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  1. Most anywhere they can spawn except I've never seen any in deep desert etc. Most easy to find at night since they are on fire etc and during super heat storm.
  2. Several posts on the forums asking the same and No, we will not see this version of Ark a cross play title with Steam version. Maybe Ark 2.0 down the road if they ever do another Ark game. The only crossplay is Windows 10 and Xbox because they are basically the same version of the game.
  3. I believe I read somewhere you level up the little ferox as the larger version gets 200 percent increase to what the little one has. However before the nerf there are some rerolls of these guys with some of the best melee stats out there. Not sure if you have one or not and how that will make a difference.
  4. I'm not sure if this would help answer the question to some but I think some are classed as cave creature vs tamable. I think they will say the same for cave version similar to wolves from caves etc but from what I've found in my own testing is that the ones closer to the entrances are classes as cave dino/creature and not tamed or just won't tame by regular means where as the inner ones near the egg spawns are tamable. Now this is just what I found and take it for what its worth in an effort to help those with same issues. Maybe others can expand and test but its just what I've seen on my PvE servers.
  5. would like to see a primitive version and a modern version etc. Eco's mods fit well and would like to see WC add some of that mod into the game. Would like to give my base a little more life even by a lil bit.
  6. First of all you have only two posts which are both on this thread A few other red flags come to mind on the post. Good luck with your quest to admin a server cluster.
  7. yes you can trick build in Ark, there are a few ark builders who are pretty good at it, one being sitharias thanks for sharing your builds
  8. incest does not exist in Ark so it makes no difference. One Phioma is good and a stim farm, I like two beetles unless you need a ton of crops, then add two more, but for me two beetles are plenty.
  9. The game is about as optimized as it will get, so no it will only have a better render and improvements that you would see with a better system. The series X this fall will be way better as it will be more powerful compared to the One X etc just like the improvements from Xbox One vs One X upon its release.
  10. how so? Was you taming in the middle of an update or just the whole process in general after the update?
  11. when you go up to the cloning chamber it will tell you how many shards you need to clone an animal. Just a guess but maybe 8k. The one I have cost around 12k for a level 140ish.
  12. ehuhoser

    Death snow

    depends, you have an otter available? I know primitive ones won't get you there to do a full on survival in the murder murder snow. If you can run some drops as well that would help get you there. I cannot remember what the values was specifically. Also I usually run with a high value of fortitude and that helps determine if you can survive that as well.
  13. ehuhoser

    Hello :)

    welcome Mistey aka Lucy
  14. show up in game? its skins that are in your inventory, did you make sure its installed as well? Just trying to help. Also those skins are less relevant with tek dinos spawning now unless you just got the ones that are not natural spawns like Mosa etc.
  15. Lost a lot of cool easter event dinos over the years thanks to Nitrado messing up a server issue and had to start over. I have found some new ones from genesis that I'll try to post, a few Ferox and few others.
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