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  1. Howdy people

    Hard to say specifics, you looking for official servers? I would say as suggested to jump into one and get a feel, you might have to jump around a bit to find a home or wait until the new servers come online and then jump on one of them and grow with a new group of friends. Are you looking for an established tribe already or what? Noobs will have a harder go at it because many experienced players tend to be cautious over new members. Extra cautious if they have been insided before.
  2. Implementation of S+ or Overhaul

    yeah, or use ramps as stairs is nice :P.
  3. Specific Player Dedicated Server Sharing

    You can its called a server cluster. I had 3 map servers running all linked to each other. I could move back and forth, hunt down and build on each. You have to lock your servers down to prevent gigas of that nature. If you disable downloads, you disable your ability to transfer.
  4. Implementation of S+ or Overhaul

    Since its on the official mod program now as well as platforms plus maybe it will get added to use...., so we shall see if its released for console as well. S plus does offer more items which I like and think should be added, but really for the basics everything can be accomplished using the same with no clip option enabled on server settings. The extras is where it really shines. When I was on PC, I loved running structure type mods for building. I miss them when I'm on console I have to admit.
  5. Cross play won't be available if we are lucky until November
  6. that was fixed in last update already. I agree a server option to disable would be nice, however I don't mind it so much, it can be hard to see, but makes you more cautious and aware of your surroundings
  7. S+ Structures mod to offical servers

    its an official mod, so not sure if it will come to consoles or not....time will tell.

    so you want to make something that gives you an advantage against another player who has played the game longer? What prevents them from using the same weapon on you and cut you down just as quick if not quicker because they are more skilled? Just saying, I'm not a fan of the suggestion. Player vs player is rare anyways, more seen at low levels as usually ppl use animals to cut you down.
  9. What I really hate about ARK

    first, have your son play for a week and restart, after all it will take that time to learn and make mistakes etc, so it gives you all a chance to experience server hosting done right with tons of options to customize it. So that is only a suggestion. As WC has stated over and over, they are not answering many questions right now due to the certification process. Have you asked on Nitrado forum? I've always had my questions answered there as well as any support tickets. I'm not sure how to answer your question as WC rarely answers on the forums but the do read them. Did you put in a support ticket which again will take tame for them to answer which the 8th will come by them I'm afraid. Who knows if it can be done or not, but while not enjoy now.
  10. Dupers and sever wipe

    WC stated they are working on server code to aid to prevent this in the future as well as internally looking at duping etc. New servers are opening up so maybe jump ship and survive on a new server during official launch.
  11. Ark is a business

    To also convey what others have stated, you jumped into making a post, your first mind you, without knowing a thing or doing your research about Ark and Early Access pricing etc. They always stated they would raise the base price etc. As a friend I would think you would tell your friends how great and how much time you get to put into Ark for a game and what you get. Your friend should have noticed that the price must be worth it. Do you buy all your games for that cost you want WC to sell for?
  12. If Future DLC is like SE...

    They stated they see a world of many arks, so I'm sure we will see more DLC's, they time is starting to open up more for that sort of thing to add creatures, we will see more from them I'm sure. They will gain a lot of money from official release as well. However like many games, server pop dwindles and as such I'm sure you will see less officials and more non officials etc for those wanting to keep it going longer just like any other game.
  13. Fire/Destructable Physics

    imho this game is not ready nor servers to add physics engine that would require in game extras using Unreal Engine. It would lag, a reason they changed up demolishing rocks because of the lag it caused for the servers.
  14. Two Tiny Suggestions.

    I usually turn down some game volume but yeah its sort of louder than what it needs to be...
  15. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    The amount of time I put in on PC, and Console, even at all my wipes, all my so called seasons of modded I've changed, the different ways to play thanks to mods etc, I can say, that 60 for the longevity is still a good price for that much content, a new player one would also see that WC still needs to smooth a bunch of things out if as a new player, one would compare other great titles to this game and their online experience. They might not be as forgiving as well just because they would be noobs in this game and there are still a lot of griefers and jerks/trolls that would find their happiness in ruining the experience of others before they had a chance. Thus at that state many noobs would not stick with the game to find that 60 was worth it. I would also expect that for that kind of money that WC should help noobs more to know that what map they play on first would affect them in the long run, ie not being able to ascend to gain the full experience first or they need to update those other maps to give the same experience if not WC has the responsibility to help them know the paths they need for online multiplayer experience. For consoles as well, xbox one x will help with the experience and I know I plan on buying for this game specifically to aid in the experience I had with PC builds. My hope is that I can achieve that. Again well worth for me knowing what I know, and the cost I've paid to help support and test things already makes it that much sweeter.