that it's coming and the "not the only thing" teaser means there are probably more species of bionic dino's that will be craftable. Just my two cents.
  6. Black paint doesn't work on PC so even if they give you guys what we have you won't get your Black Argy. Better start breeding or get lucky taming one.
  7. It is available on the X box One game preview program. It'll be available on PS4 when the full game is released, hopefully in June.
  8. I realize it, I just disagree that it would fit well. And I also agree that the Tigrex chasing me would not be a pleasant experience.
  9. The blood won't be infected with a disease unless the person who drew the blood had a disease. It's not a nerf, it's just a way to transfer disease from player to player. So if you made yourself an antidote, purposely got infected with a disease, drew a bunch of blood, and then took the antidote, you have a biological weapon that you can infect other players with. Knock them out, and force feed them your infected blood, and boom. EDIT: Realized a joke I made was distasteful, removed it before anyone could be offended.
  10. Yes I've read the Dossier... I may not like having MY space invaded but that doesn't mean I notice every beetle crawling around on the ground at my feet and squash it. Especially if I'm busy eating (as it says the Titanosaur is doing constantly). But if a dog (maybe a long necked dog in the case of bronto's) came up to me while I was eating I'd probably notice, and send it away (or attack it veraciously if we're sticking to the dossier ). See what I'm getting at here?
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