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  1. How about a fix for moving direbear and bigfoot off the aberration map? Last update did not fix this etc, and bug was submitted a month ago.
  2. ehuhoser

    Will we ever get npc's for single player

    Personally, no, I think they way they built their AI which needs improvement would not translate well.
  3. ehuhoser

    PVP-PVE days.

    If I'm not mistaken there is a server option to control like weekends when you want PvE to turn into PvP action. Maybe you are talking about more control options inside the reference.?
  4. ehuhoser

    ARK 2

    Personally I don't think they will make an Ark 2, I think it would be a totally new game. What I would like to see WC do is expand Ark, make more paid DLC, more Arks/creatures/etc.....build upon what they already have a player base for.
  5. ehuhoser

    Can we please charge battery?

    I craftable station is what I originally hoped for from abby instead of map placed ones.....maybe extinction will give us something similar
  6. because of server caps etc I agree because ppl would complain about server caps a reason why they made them into skins I would love to see them added as well as others, but sadly only PvE would find them interesting and we know that servers are like for tamed caps and you would had tons of threads about how no one could tame one because of caps etc
  7. ehuhoser

    Player Skins Outfits

    yeah could see WC added some skins besides helmet, or change it up to look more like the first released skins. Don't need anything too extreme like what you mentioned DarkRaptor13 but good suggestions.
  8. ehuhoser

    Fix your game please Xbox crashes

    what is the map and active player account during the crashes, also the ping you see when joining? I say this because the player base is too high imho on each server especially when you see large bases etc with tons of tames. I'm guessing you are PvE server? Which I'm afraid is just the nature of PvE as well you want to tame it all, build large compounds all over the maps, pillar up around as well to protect land that may or may not be used. This on xbox take a toll, on Xbox one X, its much easier to handle assuming you are not the X. But yeah if you are around 50 ppl on the server with larger established bases with turrets and tames all over it will be rough on xbox and harder on Ragnarok. I'm running Xbox One X, Ragnarok, large base with tons of tames around me, I have decent ping, and I only disconnect maybe once a week from host timeout usually, very rare I will crash while in game.
  9. ehuhoser


    While I would love to see it on console, I am not holding my breathe as WC is pretty much slowly ending many sponsored mods as well. They took ideas from it and pretty much I'm sure. We will take Call of the Wild as an instance of a interesting mod now discontinued. For whatever reason they stopped to sponsor it or whatever reason the mod author could not keep working on it or whatever reasons, it just says the same thing that WC pretty much at the end of this DLC has not further plans to keep investing in content for Ark. They have stated things would be in the game that during DLC release has changed. They over hype many things and not deliver because of internal costs I'm sure and I don't blame them. They are in it to make money and games. But I don't think S plus will make it. Look at the other mods which many have been in development for long time and no word either on adding them. There is not incentive for WC really right now. What WC needs to think about is if they want Ark to be playable further down the road. Release paid DLCs or items etc but we all know that how the game is built will not allow for someone to have something that another cannot like dinos etc. Total conversions is where it is all, a unique experience, that is only available on that server. But there is only a few. Just look at Primitive plus history.
  10. ehuhoser

    The Tek Rex Good or Bad

    Lets not forget about the breeding aspect. For instance the level cap of dinos on official servers is 450 which means a 150 vs 180 tek breed army may mean an OG rex with longer breeding lines maybe be more powerful. While a 180 rex may have less of a line before you can level it up to 450. I'm more disappointed that they did not slightly change the skin up a bit to make it slightly more unique. As well give us the fert tek egg that drops instead of just a normal unfert rex egg that drops. Little details like that make it less of a copy of what visually we already have. Now what I like about them for my standpoint is my unofficial servers I'm not stuck behind a 450 level cap which I can then breed them higher to take on bosses which I have difficulty cranked up as well.
  11. I know your pain in the OP. There are tips and tricks to get the buildings to change and act like what you want and take a lot, I mean sometimes a lot of patience to get it to work and I agree, something like this game is really the most difficult. Now what we are talking about is PvE standpoint of course because well in PvP you don't have time and other luxuries of course. Mostly what I've learned is from AaronLongstaff, GG Fizz, Missy Prime (and others) tutorials like builds or similar to incorporate ideas into my servers. In my builds I like to use the lay of the land more instead of flat ground and will use clipping to allow for harder to place foundations which if honestly was stuck in the pre clip era I would most likely just use more pillars which I hate. I have said long ago that WC needed to have more shapes, better build mechanics, but they left that to mods I guess. Yes many are confined to what is possible in game, but right now it does not look like we will see anything more than what is currently in game.
  12. ehuhoser

    Wyverns on The Center map?

    despite while relevant yet older article, as stated, Wyverns are not the greatest for PvP, still Pteras and with the TLC updated Argies are still best. For a mega tribe which is a main the OP was complaining about long, long ago, it was the fact that he/she was playing on an official server asking WC to fix something that did not need fixing to suit themselves in their style of play asking WC or fix it to their liking. to get all SE content you don't need to buy SE as stated long ago due to Ragnaroks release which gave you everything SE has to offer minus some play experience. That decision made some mad that paid for SE. Its not Pay to Win or any sense of the matter. Ppl also traded with those who did not have SE long ago so for a lot of metal you could own one. This goes for all creatures that are unique to certain maps albeit with Cross Ark ability really ramped it up later on. I agree the transfer system needed work long ago but not for the same reasons. In fact the whole cross ark transfer is sort of lore imho of what Ark is and the story behind it. Kinda makes sense now and as well spreads out the gameplay more. The OP stated they went to school and did not have time which as a whole is much like us all but many still manage and enjoy just fine.
  13. ehuhoser

    2 Questions

    The recent update did provide a one time reallocation of stats if on xbox depending on what you play on PC or xbox or PS4 etc., but that should not cause a redo each time when you log off so something is awry there maybe try hosting first via your account and see if that still occurs. As stated by another poster yes if you log off while in the air, your body will sort of float until the quick log in which when the game loads it reactivates in which case before you know it, u have fallen and killed yourself which your log should say as well when you view it. Also your flyers you were on will be there but may be hard to locate if you are unfamiliar on how high up you were and location.
  14. ehuhoser

    anyone here went from xbox 1 to xbox 1x?(1080p tv)

    I moved to onex as well and could not be happier. I've noticed that there is less crashing and DC, as well as better picture/graphics and note that I also have a 4K TV so yeah I would expect gfx to be better.
  15. I thought this update last night was gonna address the inability to crossark with the last two dinos to be added to Abby which is the direbear and Gigantopithecus for aberrant variation, but still cannot after two months. Is this intended or just forgotten to take some PC bugs and move them into the fixed realm of Xbox? Last update which I thought for Xbox was supposed to be monthly while PC was weekly seems to not patch some things maybe. I'm trying to move some creatures away from Abby to my main base while I prepare that second server for the Extinction DLC. If this is intended please let us know so that we can plan.