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  1. The speed boost from Foci chili is also handy in this fight. If you can, take two good shotguns each, so that you can get more shots in faster against his heart.
  2. All the official servers are fine, as well as unmodded unofficials, but getting mods to work on the Epic version is a pain, as the Epic version does not officially support them, and you have to do some tricky manual installs. On the plus side, the Epic version has a minor advantage in PVP over the Steam varient; Epic users do not show up in the player count on the server list, nor do they show up on websites like Battlemetrics. So people keeping track of those to see when new players spawn in (in order to gank them) won't see you.
  3. The Steam/Epic version has received the update that allows rock drakes to breed; the Xbox & Playstation versions of that update are pending. You will be able to breed your current drakes once the update arrives on your platform.
  4. You know that last comment makes me hope that in Ark 2 they make it so killing babies does not give any significant amount of XP - it just seems like poor gameplay to have an end-game XP source that you can do in the safety of your base with no real challenge to it.
  5. Would be funny once, but I am pretty sure the pillars would then be replaced by foundations with walls attached.
  6. I didn't see maewing on the list, but it should be s-tier for both pve and pvp. Maewings are easy to tame, extremely fast, good carry weight while being able to take a few hits, decent berry gatherers, and of course their unique ability to act as a baby trough makes mass raising every other tame much easier. As for gigas, for PVE I would bump them up a notch - aside from fighting the titans on extinction, they are everyone's go to for handling the red and purple OSDs as well. Gigas are also really useful in a lot of the Gen1 and Gen2 hunt missions as well. Plus they do great on b
  7. Yes, just build up a stockpile of hard poly and ask around on the server you play on if anyone wants to trade for boss rex/theri/deino eggs. Shadowmane babies are also an option. For the yuty you should be just fine taming a few high levels, mating the best ones and getting imprinted babies. Also, try to get a Maewing as well (if you do not have Gen2; if you do go tame some), they make baby raising vastly easier. There are a few other strats for bosses that don't require mutated creatures. On Aberration you can solo beta Rockwell with a good shotgun and imported cactus broth, and a few p
  8. The OP said he was playing single player, which has different restrictions on transfering stuff between maps, vs a server cluster. On single player you have to upload your stuff then transfer over naked.
  9. He must be thinking of single player, which has that limitation. It is not an issue on normal server clusters. I just transfered my main character from Rag to Abberation with an inventory full of shotgun shells and cactus broth, in order to beat gamma rockwell last week. Then after I moved him back with fancy upgraded implant, I took my regular Aberration character and flew around the Gen2 server I parked him on, grabbing drops until I was nicely loaded up, and brought that one back to Ab with all the goodies.
  10. I like having a spare character for other maps - it makes maintaining a small outpost much easier when you can just log into a map, check the gas level on the generator powering the cryofridge, and then log off, rather than having to shuffle your character around to refresh decay timers. Of course, I am lucky in that I have a tribemate I can trust, so after some convoluted shuffling, our main characters are also members of the tribe that has our minor outposts on, so if I do need to take my main character somewhere, I can just take the secondary over to the obelisk (well, for Aberration I
  11. On my Gen2 base (where my tribemate and I have decided to just use animals we have personally tamed/bred, rather than importing our uber lines from other servers) we routinely kill wild r-gigas with mate boosted pair of first gen r-gigas with about 350% melee. What's rather odd is that about half the time the wild gigas will turn and run, letting us bite them in the butt and kill them with almost no damage taken. If they stand and fight then whichever of our gigas is facing the pointy end will usually end up taking like 30 to 40% damage. Had a real scary incident the other day, we
  12. Regular dinos can go to 450 (and it wont let you level past that, eggs with above those stats will just go poof when hatched, IIRC. X and R flavor creatures can go to 500.
  13. You also get up to 15 more levels from beating the Gen1 and Gen2 bosses, for another 30. That puts max level at 180.
  14. The PC version at least has a reset to default setting button - try that first if the Xbox version has it available. Then be very careful on only adjusting the settings you want adjusted.
  15. Day 1 resets happen often enough that they have their own checkbox on the server outage form; make sure to fill that out. The server support team will load up the most recent server save when they get around to it; those are done every 15 mins so at most you lose 15 mins of progress.
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