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  1. ehuhoser

    Cross server raiders Aberration

    reapers will take more damage when using a light pet however if someone wants to raid you basic base defense and location is key to raid defense because they will get you offline most likely and if you have a ton of turrets they will just soak them with a trike and or stego. Having turrets on locations that are hard to get too with more heavy turrets and some plant X will help
  2. ehuhoser

    Tamed Reaper King Worth?

    I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about "soo weak"?, their health pool is pretty high and melee damage is really good, and no there is no breeding them so that is misinformation. As for PvE, well that are okay depending on what you are doing, mostly they are excellent for PvP in many aspects one of the most notable is bringing down flyers which takes some skill and luck. I had a few that I lost that were high level. I currently only have two, one blue event colored which has a funny story behind it and one regular color. I'm hoping for another event one down the road.
  3. ehuhoser

    WE killed ALPHA RW, and tek railgun is ...

    iirc the nerfed it, used to shoot farther and you could see it go through materials as well farther away. I liked what it used to be, now its not a very good sniper...only if you can get close and snipe
  4. ehuhoser

    Force take button

    why not just use dotame command?
  5. How about the ability to move gigantopitecus and dire bear from aberration to another map, still cannot do this on console
  6. ehuhoser


    S plus can lag a server depending on what ppl are using for the mod on PC. If they are using the transfer button and or other mechanics it can cause lag which it may or not not affect what you were doing. Sometimes its that small area you are looking at as well and snap point issue.
  7. ehuhoser

    The Meta

    Watch a few pvp games by HOD Gaming, ShanetheShadow and Kishko etc to get you started. There are others a ton of them to get new meta ideas and how raiders raid and look for weak spots
  8. ehuhoser

    What not to fight on my Rex?

    My contribution would be that depending on the map be very wary of your surroundings and what spawns or can pin you against something like wall etc. If you fight say a few Theris, and have something push in as well, that could cause more damage and needing to heal more than that you were planning.
  9. How about a fix for moving direbear and bigfoot off the aberration map? Last update did not fix this etc, and bug was submitted a month ago.
  10. ehuhoser

    Will we ever get npc's for single player

    Personally, no, I think they way they built their AI which needs improvement would not translate well.
  11. ehuhoser

    PVP-PVE days.

    If I'm not mistaken there is a server option to control like weekends when you want PvE to turn into PvP action. Maybe you are talking about more control options inside the reference.?
  12. ehuhoser

    ARK 2

    Personally I don't think they will make an Ark 2, I think it would be a totally new game. What I would like to see WC do is expand Ark, make more paid DLC, more Arks/creatures/etc.....build upon what they already have a player base for.
  13. ehuhoser

    Can we please charge battery?

    I craftable station is what I originally hoped for from abby instead of map placed ones.....maybe extinction will give us something similar
  14. because of server caps etc I agree because ppl would complain about server caps a reason why they made them into skins I would love to see them added as well as others, but sadly only PvE would find them interesting and we know that servers are like for tamed caps and you would had tons of threads about how no one could tame one because of caps etc
  15. ehuhoser

    Player Skins Outfits

    yeah could see WC added some skins besides helmet, or change it up to look more like the first released skins. Don't need anything too extreme like what you mentioned DarkRaptor13 but good suggestions.