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  1. armor is only based on level and color does not matter
  2. even though this was a few days ago, usually when you see that its due to the servers being updated from a patch etc, that is usually, not all the time, but Thursday was a patch day
  3. I had triplet barys from incubator on Rag, unofficial server, xbox.
  4. My advice as similar to above, if you really want that type of experience for all primitive and to customize as you wish, find a good group on here of like minded ppl, rent a server and customize it fully to your group. Then you can change every aspect, dinos, levels, tiers engrams, etc. Then share the cost of the server.
  5. thats what I thought but did not see a note anywhere or reference. Then will the Trop get a nerf on its saddle as its the same type of saddle basically, a damage saddle? I knew more nerfs would be done just not sure what I missed in a post anywhere besides the word more to come
  6. Anyone else noticed no notes on this but my Astrodelphis saddle has been nerfed. I was a decent one and I think it was a damage rating and now has armor rating either way that number was 200 now, its 47 ish. This is on unofficial xbox server. I even found a blueprint, and it was nerfed as well, plus the craft requirements was the same for the other one so ya, thanks on that one. I've looked everywhere for reference to this what appears to be a silent nerf/bug etc and nothing. A bug or another nerf, or just got Ark'd again, either way meh, but just saying.
  7. same here when teleporting, I also get dashboarded randomly as well on my XSX console. I run a really good ping and fast internet so no issues there. Only for the Gen2 map. Maybe in a few months with more work it will become a bit more stable.
  8. Weird because I don't have any running around on my servers....and it was ONLY a thought/suggestion to verify.
  9. Shadowmane drops and loses its natural armor when transferring to another server. Is this intended?
  10. Stego is now a really good option, Argy for just so many reasons, Anky, if you are afraid of exploring a bit consider getting pack buff animals, like hyenas, raptors etc to aid with a tame, consider wolf pack as well. Just look at their benefit to you and your goals.
  11. I created a bug report etc and wiki screen shot on how there was a need of better info as well as a way to harvest on a PvP and PvE server with different configs.
  12. Summer bash starts June 30th for two weeks.....as for event on Rag, my guess is that someone enabled it because you can enable past ones at any time for the server, but client will not match so anything the client version needs like cooking pot etc it will not work, just colors and spawns really.
  13. Cannot harvest any meat from new R plants. They will plant just fine, show a health meter, they have full water, fert, full growth, but nothing. The server type is PvP type and I noticed that on PvE according to wiki note that friendly fire must be on. Via the wiki "PvPEnableFriendlyFire" Now the bolean field should be disablefriendlyflyer and not enable, unless WC has changed a few things. Config files from WC according to wiki site as well -- bPvEDisableFriendlyFire=<value> Value = boolean (true/false) Default = false Prevent-Friendly-Fire
  14. without knowing all you have done on Abby etc, and if you are bored, my guess is like other suggested, play on Gen 1 maybe but I don't know if you have it. But there is plenty of missions to do on there etc.
  15. I started typing out something yesterday but deleted it, basically said something similar, but in the end I figured, its their first post, to rant about fixing a game that we all play each day without issues for the most part, so "fix your game" is like beating a dead horse without the more info required to provide solutions and or troubleshooting that most ppl provide
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