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  1. Hello,

    i have 3 mantis female lvl 200+ unleveled for sale, also 2 rock elementals(golems) unleveled  137 and 142 with 40+ points, also have lots of DW horns...let me know what you can offer.

    Looking for polymer, good blueprints, event wyverns 150+ unl or 200+ leveled, electric wyvern 180+ unl or 220+ leveled to dmg.

    I can accept metal structures but only for low price...or any good adult dinos... 


  2. Giga is best choice but its too slow to move around whole map. Simple way is imprinted lightning wyvern 400 dmg is enough, 1200-1500 ST and 12k+ HP...with 100% imprint you can kill deathworm simple and wyvern lose about 1k HP. And you can kill lots of worms for one trip.
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