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  1. The PC version at least has a reset to default setting button - try that first if the Xbox version has it available. Then be very careful on only adjusting the settings you want adjusted.
  2. Day 1 resets happen often enough that they have their own checkbox on the server outage form; make sure to fill that out. The server support team will load up the most recent server save when they get around to it; those are done every 15 mins so at most you lose 15 mins of progress.
  3. Another easy way is to simply name your creatures their base stats when you first tame them, i.e. 9.9k H 360 M for a rex.
  4. I have had this happen to me before - I found that I could briefly get on the server (before getting kicked by battleeye) by opening a single player game, hitting tab for the console, and then open ipaddress:port (battlemetrics will have this) to manually connect - was enough time to cryopod animals and top off generator.
  5. I have had this problem before - with Crystal Isles 836 about a month ago, and Gen2 937 a few days ago, but they just fixed that one. Make sure to file the server outage reports. One thing you can do while you wait for the fix is to manually connect to the server using console commands - open a single player game, hit tab for the console, then type open ipaddress:port number - battlemetrics will have the ip address and port number. This will let you get onto the server for a few minutes (before battleye kicks you off) but should be enough to cryopod up tames, and/or do quick food runs.
  6. Just to add to your comment - that graph is just the Steam players, right? Add in the Epic store users (who didn't have Ark until June 2020) and there are probably a fair bit more PC Ark players now than there was a few years ago. As for the console side, anyone have any figures for Xbox and Playstation Ark players?
  7. I usually just feed the useless mission loot to my gachas.
  8. MrShadow, every now and then an official server will crash and reset to day1; once the support team notices they will reset to server to its most recent server save. Sometimes this takes a few hours, sometimes they are lazy or something and it takes a few days. The only thing you can do is file a server outage report. As for the beginner servers, I am pretty sure Wildcard has forgotten about them at this point.
  9. Yuty saddles and blueprints show up regularly in Ragnarok's red desert drops, which are trivial to get with any half decent flyer. Or you can do the shack with bed & box method near each one, and just bed teleport to check them super fast.
  10. Well, it looks like the weird issue I was having with Crystal Isles 836 has been resolved - it showed up on the server list and I have been playing on it for 15 minutes with no issues.
  11. Well, I think I am going to file a ticket over it; maybe you can do the same Morgen. I hope you are able to stay on long enough to at least do the minimal base maintenance.
  12. So I have a small outpost on CI 836 (for wyvern taming) and while I haven't been playing on it much since Gen2 came out, I still log every few days to render in the base & top off the cryofridge generator. Last night, I went to do just that, and that server wasn't on the list, so I figured it was down and headed over to my Gen2 character, and play that for several hours just fine. This morning, it still wasn't on the server list (though a bunch of other CI servers are visible) so I went to check battlemetrics to see how long it was down, and well battlemetrics said it had been up and runn
  13. Good point about trapping the troll being a risky move to make - said troll might be baiting you into doing just that, so they can file a report on you with some selectively cut video evidence against you.
  14. It is important to remember that some people view PVE servers as PVP but with extra complications. Egg stealing, trying to sneak in to claim babies, drag your body out to drown you while you sleep & take your stuff, and so on. So keep anything important behind sealed walls - airlock doors as mentioned above are great, and lay on a bed before logging off.
  15. There is a forum for trading on this board - https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/10116-cross-ark-item-trading-dino-breeding/ Posting here, and perhaps setting up your own little trade discord would probably work.
  16. File a an outage report - http://ark.gg/outage. Honestly, I would be fine if they had events just be fun dino colors and skins, no boosted rates, if it meant the servers would be more stable.
  17. In addition to beating the above bosses, which grant 5/10/15 extra levels depending on if you beat them on gamma/beta/alpha, you can raise your cap by 10 levels by finding all of the Gen2 explorer notes, and 5 levels by leveling up a chibi all the way.
  18. This sort of thing can be quite hard to prevent, especially since Wildcard & most of the player base wants to maintain the ability of people to trade dinos and other stuff for in game resources. Wildcard also wants tame stealing to be a thing in PVP, given that they just released the Maewing and gave it a specific baby stealing ability. Tracking down the RMT on their various forums and discords, and connecting them with their in game accounts would need some serious leg work, and is not something that can be done overnight.
  19. Try using an image editor (like MS Paint) to shrink your image down to a file size they can accept.
  20. Saddles have a hidden, unused*, durabilty stat associated with them, which is why rankings and material cost can vary so much for saddles with the same armor. *Rollrat saddle being the odd one out here.
  21. The bird with the mobile smithy is an argentavis, which are some of the best tames in the game - good ones will be able to carry literally a ton of weight, (multiple tons for the well bred ones) and get a weight reduction on a wide variety of materials, like metal, crystal, and obsidian. And they are good fighters as well. Your titanasaur plan is pretty ambitious; queztals are a pain to tame solo, though I suppose you could eat a rare flower and lead it into a trap. For organic poly, I think the only way to farm it is tame a bunch of female penguins and at least one male, and then start hatchi
  22. Epic users can play with Steam users on any of the official servers, or any unofficial that does not use mods. Modded servers are a no-go due to lack of mod support on the Epic store.
  23. What I have done on official is to use event times to get a bunch of babies to 10%, then just have lots of troughs stuffed with meat or berries, and leave out say two tames per trough overnight. I also like to shove a few stacks of food into their inventories as backup. If you time it right you can do their first imprint before going to bed, then do the next imprint right when you get up 8 hours later; cryopod them before work, then repeat next evening when you can play. Bit of a pain, and you have to spend a bit of time each night on meat runs, but it will get you bosses rexes in like 10 days
  24. What is really annoying is that there is already a creature in the game that would be perfect for this crappy job - dung beetles. Having them gather poop while wandering would just make too much sense I guess.
  25. Not a big PVP player, but my understanding is that most of the good PVPers will put like 1 point into Fortitude to prevent troodons from being a 1 hit KO, but otherwise prefer to spend points elsewhere
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