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  1. I have noticed plant Y crops wont growth unless you open it and then wait for them to growth. game feature or bug?
  2. Could Not Retrieve Address errors when trying to join Xbox Official servers. I am on windows 10 PC
  3. I did this process to transfert a character or items to another server of the same cluster between Ark official servers. I WAS able to transfert items between single player and my unofficial server, the problem is cluster was ON in the crossark settings. After removing it. I was able to see items between single player and my Nitrado server. Now what I need is able to send breeded dinos from official to single player I want to do the other way around, so to transfert FROM official to Single player OR my unofficial private server. So far I am not seing any items uploaded
  4. I have put an item in Ark Data on an official server and I DONT see it on single player. I dont see it on my Nitrado server either. So is this suppose to be doable or not?
  5. I have seen dinos with over 10000 mutations on both sides. If I undertand this correctly there is no mutation cap right?
  6. I am transferring to my own Nitrado server. so I have full control on server settings. I only have one server so I don't think cluster is ON. Will have to run some tests.
  7. Is Officials to single player item transfert possible? If have put an item in the data transfert tab on an official server and I DONT see it on single or in my Nitrado server. Is this possible and if so what do I need to do to make it happen? I was able to transfert items between single player and my Nitrado server. I have breeded dinos with lots of mutation on official I would like send to single player.
  8. cool maybe its a fix for the Structures and the Extinction map. BTW the windows 10 updates are pretty much a refresh of the entire game each time while the Xbox only patch's the changes, so the update is smaller. Edit: About time for S+ was a major annoyance to me I am seeing Extinction dino fixes but nothing about invisible corrupted dinos and broken Oribital drops and Elemental veins. Current Version: v793.38 - 1/14/20 Fixed S+ structure placement issues Unattach all grapple hooks when sitting on a chair. Disabled climbing picks from attachi
  9. Same problem with 4 tile walls, double doors, triangle foundations, ... I dont get how this is not a major bug....
  10. Unable to snap any triangle ceilling Unable to snap any triangle ceiling anywhere since today...
  11. Same. This happens when you play on a PC with an XBOX controller.
  12. Gas mask and Ghillie for me, scuba tank was not working when I tried it. You need a good Baryonyx or a megatherium they you bring out inside (cryopod)
  13. Reduced stun duration on jellyfish and eels by 20% Does that mean its now possible to fight a jellyfish with a dino without being perma stun? I don't want to risk it just for testing :p
  14. Fix the bugs... PvE: Server lag, protect starting area so where nobody can build anything, nerf titanosaur, fix players being able to start/stop other machines. 2 hours warnings message before a server patch or server maintenance. Increase stack sizes.
  15. I bought a wyvern and I see it as 100% imprint. Am I getting the imprint bonus or not?
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