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  1. Windows 10 release?

    WC last official statement was end of this month, but with long certifications right now via xbox it might be next official word yet and many have asked. Many are getting frustrated.
  2. just curious has 1.4 almost been a year in its working? I've been playing it recently with some friends on Xbox/Ragnarok server and find it interesting that while I see Ced post a few WIP pictures, I don't see any updates. If Primitive plus is an as is product DLC now at least call it like that while you have Ced work on other WC ideas/projects.
  3. Effect of Griffin on Prim+

    TBH I don't think Primitive plus was ever really designed more than the Island map. The updates are severely slow and I went back to playing it for a few months on Ragnarok and I think that with the creatures that are unique to certain maps there is no way to work with them. The building tier works, but the taming/primitive means just are not there. I've seen a lot of bugs still in the current version. I like Ced but think that WC is taking too much of his time from the mod either support it or say it is as is right now.
  4. Tribe Limits

    ya I can see that those type of servers would make it interesting.....congrats on the solo mega tribe take down btw
  5. Tribe Limits

    same reason your profile says 123, many servers try to prevent cross server zerg raiders and thus when a newcomer comes along they rather wipe then ask questions....I feel your pain, but again, maybe take the first step and talk to them, sometimes you have to bow down before taking a step forward
  6. Windows 10 release?

    (in regards to an early post) actually, for the game, it cannot be done that way however....Microsoft has unlocked the coding to have cross play with steam and iirc the first game that can take advantage of this is releasing sometime this fall......however most will not take advantage of that and it's still very much new.
  7. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    yes for me worth every dollar in hundreds of hours spent on PC and xbox.
  8. Ark's Dossier physical book.

    no info yet, they stated that if the sell out of the first run, that they would look into a non disc version of the collectors edition....
  9. New lights?

    ya I wanted a new light as well, I was sooo excited to be able to stick them, they could also be powered via the generator as well. But it was funny that I never heard anything more of it what seems so simple to add. O well, another fail which to be honest I would love to see an update to xbox. I stopped playing the PC version several months ago for various reasons, the main being I need a new graphics card and the one I want to upgrade to is a bit higher cost.
  10. Add more building options!

    ahh yes I watch him as well, forgot to mention him.....monkeypuzzle is another good one to just watch when he builds..
  11. Server to server trade kiosk.

    There was talk of Ced I think making a trading solution for Ark not via the obelisk but a buildable item etc....but have not heard anything in a long time and as long as it takes to develop ideas and see them implemented, I'm thinking we won't see it. I would like to see it come to be a buildable trade building or something similar for server trading.
  12. Ahh Servers!

    They are adding just takes more time, just the other day they added I'm sure over time the wait will get shorter, always does as server populations drop. I know it does not help you know especially if you are on a high pop server.
  13. Greenhouse

    they also need to be stronger slightly as well. I would hope that they just add the S plus into base game to solve everyones issues. However never did realize that you cannot put them on fence foundations.
  14. What does no tame merging have to do with removing the tame limit? And yes, it will cause every animal to stop spawning and create more lag. Alphas will just starting breeding hundreds of Rexs etc. It will be even worse. I can understand that as a breeder you want to see what you can get etc, but how would you accomplish if you get wiped by and Alpha all the time and thus never manage to get to that state? Or maybe you are part of the Alpha and want to do the same. Either way, you have to somewhat protect other players in being able to play the game they paid for and not lag them out. You would end up making the server the Alpha server and forcing everyone out and then making it a low population server. If its just you in a single tribe and just want to breed, then get a rentable server or run Single player mode. I don't see how WC make it where you cannot play as you stated by having a dino cap on PvP.
  15. Add more building options!

    ya GG Fizz is awesome, his large builds is epic, also for OP check out the crunch pictures you will see a lot of good stuff as well for designs.