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  1. but on the other hand doedic and obsidian near the island volcano so maybe well never get it fixed XD
  2. im sure lets just make sure we submit a bug report
  3. can pay in game, have my own tames if needed, i know how to do them ive done em on official pvp, just looking for a spot to unlock engrams. please help if you can. PLEASE
  4. First id like to say we all love ark I want this thread to gain some traction so we can shed light on how much as a community we all want the box tribe issues resolved. There is a lot of problems that come with this like not being able to report cheaters, not being able to report grief, server ping going astronomically high when people on the other side of the world join etcetera the stuff you've come to know as ark. I think its time we raise our voices to be heard so we can get the support we need to report players, and so those players have proper home servers. I get t
  5. the rep engram isnt showing up on the fabricator list and people all rush drops so thats not an option what are we supposed to do?
  6. With this being the final map for ark 1 does this mean we have no creatures to look further too? like this is the end game no more additions as far as creatures or TLC updates? also map looks great thank you guys!
  7. just looking for another chill person to play with, i have over 25k hours in game so i don't care if youre new or a vet as long as youre chill. im gonna be on gen 2 the minute i can hopefully we can hit it together! i got a level 110 character with some tek unlocked. OFFICAL PC PVE
  8. i don't think ps4 and xbox get the map the same day as pc right? as long as i can remember its been later on console but i havent played console since extinction.
  9. i cant wait im so excited!
  10. I always forget about the mushy! great call pro tip! and if you guys ever wanna do the abberation boss fight, use bug spray, ghillie, and cactus broth to make you hidden then just pop tentacles with a decent pump takes a few minutes to get tek gen and trough as a solo, all the artifacts are in the open since crystal isles update.
  11. its a seattle company as we speak its only 7:35 am here. let them eat breakfast and wakeup XD this is washington we love breakfast XD
  12. im going to find a spot i think is nice looking and claim it
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