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  1. Yes in order to join another server and cluster it you have to ask for their clustered and then add that to your cross ark settings in the Nitrado interface. I've got another friend that we clustered all our servers together for a total of 4 and works just fine. The only thing to make sure is where you log your character off as once you try to join again if you join where no active character is it will make you create a new one and then you have to try and gain access from your previous character.
  2. no last dab XXX :P, I've had last dab redux, but I like that you are challenging yourselves as well for other content instead of just reveals etc. Hoping there is a patch soon for Val's raptors (console) which you have already addressed on steam version etc, also Extinction has issues with event running that I'm sure you are already aware of etc. Looking forward to watching some of the stream.
  3. I'm curious why there will be no genesis chronical explorer hints planned on Extinction map, maybe that is a clue but would seem legit after all it was the last official DLC, maybe there is a reason maybe they want ppl back on those other maps to spread the player base off from the free DLC maps. Who knows but find it odd that the Island, Abby and Scorched are the locations of which has no hints of what Genesis may be. Would think all should be on Extinction map as to me it makes more sense. Also hope there more of a draw for this mini event if we are not getting a Halloween event, as a skin is just meh for me. The older skins you got like dodowyvern and dodorex are far more interesting etc as well as the other helmet skins. Just felt the corrupted skin was okay, just something I would not wear.
  4. Insulation is tied to Melee just an Abby variant that is same as regular.
  5. Just pictures and a little talk has been released, wait and see that is all we know until I'm sure more is released or WC releases the DLC in December/Jan/Feb
  6. A really good compound bow I think will do the trick for tamed giga.
  7. I've had triplets, and a few doubles. Finally got my first color mutation with Melee added out of around 24 eggs hatched. I'm currently running a group of 13 females with a single male and have another 20 or so to hatch from that line.
  8. during the livestream Jesse mentioned Mustafar which is a SW reference so yeah its confirmed WC are not trekkies
  9. Are we talking PvE or PvP you mentioned both but vastly different. It also depends on if you have the DLC or can get your hands on some of the newer creatures etc. You also got to discuss in PvP how small etc vs PvE which is larger base builds with all the tames. Is this on a server or unofficial etc all those choices change the meta a small bit. Get a early ground mount and a flyer, then work on harvesting animals like bear/beaver/etc is what I usually do then after a while mid 50's work on getting Argy and next tier depending on of course DLC. Watch some PvPs videos on YT like HOD Gaming, ShaneTheShadow, etc and see what they have if you are talking PvP aspect. However you have to narrow things down a bit and give some goal details on what you want to spend your time doing mostly. The kibble rework does not change much meta only makes it easier to obtain vs running a farm of each creature, which mind you many don't worry about on PvP for perfect taming because they implement more breeding. At least I don't worry about perfect taming out of the gates as creatures will die quickly especially if you are a small tribe. Keep in mind small tribes will be found and raided often. Depends again on strategy and what server official etc you are on, ie small tribes etc.
  10. would like to make it an option as well for admin and tied to admin.
  11. Its a different system where as those were single player experienced managed by developer to include those in the game. I get what you are saying and all as someone who has played on PC with mods but mainly play on Xbox One X. Its not as simple and its a huge resource hog that consoles would struggle with running not to mention to amount of space some of the mods take up. There is other issues as well that many previous threads talk about. While it can be done, it has to be done inhouse with WC and not on steam workshop for starters. Its a huge WC undertaking as well to get it to work right and we know how much the game can break already. While I will say I support this idea of course, there is a lot of issues that need to be addressed via xbox, MS, and WC to make it work and not brick your console as well.
  12. most likely in the next patch for next month we will see this. I've noticed several things in this latest patch that are not in there so my guess they forgot to make proper patch notes even for yesterdays update.
  13. If you spawned in a base, respawn and select another location
  14. Scorched for me was best DLC because of the weather element changing things up. For animals though it was lacking, Wyverns are okay but really for me I use them more as taxi service etc. For unofficial DLC I would say Ragnarok was and is my fav as I watched it being developed for a long time. Special as my name is on the wall as well :P. Abby was okay but the dark just got to me if I play on it too long. But super fun to play non the less. Extinction is good and about on par with Abby. I like the snow owl and its my main flyer right now. I'm a fan of all the DLC, just needed more content/craftables etc and things to do and explore after a while. Ragnarok gives more of that I think because of its size, just wish they would have given them time to add more like the originally wanted to. I would like to see them do another map and release it this year.
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