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  1. Transfer all to max items can be useful to move large amount of resource around but we need a way to transfer stack by stack. Filling up the forge with metal at once was nice until I needed to get gas and the only way to get it was to move it all to inventory when i only needed one stack. Does some knows a way to get a single stack from tek storage on xbox? Ok I figured it out, there is a withdraw stack option that will withdraw 1 stack in the structure window.
  2. on xbox I cant figured out how to transfer just one stack from dedicated storage. Only transfer all works and it transfer to max items in inventory, after that I cant move if I dont wear a tek suit... on xbox it ignores weight limit so i can transfer 87300 metal at once. update : was so used to only look at the inventory pane I did not pay attention to the structure window. There is a button to withdraw only one stack
  3. I have no more missions done on Gen2 Bug?
  4. On xbox and Mantis are working like before, but they are affected by electric shocks at shards on CI, they were unaffected before. That being said, I would love stryders to be able to gather shards on CI.
  5. The center arena is pretty easy solo. Just zone in with breaded Rexes, go left. Just let the rexes kill them while you wait. Buy a pair of rexes then breaded them until you have lots of females to produce lots of eggs at once. You will need an egg incubator and Maewing from gen 2. try it in gamma first, you only need Artifact tributes for that.
  6. wrong forum...
  7. Heirlooms for old Ark 1 players. Most people will not want to lose everything to move to a similar game. Maybe allows to transfer some pod dinos from ark1 to ark2. Maybe old ark 1 players get a set of heirloom blueprints for structures, gear and saddles.
  8. Ideas to reduce official servers lag and abuse - PvE I have notice some maps like the Island or Genesis 2 are looking more like a city with a succession of bases everywhere than a natural map. 1. Unbuildable areas where players spawns, where resources spawns and where some dino spawns. A lot of the pillaring is to prevent that. 2. A reduce number of structures server wide, not in an area. Make every structures count, people will stop wasting some on pillars and huge ugly boxes base or take to much land 3. A reduce number of unpod dinos server wide, not in an area. 4.
  9. I would love them to patch this up so it works. I have noticed 2 things 1. The areas with electric shocks are completely protected from Stryders farming, be shards or anything else. That make sense and can keep all of the good nodes to be farm by players without striders. We could assume the shocks are interfering with the stryders. 2. The area without electric shocks are farmable by a Stryder, including the shard crystals but they are not returning shards. I would like them to fixed the number 2 situation for Stryders so we could farm those areas.
  10. Solved. I was looking for a solution on the net after trying to upload an item and left the ark data open. After a while the items just appeared... not sure if it was the ticket I open for this or if items will appear by themselves after a while.
  11. With the Ark data bug. you have to upload something to see whats in the ark data. Problem is I fill it up on a server and now I cant upload anything so see whats in there for download. What Am I suppose do to now?? And are they going to fix this ??
  12. The mini-game is fixed on officials. lags or not it works.
  13. I have the stryder on Crystal Island and it beats the crap out of anything at getting resources. We did the griffons cliff with a Giga escort and got 300k metal straight into tek storage at my base in about 15 minutes. I also do stone runs, pearls runs, wood runs, thach runs, Crystal runs around the base. Who cares about yield per node... its AoE harvesting link to a tek storage... unbeatable period.
  14. I have one on Crystal island, it was a level 25 when tame. I have put some points in charge and weight. Now I rise HP, I dont want to lose it before my Giga can protect me in case something goes wrong. In my opinion rising yield is irrelevant, you pretty much have unlimited resources once you have this.
  15. I transferred one to Crystal Island and I move it with tek teleporters. When I farm metal in the center of the map I have a Giga on follow on aggressive stance, follow range at high. At first I had a Rex on follow but it was unable to help with an Argentivis on aggro at the top of the stryder. I did not like that, so I am using a Giga now. I did the metal river in 10 minutes for 60k metal at 1X. The other canyons gave me a total of around 200k metal after about 30 minutes (I cleaned of the trees with the Giga first to see better. Its doing some of the bug orange metal nodes with ease
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