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  1. oh i ddn't think about using on my persons inventory i was thinking from storage unit but that's interesting i hope that's not buged still that could be useful
  2. How do you use the folder option or how does it work naming a folder called cloth armor putting a set of cloth in it r-click it and says equip all folder items? it don't equip any items to my char even when slots are empty i'm unsure what this function does thanks in advanced for the replys if you can tell me how this works
  3. this is a common issue for offical players i am seeing this more and more while friends are transferring to other servers to do other boss on maps so fourth and coming into a server and server crashes rolls back before they was there all there stuff is gone that was pulled off obelisk or transmitter and chars is empty no items and i understand there is nothing u can do about 1 or 2 to roll back or to fix there lost items but fixing the problme completly as in not losing items if server crashes after transfering then a roll back happends all items you pull out and dinos are just gone like it ne
  4. great bot i love this thanks for posting it for me i been testing last 10 mins or so no response for !tek 6 6 and with say !tame anky 45 it only shows kibble mobile kibble primitive+ crops don't show info if i used berry's other wise few commands i used work and can't wait to see this working 100%!
  5. Hey guys so i decided to be weird and start main base on scortched earth i'd say i'm still early game, I'm looking to find location/map to find easy metal earlier game then mid game to get forge going, I'm willing travel any map and tame any dino to make it easier i'm about lvl 70at this time thanks in advacned
  6. I'm on scortched earth i know this map is hardly played on but i found a Y plant from gathering from white flowers i do belive is where i got it and says same discription as X plant as a friend told me so i'm confused on what plant seed does what i feel these need to be changed or updated it's a simple discription fix i don't see why this can't be done
  7. I was loging out again to main menu to fix the bright white screen after game turned to day time it hink it was blinding hurting my eyes then i have this crash error going to main menu any idea what could be cause?
  8. i have done several things to improve my gameplay due to crashing on offical valeguro flying around trying to find things to harvest i'll run into a base and crash or just last night after crashing 3 times losing my argent first crash i was on beach hovering over trying to find beached whales to get polymer and crashed a buddy said game might of been saving time of my crash log back in i'm standing below my argent crashed again 2 secs later well not crashed froze and had to end task it then i log back in again find my self dead and the game tells me i'm in middle of water but clearly i though
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