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  1. Xbox one x enhancements

    I'm running the details at 1440 as well and prefer it, In general I've noticed a lot of improvements in loading
  2. No clip on Console rentals Xbox

    yeah I'm running tests and seems there are several settings of which I hope is fixed soonish
  3. are rafts broken again?

    Not sure but I've noticed many things even in general building that show up the same obstruction
  4. Tame limit on Unofficial, consoles

    depends you playing pve or pvp, my guess is pve, and nope, WC has not allowed for more tames on consoles
  5. No clip on Console rentals Xbox

    I've also noticed other items and seen some other posts on some settings not working for servers. No one tested this out yet? Also for Ragnarok map, the viscreen seems to not disable when you create the ini map settings either.
  6. Scar in a PG?

    no PG is really not complete, that scar that you see in maps is more or less custom designed into maps where is PG is using elements of hills and mountains to customize.
  7. Sponsored Mods For PS4 ?

    official mods are already there, other sponsored mods are not. Mods in general like from steam or for pc only. BTW therer is plenty of info there you just have to use the forum search
  8. Looking for those with rented servers etc on Xbox via nitrado. I've talked to Nitrado and indeed no clip disable structure collision is being written to the ini files, yet on my world I still get collision detection and wanted to see if others have noticed as well. Perhaps WC @Jen or Jat can have someone look into it to verify on their end. I've tested it several times and restarted server several times, please show your results as well. Tested so far on Ragnarok and xbox hosted works for that option so it has to be on rented options that is not working. Thanks for those testing this out.
  9. Asking WC basically to take a look at adding server configurations to make more items stackable into larger sizes to save space in ones inventory as well as storage. It will help prevent larger base builds for storage as well as aid in rendering bases with less structures. Ideas would include raw prime meat at stacks of 20, raw meat at 200 and most others at least doubling in stacking size. Would be nice to use per item stacking option that way say like black pearls could stay at its current 100 stack. However electronics and pearls fiber etc that weigh less could be stacked even higher per config. Thank you for your consideration in making this a possibility.
  10. Xbox PS - precarious comunication SOLVED!

    primitive plus has this so it would not be hard to add a mail box msg system
  11. Ascension for SE

    it says tek engrams not tek cave in the survivor asking during the Q and A. As you can see as well I stated in the topic quote as well that I've not heard any devs mention a tek cave added to scorched, Only one and that is on the island.
  12. Wth is going on???

    get someone in your tribe to feed them while you are away.
  13. What the ?????

    I'm still updating so I cannot test it out, will find out soon
  14. its an official DLC but not WC created originally, from a technical standpoint. Ced mostly works on other projects anyway from the looks of it. I say RIP because well, the development or addition of things is soooo slow that really for me like I stated I will never go back. The fact that many are reporting less and less officials just says a lot as well.
  15. Wild babies/juveniles

    Not surprised. I'm a PS4 player so I don't have access to all the awesome mods out there. Glad Structures+ is coming... eventually. Lol ya I played on PC for a while, but mostly on xbox mostly because I switched to play with friends, I cannot wait for rentable servers though, and glad as well structures plus is coming and hope it works well