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  1. i tamed two in one day then being the retard i am thought they where disposable and decided to see how strong they where by fighting a bronto they died in seconds
  2. i want to know how to destroy turrets on pvp official
  3. i recently got insided, so i was gonna go recruiting bobs, because u can teach them not to raid you, when i went onto another server withe armor and gear on my back and my only wyvern, they all ran and begged i didnt destroy thier houses, even after i said i was recruiting. it sucks but bobs dont trust anybody higher than a baryonyx
  4. im good i got insided went recruiting with my only wyvern got decimated by tek mega tribe, i said it was good stratagy and they said sorry thy gave my stuff back and said to leave.
  5. everybody in game will kill you for fun, and camp at beacons, and place foundations everywhere. Why?
  6. 1. A whole mostly based underwater with lots of air pockets and caves 2. More traps, it would be cool to be able to make something that will hang a Grenade on a string, and when a player would hit it it would fall and explode 3. For a new dinosaur, I was thinking of more small creatures. Such as ordinary-sized a snake, that would be hard to hit and poison the player's health 4. more ranged gun types such as grenade launcher. These are some random ideas, I hope they are okay.
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