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  1. Might be due to running mods on your server, have you tried talking to your server administrator and or checking with mod author? Is there an action that you do that causes it or just random? Perhaps a list of mods as one might be conflicting with another and or one might be out of order to run better.
  2. Many event only items can be spawned when client and server are running
  3. Game suggestion if you can get them on Genesis 1, please allow to transfer them off that map etc to be used.
  4. would start watching some youtube videos/playlists. Or maybe ask your questions here, but I would not have created a topic in this location, it would not garner much attention. Start by punching trees and picking up stone, gather berries, then make the tools by learning engrams and build up. Don't rush to expand until you are comfy with losing things like armor/tools etc. Tame small things, build up and tame larger things.
  5. since you just started playing from the sounds of it, I would say the best bet is get an argy, and a anky until you are advanced enough to survive better on the other DLC maps to get something better. Easy to get both and you can use the Argy to fly around and scout for metal locations that are near your base.
  6. No I have not yet figured it out. Before if this is the same issue, I just transferred another character and managed to work it out, but any character that gets close gets booted.
  7. I joined with another character as a test, and as soon as I got to my base, I got the same thing. Something is going on either I was or did have a lot of inventory that got reverted on an update or something as now it won't let me as I get to my base, something is going on in that realm and now its just stuck. I had a friend go near my base and same thing, and no, its not a huge thing or a ton of animals out, my only guess is something similar happened when my inventory was full, but at least then my friend could empty it out to get me back in.
  8. This is happening what seems like different than before, I rarely get a host connection timeout that repeats itself over and over just on one map and does not fix with server restart and xbox restart etc.
  9. Just checking in as something I've noticed happening only on my Genesis server hosted by Nitrado is that it loads in fast, but immediately get host connection lost. I run fiber 1Gbs speed and my servers are all low ping usually around 20 to 30. I've connnected to Rag, Island, and CI maps just fine so far. I know my friend can still join on an Xbox One just fine and he sees me join and leave real quick where the Message of the day chimes and then msg of being connection lost which leads me to think that its an issue somewhere that is not internet or host but maybe somewhere else. Anyo
  10. no need for a mod, easy to build, ramps, door frames and foundations.....im confused on why someone would need a mod to build something simple in what would take less than 1/2 hour in time for resources.
  11. "erroneously touch the expulsion button" I think you hit the wrong button and hit remove from tribe by mistake. blue is not the color you should be seeing as owned dinos and blue is usually ally dinos etc if not mistaken. Green is what you want to appear as tribe owned etc and hard to say what settings you created in the group, you should know what those settings do, if you are just playing with your wife and you in that tribe, that way permissions are equal unless you don't want her to ride or build destroy etc. If you create a group you need to have attributions otherwise that
  12. posting on the forums with the required number to get out of that group
  13. yeah bloodstalkers seem to require you to be in much closer reach, they just yank you from far but it seems the time to reel you in is quicker and just drops you. I've done a few tests and found about half of the distance is where it seems to be better for taming. No matter what they grab for them now it has to be much closer and thus to increase their effectiveness much harder.
  14. Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought I did see some soakers get a little nerfed, maybe I read the balance stuff wrong though.
  15. Depends on the raid, are you solo raiding? One trike?, I would say depends on how long to soak those turrets and what you mean by big raid? Personally I would say if you are doing it solo with one trike and would say 30 would be a good start for one trike. But it depends on heavy turrents, tek turrets etc the amounts. A big raid in my eyes would need a lot more and more than one trike. And a plan if they come on line unless you know they will be offline for a long time to soak.
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