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  1. "erroneously touch the expulsion button" I think you hit the wrong button and hit remove from tribe by mistake. blue is not the color you should be seeing as owned dinos and blue is usually ally dinos etc if not mistaken. Green is what you want to appear as tribe owned etc and hard to say what settings you created in the group, you should know what those settings do, if you are just playing with your wife and you in that tribe, that way permissions are equal unless you don't want her to ride or build destroy etc. If you create a group you need to have attributions otherwise that
  2. posting on the forums with the required number to get out of that group
  3. yeah bloodstalkers seem to require you to be in much closer reach, they just yank you from far but it seems the time to reel you in is quicker and just drops you. I've done a few tests and found about half of the distance is where it seems to be better for taming. No matter what they grab for them now it has to be much closer and thus to increase their effectiveness much harder.
  4. Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought I did see some soakers get a little nerfed, maybe I read the balance stuff wrong though.
  5. Depends on the raid, are you solo raiding? One trike?, I would say depends on how long to soak those turrets and what you mean by big raid? Personally I would say if you are doing it solo with one trike and would say 30 would be a good start for one trike. But it depends on heavy turrents, tek turrets etc the amounts. A big raid in my eyes would need a lot more and more than one trike. And a plan if they come on line unless you know they will be offline for a long time to soak.
  6. maybe remove the linked steam account from your profile? I agree though, even if you have several accounts, the one your are using to submit tickets etc should be the account that gets the answers etc. I mean WC should know that ppl can use the same ip from an isp etc and more. Family, etc. However I would advise to remove or add that steam account you play on and I think maybe their system cannot handle users with families who play together etc
  7. official maps btw have a curve of higher level dinos as a really rare item. Unofficial mod maps like Rag and Center have a much higher curve that favor higher spawns and is built into the maps. If you see one or two that is usually all you see until you start doing meat runs. For official maps about mid range is what is common, for instance, if you have max dino as level 40 you will see mostly 15 to 30 with 20 being common, that is how the curve is with a slew really low level and a few upper around 35 to 40. The curve favors on the other maps closer to the top around the higher 1/3 of spa
  8. just curious, how many servers for Ark have you been an admin for and how long? What in your years of experience makes you qualified to run/admin an ark server with control to do anything on that server which could cause damage to player base and or enjoyment of others? I ask this because with only two posts in this forum (and created 14 min ago), it would be hard to find someone that would just give you admin rights on a server where no history has been made when the server you evidently play on for 5 years is either ran by someone else or maybe you are an admin on that server which if
  9. ark wiki has a section on server administration, have you really dug into the net and searched? Loads of stuff on steam as well as good youtube channels. What is your host? do they have the tools to aid in helping manage the server? Do they use a GUI for server administration?
  10. did you add what fixed it above, its not due to an update, its due to a new server configuration that allows flyers to be ridable, WC imho should have created the opposite setting that way it would not affect other servers etc. Ever since Genesis was added, it forced all other maps to use the setting to allow riding flyers.
  11. Would not call it a game suggestion, but to sort of help you out, what is your current setting? Default for a branch on the ground for WC is 1 to 1. So maybe try 20?
  12. no, these are event skins that are not respawnable like when you die albeit,....some event skins are duplicate from event and achievement skins. For instance the birthday bash last week has the birthday suit which you can unlock via achievement as well. However most event skins are only craftable during the event and if you lose it, it is gone, so advise making a few duplicates of your favs.
  13. Might be related to the issue at hand but I'm getting dashboarded several times an hour which does not happen usually.
  14. Is this your first event? If so, cooking pot is where you will find 90 percent of event skin creation etc.
  15. Mods for console have been heavily discussed, a quick response would be no, albeit would love to see but just not feasible with what mods are for steam and how they translate for console.
  16. ehuhoser


    While I like this idea, it would be resource intensive on an already laggy server. I'm not sure anyone would use it really as most tribes find a good cave and just spam around it to prevent Fob'in near the entrance. Not sure how troop movements would be conveyed unless its large tribes etc and you had someone dedicated to keeping it updated and read. Interesting idea but I think implementation would need to be reworked.
  17. was just checking as my original ones were like that but when I went out and tamed new ones as bred them up their stats stayed the same so I might have to test some more on the next few rounds. From what the patch notes had a while back stated it was fixed from re-rolled stat points, but maybe it was reintroduced.
  18. Hard to say as in general discussion it will get lost easily IF the admins are on here. Being its unofficial server I would suggest just keep trying, and don't think it would have anything to do with discord as you as stated already been on the server before the discord.
  19. just asking but you do know that when the small transforms that they larger version gets a 200 percent increase so health, stam and melee is changed right? It is when it reverts to smaller form that was patched as it re-rolled melee to get insane versions when transformed and bred.
  20. That is because you are on console PS4 as stated by WC we won't see CI on console until September. We have to wait for it I'm afraid
  21. Same I have PC steam and console editions, have more hours into the game that I care to admit, but I do love the game but I do get frustrated
  22. Its due to I'm sure the map being done and its just as big as Rag map. WC has to optimize it all to run on consoles. I agree its a long wait and it sucks but hey its WC, so more than likely October.
  23. well that sucks, but we all know WC when they introduce things first comes introduction, then patch to fix event, then another patch to fix dino broken, then about a month, patch to fix and balance, then about another month patch to fix exploits This game is such a love hate relationship but many devs do the same in many games. Another survival game I play introduced cross platform play today and its not working out for them as well albeit it works, just not as smooth.
  24. ya noticed that but in the middle for some reason looked to lock onto quetz after it ran before it returned. Not sure if you can time it but yeah passive first feeding has screwed me out of at least a megachelon (similar but different from parakeet fish issues), two gigapithicus, and a host of others in last six months.
  25. I agree, recommend specs usually means that the game will start, however I will say I have two gtx bridged cards and it might be while albeit they are older I can get it to look better but usually go for medium to high settings with one maybe two on epic and I do as well change a few things that don't need to be as high.
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