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  1. Yeah they aggro on any pen you try put them in and don't stop aggro even if you go away and come back. They really need to adjust them coz it's silly
  2. Yeah that's the only thing I could think of trying but with how they are I'm not even sure that's gonna work as they aggro way to easily and then the taming starts all over again.
  3. Was so looking forward to taming a Hyaenodon went and found a few and tried taming them, was wearing gillie and crept up behind them but after the first couple of pets they aggro even when there's nothing around them and leg it off and the taming bar goes straight back down again. Even a lvl 25 is going to take hours to tame and there's no way you can walk around in the wild for that long and them not aggro at all. I'm on official PVE if anyone's got any ideas to tame them that might help or if the devs can take a look at them because for a passive tame this has to be the worst one they have done so far.
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