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  1. Console has been having problems with homestead since the update... Struckturen can no longer be set... Hope there is balt eine solution
  2. It was a great event and was a lot of fun which you also succeeded very much....
  3. v793.14 - 17.12.19 Unterstützung für KB / Mouse hinzugefügt How do I change it from controller keyboard and mouse to xbox one
  4. Nee warum solte ich .... an MC liegt es nicht mit den habe ich schon geschrieben Es liegt an wildcard und fertig den Schritt zu machen, viele wollen es und keiner hoert zu
  5. keyboard and mouse on xbox Man bekomm ehh nie eine Antwort selbst wen ich in englisch schreibe Dan Kann ich auch auf Deutsch schreiben Ist es vieleicht balt möglich auf console xbox oder ps4 mit Maus und Tastatur zu spielen.... Vieleicht hoert man ja mal was oder nicht bb Lg:theoverlord
  6. Food for thought at wildcard My English is not so good but I try... Is it possible the lamp one day&night setting gets it on and out who ever gets dark or bright... Gachas asks why don't you collect eggs on even though it's written like this you can integrate it Keyboard and mouse I have talked with Microsoft over several hours.. Because of the team keyboard and mouse for console it is possible only it is still missing the setting of wildcard in terms of it will come ....
  7. Alliancen Is it possible to increase the number of alliance groups We are a pvp pve server and the list always transferred you can raise it the upper limit
  8. Top I need to say what you're doing I love arche survival only developed the game on my box times it's difficult times just plain unfortunately. Unfortunately, it makes things worse. Examples Every update or fix has broken our data unfortunately ask for 5 months always again from the beginning please try something to avoid please. But sunnily we look forward to ragnarok and all other things that come LG survivors of ark

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