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  1. Celessii left Positive feedback   

    good fast trade, would recommend

    kevmol was Trading

  2. b0ender left Positive feedback   

    nice fast smooth and fair trade

    kevmol was The Seller

  3. invincibleqc left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy, thank you!

    kevmol was Trading

  4. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Traded full grown mutations, lovely smooth transaction, thanks! :)

    kevmol was Trading

  5. DragonRedDawn left Positive feedback   

    Great trader!

    kevmol was The Seller

  6. master33431 left Positive feedback   

    Took some time to happen, but we finally managed to do it. Trustworthy guy.

    kevmol was The Seller

  7. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade again lovely thyla recommend trader

    kevmol was Trading

  8. Rixsta left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy and very much in patient and I took a little time up but he was still there for me and hoping to trade with him again soon enough

    kevmol was Trading

  9. DVyse left Positive feedback   

    super fast buyer :D

    kevmol was Trading

  10. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback   

    Very patient, understanding and friendly trader, recommending ;)

    kevmol was Trading

  11. Razen left Positive feedback   

    Very nice and fast trader. Trade went smooth :)

    kevmol was Trading

  12. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader, quick easy trade and lovely dinos. Hope to trade again

    kevmol was The Seller

  13. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade! Traded mutations and eggs and he even came to my server for the transaction, very happy, thanks again! :)

    kevmol was Trading

  14. Scotty8319 left Positive feedback   

    Easy trade, we had no problems. Will deal with anytime. :) Thanks!

    kevmol was Trading

  15. Hoaxi left Positive feedback   

    Traded mutation for mutation. No hassle at all! Trusted trader

    kevmol was Trading

  16. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Traded mutation egg for mutation egg. Eggs hatched the color promised. Great trader!! :)

    kevmol was Trading

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