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  1. Bred ones have fine food consumption all the way, they eat less as babies than tamed ones as adults. Some of my tamed ones also "fixed" themselves after using them a bit and cryoing a couple of times, I really don't know what's causing this but it's 100% a bug. I guess the only reliable fix so far is to breed them lol...
  2. Is the insane food consumption on a tamed dolphin meant to be like that? I haven't bred them yet but I can't imagine the baby's food consumption. Even gigas feel like they're on a diet in comparison.
  3. Pretty sure the previous 2-3 DLC releases were all very late night for us europeans, might even be tomorrow morning. On one hand sure it sucks but I mean that's timezones for ya.
  4. Melee has been useless every since the club nerf imo. Even with ascendant tek claws or tek sword it's kinda bad. I do remember fondly the "200% movespeed 300 melee instako everyone" builds though. Not to mention it would be really hard to pull off once you're past beach bob stage with the sheer amount of people in tek suits nowadays and how much torpor resistance the armour gives. If I recall correctly at 160% speed you outrun everything wild except giga, yuty, rock drakes and reaper queens. To outrun those you need a lot more points though so it might not be worth it. For strictly pvp I
  5. Is it forbidden to talk about some tribes allegedly having pocket GMs? Back on topic though, way too many people don't understand the structure of megatribes and just assume that it's a bunch of 16 yo chinese / russian kids who aimbot 24/7. I understand the frustration of being completely unable to compete with people who have grinded the game for years but at some point you need to understand if you don't play nice to the alpha you're getting wiped within the week. (megatribe or not as even official still has some alphas who aren't part of megatribes even tho they often end up wiped or a
  6. Makes it easier to spam boss fights without healing. Going from 2.5k melee to 4k does less than going from 45k hp to 100k if you want to run a boss 5 times in a row. With this high HP I never even have to heal them in-between. edit : also better for a lot of genesis hunt missions that usually rage gigas.
  7. Yeah pretty much everyone in megatribes who isn't a pve only player uses ini. Some are "ok" like just removing clutter for performance or making the game less painful to look at for those with eyes issues. Then there's the full on no fog no water filter can't get flashbanged ones lol, but that's only the beginning. So many people use ESP and map/speed hacks it's absolute insanity. That's why it makes me laugh when people think ratholes will protect them or manas are the problem when it comes to getting found quickly. You need to realize something tho is most big tribes need every t
  8. You should try to just use grapples/tek chest and a velo (even mid level tamed one will shred lava golem), it's soooo much easier, you go up the ledge with all the crystals break a few uncryo the velo and shoot the golem down ezpz.
  9. Is it intended that instead of the imprint "quality" being doubled (which means it should be quadrupled in total) it just halves the time to the next imprint? Judging by the way things worked during the last breeding event it seems like this isn't how it should be. Maybe they're experimenting with a way to balance out double imprinting since last even did make it way too easy to get 100%, but I'm just confused since it isn't consistent with how "x2 imprinting" worked last time around.
  10. Oh fair enough, it's a very good blueprint for SP. You mentioning you were scared of losing is what made me think you only had a single looted saddle. This changes things a lot. You should be able to do brood and mega gamma no problem even with those stats if you craft some saddles and breed 15+ rexes. As a reference I run solo alpha broodmother with a tamed yuty and 15 rexes with stats ranging from 80k to 100k hp and 2k to 3k melee, also my saddles are around 90 armour. I usually lose around 10k hp during the fight by yolo'ing it (I don't bother to make sure every rex is hitting and I do
  11. Wait so you have two rexes : one with prim saddle, one with 70 saddle and a yuty? I'm assuming those two rexes are your breeding pair and you're gonna get at least 10 or more babies, if not : forget it and breed Rexes. Assuming 7k and 8k hp is your starting point and not after leveling up then it's still pretty low and it will not work well with prim saddles, if it's after imprint or leveling : forget it and get better rexes (you can easily aim for base 10k hp on a tamed one). Either way you are prooooobably gonna need a saddle blueprint. 300+ melee is somewhat decent if you get a good im
  12. You are stacking the mutations. If you breed the dinos into themselves the mutations are gonna keep stacking on top of each other. So basically you get a clean 5/20 mutations, then breed it with one of its parents, it will "stack" and become 10/20 mutations even though you only have 5 mutations. It's really unintuitive but it's how it works. The thing people do to keep getting mutations is to have two separate lines : one that guarantees stats and has all the crazy stacked mutations which is used to produce usable dinos. And another one that is basically just a bunch of really low
  13. Iceworm Queen crates do have a chance to give a rex saddle. It's tricky because the loot table on lava golem and iceworm tells you what their inventory will contain but it doesn't say anything regarding the red loot crates that spawn around the arena when you kill them. You can get rex saddle from both but if possible I would recommend going to the Lost Cave on Crystal Isles for rex saddle or BPs, the respawn rate is really high and it's pretty safe you just need a fast water dino (diplocaulus or ichtyosaurus is more than enough)
  14. I've never tried enforcers, they kinda have this reputation of being absolute garbo in PvP and it feels like they're outclassed dmg wise by velos AND mobility wise by manas even in PvE. What would you say is the advantage of farming for enforcer when you could literally instant tame a mana with the proper trap? Genuine question btw I do like how enforcers look. On extinction honestly every exclusive creature is worth a tame : owl, velo, mana, gachas. They're all the best at what they do.
  15. Yeah anything inside the initial forcefield perimeter gets blown up. But you can still build outside of it and most importantly build with an alt tribe so as to always have these structures ORP'd. Even before these changes I remember seeing some stacked doorframes around purple OSD spots on a few servers.
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