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  1. Stryders and Exo mek should NOT follow creature decay timers. Please rise the auto-decay timer to 20 days like tek structures.
  2. When breeders hatch hundreds of eggs at once it could crash the server. Limit the amount of dinos a tribe can have unpod. Apply dino settings to all makes all those dinos start breeding at the same time.
  3. ark freezes in inventory search on xbox series X on genesis 2 Getting sick of this, game is unplayable.
  4. Ce jeu est une machine a bugs. Ouvrir un ticket peut-etre?
  5. I hate those missions so much, bad idea. They should be much easier on gamma...
  6. How to do you do the Starwing Strike mission on gen2? I keep getting "failed to complete the mission within the time limit" with plenty of time left on both the global mission and the other time below.... Same with Circuit Chase, cant get the dino to climb the wall fast enough, it seems bug
  7. Maybe youre base is too big? I have notice some tribes tend to take huge amount of space for no reason or pillar the crap on zones they are not using.
  8. Server Gen2 1625 not appearing in session list since 2021-12-19 , 10 pm eastern Something wrong with server? I have noticed that some "commercial" tribes have several hundreds of dinos out for either breeding or selling. They are located on the ledges around the maps with massive bases. I hope they are not the ones crashing the server. I think the cap of dinos a tribe can have unpod at the same time should be limited or reduce. Same goes for the amount of stuctures a tribe can have.
  9. I did an imprint while the beta Baby boon was on and I did got double imprint %. Maybe gamma Baby Boon is not giving it but Beta is.
  10. I just did I crystal wyvern that I started on CI. Got the same 9% imprint and the timer for the next one is 8 hours. I dont see any diffence from CI. ** if the time it takes for a creature to fully maturate is halved but the imprinting bonus % is not changed and the interval between imprints is not change this looks like its worst than another map then. ** the Baby boom mission bonus was on : The time it takes for a creature to fully maturate is halved The interval time between Imprinting is lowered by 10%
  11. Transfer all to max items can be useful to move large amount of resource around but we need a way to transfer stack by stack. Filling up the forge with metal at once was nice until I needed to get gas and the only way to get it was to move it all to inventory when i only needed one stack. Does some knows a way to get a single stack from tek storage on xbox? Ok I figured it out, there is a withdraw stack option that will withdraw 1 stack in the structure window.
  12. on xbox I cant figured out how to transfer just one stack from dedicated storage. Only transfer all works and it transfer to max items in inventory, after that I cant move if I dont wear a tek suit... on xbox it ignores weight limit so i can transfer 87300 metal at once. update : was so used to only look at the inventory pane I did not pay attention to the structure window. There is a button to withdraw only one stack
  13. I have no more missions done on Gen2 Bug?
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