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  1. if i could get the cannon to hit a giga would it enrage it? i recently heard that cannons do about 17,000 damage would i be able to enrage a giga like that with a 100 armored saddle?
  2. there should be something like fake rocks you can place on your base to hide it.
  3. I really liked the pressure plate, but it's too bulky to use as a button, it would be cool to activate a door a distance away using buttons they should use the resources: 10 electronics 5 cp 10 metal ingot you could have to have to point to receive and transmit
  4. build a 1 by 2 with 3 doors you have your cabin and the trap, using a pressure plate , so u run at them punch them run towards boat go to ride both doors should be open and pressure plates close trapping them. ive got 7 guys in flak yesterday
  5. lol pulling up to blue is hilarious they stop and stair, try destroying me, or bring a turret raft, ive survived everything the slip off try c4ing it they fail i have an outer layer of signs for antirockets i am a god with 40 different rooms you cant get to without ruining your pov
  6. you know you broke ark when you build an upside down floating base on offical.
  7. i run around all day knocking people on dinos out got three people 0n manas this week
  8. what map is the best for c4 grinding and is there a specific route?
  9. i've been with one tribe for 6-7 months, as soon as we get big i trade for a giga, and a mana. they take my stuff caged me and kicked me they where putting handcuufs on when i woke up luckily i jumped off a cliff, i called one of my friends on them.
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