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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Griffin or Ice wyvern for The Island?

    The island is not a really big map per say, but Argy is what you need and with the TLC 2 around the bend, it will make it a better flyer mount. Plus the devs stated the two you want and specific to those maps and you can always travel and tame one up there and bring it back with you.
  2. Structures Plus?

    my guess they won't integrate until all DLC is out etc, they have too much on their plate I think atm. I would love to see it but with the lack of a simply update would lead me to think that its not coming anytime soon, even Arksoon
  3. the ark video death montage is pretty much spot on for your first month of dying, just wish the raptor has proper front arms facing inwards and not down on the TLC like they should be anatomically correct for raptors but it all looks good. Nice job on all those who submitted, good stuff in there.
  4. When is primal survival coming out

    I'm sure WC will not develop as a mod pretty much covers this aspect for those players. Would have been nice for official but its a dead horse right now.
  5. Should i give up on Ark?

    if indeed pve server OP, its not another tribe or their pet, they cannot kill you, but they can say lure a dino into your area to grief you if you built anything less than stone. and in an easy to get to site. The other thing is yes you have to research the server you are on, does it seem friendly etc and are ppl wanting to help and the chat is not toxic etc. There are servers but you might have to jump around a bit. There are unofficials as well and that sort of thing may be for you as well. Official PvE servers are riddled with pillar spam and dino caps depending on what map you are at.
  6. Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    nice entries, some real gems in there, thanks to all who submitted entries.
  7. No care for Primitive plus?

    I loved prim plus but gave up after sooo long of updates, case in point, look at last version and now just now they are getting back into it. My guess it will be limited what is fixed to make content, most likely saddles etc. One of the biggest TCMs only to be one of the less used.
  8. On/Off structures

    that is why many put them into a one by one enclosure to protect what can be accessed via non tribe members like you stated. But yeah you wonder why they are build that way for on off my guess is the PvP aspect of gameplay. I would like to see on off for aircons personally to turn them off without having to have a generator turned off.
  9. watch some videos, its not hard to build away from the square building, you have to know the tips and tricks to build a nice building. You can contact the author of CKF and let them know about the pillar foundation issue when you build higher as well.
  10. More Interior!

    been brought up tons of times, mods have this and thus WC usually won't replace anything a mod already does. I agree I would like to see more vanilla items and I even have a post about what I would like to see. In the end having a ton of items to craft for indoors would just cause more lag on official servers and or vanilla items.
  11. Favorite map to start?

    I like the Center but have issues with Gigas and other dinos spawning on tiny points above on the rock pillars, I personally love Ragnarok, its great to build with a view, and would love the Center more if it got some more love but that won't happen. Ragnarok would be better as well if they added more the cave below the castle feels unfinished down there. I know they planned for more but wish they would have added more caves into the massive mountains as well to round it off. Ragnarok first Center second.
  12. What happened to NPC Bush People?

    not sure what you mean from endorsed, but it was sort of popular and well reason many mods disappear is the mod creator which has nothing to do with WC may have moved on to another game or simply grew tired of trying to update with a dev kit that always changes each update as well. Not sure why its gone it just is what it is I guess.
  13. Who Plays Ark Because of Neebs Gaming

    I've played since first released as EA title, but I've been a fan of Neebs Gaming before it was Neebs Gaming when it was Hank and Jed with Battlefield Friends, which I would love them to do an Ark series similar animated. Anyway, yeah love their Ark stuff and the production they put into it.....RIP Cooter.
  14. sponsored mods

    you do have it on PC, are you talking about console, because, yeah no way could you ever get it months ago before WC got their hands on it because it was never coming to console before WC made the announcement that it would be coming to console one day when it was ready.
  15. Will legacy server save files be updated?

    I would contact Nitrado which are great at support questions being answered. I think they should update and repopulate the save files and agree with the OP on it being updated.