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  1. I am tired of having to report art thiefs, not just here, but on redbubble, twitch, etsy, random chinese websites.. You get the gist. And to also deal with it in the game I play is even more troubling. The last community news also had art stolen by me. So as a precaution, and a shout out, hello! And thank you for enjoying my art, even if you appreciated the wrong person for it. I am Kylie Langton, the original artist for all the below ark fan art, I am a learning paleoartist and work in both 2d and 3d. Most of my art can be found at the below links. Artstation -https://www.artst
  2. I can't believe this, my art was stolen again, even after the previous time it happened and I trusted you to ensure you would check your entries from here on. ARK: Survival Evolved by EdenStarInc Is actually drawn by myself, Kylie Langton. Originals found here https://steamcommunity.com/id/kyliegirl/images/ and here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rlo25
  3. I would probably remove the "hyper-realistic dinosaurs" part. Your dinosaurs are not even close to that going by the ark 2 trailer video. It looks like you are using a very outdated source for "accurate t-rex" did someone just google accurate t-rex and went with the horribly reconstructed bbc one with the yellow crest? other things to note Reconstruction done by r.j.palmer is the most realistic rex to date A lifesize replica of Sue was released and on tour this year with all current known data of Tyrannosaurus rex. As far as I recall Tyrannosaurus did not have quill
  4. Excuse me, but a lot of the fan art today is stolen art. I can confirm the art ARK Drawing 3 by LukeZera is actually drawn by me, I drew this fan art for ark in 2015 and can be seen on my deviant art page here with the date stamp : https://www.deviantart.com/khaidu/art/Ark-Survival-Evolved-fanart-Boris-the-animal-551137131 Dragon Hologram by NeoVanilluxe is drawn by this artist: https://www.deviantart.com/coffeeater/art/Tracking-dogs-549559841 ARK Drawing 2 by LukeZera is drawn by arvalis here: https://www.deviantart.com/arvalis/art/Orishadaon-to-the-Ends-of-the-Urth-433443764
  5. Expansion - can we focus on adding new building things? It would be nice if there was some more love on the building side of ark for each expansion, it has been long overdue for some new additions like new foundation/wall materials (eg. bricks, tiles, slats, marble, sandstone), roof styles (1 foundation width capping, rounded roofing, cladding, sheet metal, arched roof), wall and foundation styles (round foundations, walls) and much more (new window shapes, roof, cloth overhangs, net walls).
  6. Dino costume slot items when? Dino costume slot has been in the game since the beginning and seems to be largely ignored every event, much to my disappointment. I am not talking about skins, I am talking about the costume slot every dinosaur has. The last costume slot items added were the archeology event. I was hoping to see more dinosaur costumes/hats/armour/saddle designs by now, yet every event all we really get are player skins/costumes and hat skins that only dinos that can wear helmets can use. Personally I am not that interested in player event costumes, what I look forward t
  7. Would be nice to see more dinosaur related costumes and less player costumes. I look at my dinosaurs more than myself.
  8. Dinosaur event costumes I love the events, but I would sure love less character costumes and more dinosaur saddle costumes, we have a costume slot for nearly every dinosaur, but very few actual costumes for them. Would be totally awesome if we could see more focus on dinosaur costumes. Things like: Fancy new saddle looks Full body armour Season related saddles (bells and rugs for christmas Full body modification (think alternate species looks like the styracosaurus for trike or skeleton looks) More costumes for other rideable species with no saddle slo
  9. The nerf was too heavy handed and a very unwelcome low priority change compared to other things that need addressing. The lag issue they speak of really isn't as bad as they are making it seem in comparison to Dino's like Brontosaurus. If it was that bad it is as easy as throttling the gather cap to reduce the lag. I breed sheep with 140 points in HP and the server I played on was unaffected, and that was a server with some pretty heavy mods and 15x gather and using a 600% chainsaw. They should not have done a straight up 99% nerf but instead done a 15% nerf first and adjusted accordingly. Or,
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