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  1. Well, I know Epic Store users don't show up on the player count on the game browser, that could be part of it.
  2. The melee stat for many creatures is specifically programmed to get a bonus based on taming effectiveness; babies get that bonus as if they had 100% taming effectiveness. The other stats are not programed to give a bonus, so they don't. Some stats for certain creatures may have their own additive or subtractive adjustments, i.e. a tame giga has 63k less health than a wild giga with the same number of levels/points in health.
  3. A 140 rex, even on 1x rates, will not need any narcotic while taming, so long as you use raw prime or better for the food.
  4. Any new player reading this should look up Captain Fatdogs rex trap on Youtube - all it needs are 14 stone pillars, nothing else. Set one down and rex taming gets a lot easier.
  5. R creatures all have a little less health, and a little more melee, than the regular versions. So the regular reapers would be a bit better if you were using it as a soaker, for most other uses I would say r reapers are better; reapers already have good health & damage resistance, so the higher melee is worth it.
  6. Every now and then the official servers will crash; sometimes they will come back in like 15 minutes after a reboot, and sometimes they need to have a previous save loaded up, or a hardware failure occured, and it takes a while to get it back online. If you look at the support section on this website there will be a server outage report form, that may or may not speed things up.
  7. One unusual tactic for the broodmother is to use a kangaroo to hop up to a specific mushroom, and then simply shotgun her. As long as you have a good shotgun and enough ammo, it is an easy tactic. The center boss also has a ledge you can kangaroo jump up to and shoot from. For the forest titan, all you need is one good stego (or bring two for mate boost). For some silly reason the stego's impale attack, which usually only works on small creatures, will work on the forest titan.
  8. Well we already have an official map with what are effectively separate realms - Genesis 1, so I don't see why it would be difficult to include them with Fjordur.
  9. Glad to help; found a video of someone on PS4 official using a level 472 X Rex against the Island bosses and it worked just fine for them.
  10. I have never heard of that limitation; haven't tried shadowmanes against the Island bosses yet, but had no issues with using a bunch of 450+ ones in the Moedar fight.
  11. If you are on official, shadowmanes as well as other Genesis specific creatures have a level cap of 500, not the 450 other creatures are limited too. And for that matter, you can no longer accidently level a creature past the cap anyways. So your shadowmanes are good to go.
  12. Top stats for regular gigas is going to be about the same, due to the level caps on official, and the stat cap being 253/254 levels in a specific stat. (Well technically you can have 255 base levels in a stat, though then you can not do XP upgrades in that stat, so everyone stops at 253). Though I suppose Xbox breeders could have gone with somewhat different stat allocations, like more health & less weight; the reason PC breeders bred so many levels of weight into them is so you can slot cap the giga with meat & still move easily.
  13. Ragnarok has the mini bosses that you typically fight with smaller creatures - lava elemental, ice worm queen, spirit wolves & bears. More fights like those would be fun.
  14. I fully agree that mutations should eliminated or heavily restricted for gameplay balance. I would like to see a few other ways of boosting your tames. Have substances like mutagen (but have a separate one per stat) that provide small, one time boosts to your lines. Put them in dangerous to harvest areas. Another would be to have quests/missions you could do with your tame, that provide small, non-inheritable stat boosts, similar to imprinting.
  15. Tek launcher is an unofficial, unsupported, use at your own risk, third party launcher that lets you load Steam mods to work with the Epic version of Ark. It can work, though is prone to bugs.
  16. Look up the "glitch basilisks" on youtube; there used to be a method of taming them (even on official) and healing them with the tek pistol, that would raise the taming effectiveness above 100% ; since melee gets bonus based on taming effectiveness, this resulted in super basilisks that can kill wild gigas, or even KO them if you space the bites out a bit. And you could even get the melee to roll over, giving you a basilisk with negative melee, that heals wild creatures when you bite them.
  17. As for why giga's get such a big boost due to imprints, it is due to how the imprint bonus interacts with the nerf tame gigas get. When you tame a giga, it gets a minus 63k health reduction compared to a wild giga with the same number of levels in health. All wild gigas have like 80k to 82k health, so all tamed ones will have 17k to 19k health or so. The 20% bonus from imprint is applied to the pre-nerf health first (so like 80k > 96k health), then the 63k nerf is applied. So basically all fully imprinted gigas will have about 33k to 36k health. Unless you went really silly with health mutations. This is also true for the melee stat, that gets an 80 percentile point nerf.
  18. The fastest way I have found to get paste is to run missions on Gen2 and then simply buy from the HLNA store. With a decent imprinted giga you can run Alpha Velo stalk in less than ten minutes. Run it three times and you will have enough hex to slotcap yourself with paste, well any slots that are not filled mission gear you find useful. If I am doing my math right you could fill a dedicated storage in about 3 hours this way.
  19. A large part of the slow breeding is game balance, especially for PVP - the faster breeding is the more disposable tames are, which ends up making non-tame defenses weaker in the grand scheme of things. Its already hard enough for turrets to hold off high health stegos now when they take more than 2 days to raise, now imagine how what it would be like if you could raise soakers in 6 hours.
  20. Cryopod all of a single species, then stick into a cryofridge. The outside of the fridge will tell you how many cryopods are inside.
  21. And in general, having tame set on wander is a good way for them to get lost, stuck in some water and drown, get eaten, and so on. For resource harvesting you are way better off just riding the creature & harvesting. The only creatures that should be set on wander are those that require it for special functions, like oviraptors and dung beetles; and then you can still put them in a cage or fill with rocks to keep them from getting lost, or spare creatures you no longer need, like breeding reject rexes you set lose around your base.
  22. There is no evo event running right now on official servers. If you are on an unofficial, I suggest you contact the owners/admins.
  23. Ark uses an 8 bit counter for the base stat levels (so 0-255). Creatures that hit that final 255 in base levels can't get XP upgrades. That is probably what has happened with your shadowmanes. I would suggest neutering them, and breed your old ones.
  24. The numbers on the incubator are the number of levels in each stat; if you added them all up together + 1 (for the creatures initial level) they add up to the babies hatch level. Each creature will have its own formula to calculate levels into a stat to final stat.
  25. You should probably mention what platform you are on, official/unofficial server, if you have any mods, which animals were starving, were they babies or adults, and so on.
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