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  1. My first and prolly last post

    lol obviously not your last post, but I'm curious to learn more with pictures I guess on what is wrong with pillars, because I can place them below ceilings, maybe its something you are doing different for a build than me, as I have a dock with I've always placed pillars below a ceiling. I'm glad you have a mod now that can do what you are attempting to build, I'm also guessing you are still new to the game and yes there are some things that should be better, WC is still working on many things. Some will get better, some won't be polished, and some might ever see the light of fixing. But we still play.
  2. and its different than what mods are and how they work for steam workshop etc....you have to build it what skyrim and fallout did and bring it in house and make it part of the game base not something you can download via server and match on xbox....plus those games are easy to mod as well because they are single player games and you don't need a server match for it to work. There is a lot and I mean a lot of work WC would need to do to get MS and them to play ball to get it to work that is why they build the mods into the base game, its a cost savings. While I would love to see mods, MS won't play nice in that reguards as well as someone who has played with mods on PC, I can say that the base game and dev kit needs to be stable and better updates. Otherwise, you would wake up and your base be gone due to a mismatch update from a mod or corrupt file install. There is a lot to work with. #fact
  3. My first and prolly last post

    never ran into any pillar issue with pillars and ceilings. I'm guessing you are on official which everyone knows is bad for lags/DC/etc. Never ran into any ice biome issues or stuck dinos there. #bye
  4. yes you have to add the roof/ceiling first ....the fireplace can then clip into it via its smoke stack etc...otherwise you would have to have no clip enabled on a server if rented.
  5. Abb Dinos On Island As Wild Spawns?

    what they might have done hard to tell but my guess is in the ini files just substituted the spawns Are you saying you have a rented Nitrado server? Might want to check into their support for information on changing ini files if you are unsure.
  6. as stated before, won't happen like that PC has, MS won't allow random uncheck uploads to xbox, maybe server side only but not to xbox etc. PS is the same.
  7. I want to ask everyone who is using custom ini server settings for Aberration to comment. I have had issues with Nitrado's rentable servers when it comes with custom INI settings. I'm not new to them as I have both used PC custom settings and Xbox rented server settings via Nitrado. Will see at first I've never seen an issue in the past. Recently on console rentals many of the ini settings are really not being expressed in game. For instance the maturation, breeding, per point stat multipliers, no clip etc to get the ball rolling never show up in game but you can see them in the ini files. I had a Nitrado engineer look at my server and indeed something was not right. Somehow it got fixed on my Ragnarok server and when Aberration came out I had similar settings. But again at launch those same settings like no clip never showed up yet others did. Now to the meat and potatoes on this. Nitrado support has stated that these ini settings DO NOT work in Aberration and that I should contact WC about it which I did mention today on twitter to @Jen and @Jatheish about. I think Nitrado is wrong and calling their support on it because the support ticket has been there without them looking at it for more than a week. I think any DLC never shuts down the customization and I'm calling Nitrado's Support on it and ask that if you have custom server settings that you please mention that it IS WORKING for you on your server in Aberration. I can then take that info back to Nitrado and simply say.....try again. I'm trying to avoid the back and for he said she said type of thing. Thank you for your comments.
  8. weird because I've heard of ppl seeing a better experience on PC windows 10 version....I've not tested mine out downloaded recently.
  9. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Jen‏ @bubblywums 19m19 minutes ago More "Survivors: We've heard your concerns about Gigas suddenly being enraged easier than normal. This is an unintended bug & was extremely difficult to track down. It is a side effect of code from another dino that inadvertently affected the Giga's rage buff. This has been fixed." from twitter feed a little bit ago so you see it was not a hidden nerf....just a code error......
  10. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    not saying discovery mechanics per giga saying that we never had nor will we ever have a detailed patch notes.

    Battleeye is not available, but MS version will be enabled, no mods for win 10 version
  12. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    that is where all the patch notes are, somethings things break and they fix them back other times not all minor updates are noted in the patch notes. I'm afraid that details beyond what you see is not there. Ark is and always has been a discovery mechanic game where you find out via videos of some ppl testing. To get details sometimes you have to read reddit and twitter, or ask them, but they won't always answer.
  13. You on Official OP? I ask because well it does take a lot of time for stronger creatures like the Their for instance. If you have a kibble farm taming is easier and quicker. What you posted has been brought up a lot of times and well like I and other have stated....you chose to lose sleep to play a game that does not force you, if you want imprinting you have to plan....hatching is best on 2x weekends on officials etc. Yes, its not fair that some younger people have no life and manage no sleep to imprint 100 percent. It only really matters when it comes to PvP anyways so are you playing PvP? Sad you lost your 200 lvl ptery's. I feel that pain but I had most of mine before the flyer nerf. Use a whip to collect the eggs and give you a few more seconds and fly to avoid straight lines etc....also build a trap for milk.
  14. Breeding Suggestion

    Since you are on console sorry to say its just not possible. Breeding for other players would make the two creatures way to powerful in stats. They are harder to get creatures and thus are rewarded with better stats.
  15. Voice acting for explorer notes

    while I like the idea, I will also say this game needs smaller file sizes, its getting huge and bigger with each patch and DLC. Right now, I have good internet and 5 hours later I'm still downloading because MS site for consoles have slower speeds for downloads. Yes I play PC as well and its much faster but still it would be nice but not needed as well as Ark is in its final release form already so adding voice actors is well more costly.