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  1. Broadcasts with Language Control & ArkML I would like to see some kind of system for automated broadcasts to have language control. As in a language broadcast that will send a broadcast in a specific language for each client set at that language. In my case, I have a broadcast that does this; As you can see here I used \n to do new lines and have the message translated for the line above. However, the game does not seem to support unicode characters, everything turned into ?? so I had to dumb down the language to basic characters but according to my friend who speaks both languages, that can dramatically change the word's meaning. What I'd like to see is a broadcast command that lets you specify the language its for, so you can "broadcast-en message here" for english and then one for the other languages that support their unicode characters and whatnot. Then I can fit more detailed information in, and have completely custom messages for each language automatically sent to all my players. I only know english, so I have no idea what half of my broadcast up there says except what my friend told me to put in it, but it would end up being much cleaner if it could support multi-language broadcasts. I think it would also be nice if we could do formatting inside broadcasts. So I can bold things or color text red, like "The server will shut down in <red>30</red> minutes." (example, not true code). Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion, I hope that it gets considered for a future update. I have many more things I'd like to post here at some point but I need time to consider how they will affect everyone and if they are balanced and well enough thought out to prevent abuse and such. It would go a long way to motivating me if some form of staff here can comment to assure me that input is indeed seen and considered though. Its demotivating after all, when something gets buried and never seen.
  2. Constant Disconnecting Issue A friend of mine who plays on the server I started, has been having constant disconnecting issues. We played on Island before this, then I removed 4 useless mods when I switched the map to Ragnarok, restarted everyone to level 0 and all, the map was fresh and all new, and now he's the only one who disconnects 30 times a day for no reason. His internet is fine, his computer is as powerful or more so than mine. So I don't understand why he's losing connection all the time. Before you ask, no, my server is not using "Raw Sockets" as someone already asked me on discord.
  3. It does appear the bug was mostly fixed, however the Stone Hatchet is still missing. Its auto unlocked in my server at the level you get it, but its just not in the engram list at all even though it is in the INI files. I'm not sure why. Can anyone else confirm this too? Apparently there's still some bad engram issues, a few things that shouldn't be. Rock Drake Tek Saddle is 0EP and able to be unlocked, so is Tek Sniper.
  4. I for some reason expect this to be some kind of April Fools joke, just to piss people off. One person who spent years setting up a personalized server quit the game forever yesterday after I told him this bug is base game and that he can't fix it, no one but Wildcard can. So he quit forever because his work was ruined. I mean a bit of an over-reaction but, you also can't expect Wildcard to fix something if it doesn't affect Official Servers. I doubt we'll even get a patch soon. Many people who are coming forward on discord about this issue don't post to the forums or file bug reports. So if 9 out of 10 people don't bug report or post to the forums, how is Wildcard supposed to know the problem is a critical one? This is why I keep pressuring people into posting and filing bug reports. Honestly the bug report system here blows, it should be public so that people who have the same bug can click "I have this bug too" and report more details like we've been doing in this forum post here.
  5. Ok, so to update people. I followed the steps that some people are saying. I deleted all steamcmd files except steamcmd.exe thus getting rid of steamcmd's cache. I deleted all the mods in the mods folder for the server. I redownloaded all the mods, validated the game. Started up the server. Same exact issue, engrams are still scrambled. Stone Hatchet, Tek Trough missing. Tek ATV is now visible when it shouldn't be though it can't be learnt. Some items from mods like the potions mod, are now blacked out as if from a DLC. Engram Costs for things are changed based on where they appear at in the engram menu. Level unlocks are totally scrambled. From what I can see, the engram costs are whatever the engram replaces in the slot it took when it scrambled up. So the Tek Transmitter for example has a cost of 0 EP because it took slot 2 in level 1 where there's normally an SS Tool Gun that costs 0 EP and is auto unlocked. It appears that things can't be unlocked if you don't have the required level for it, though it doesn't tell you an error or anything, it just does nothing. Things that are deleted like the Stone Hatchet, can't be unlocked, and thus if you start the game at level 1, you can not progress any further anymore. Several engrams are missing entirely making the game unplayable. I've done all I can to try and fix this now. Its up to you Wildcard.
  6. Interesting so the issue spreads further than I thought. I encountered only people who use that setting to "true" and didn't know anyone using blacklist mode was having the issue. It sounds like someone screwed up when updating the game and broke Engram Overrides.
  7. Critical Bug, Needs Urgent Patching. Engrams Scrambled. If you use Engram Whitelists, your engram list will become scrambled. The details of the issue; bAllowSpecifiedEngrams=true in Game.ini, will cause your engrams to become scrambled. Half of your engram overrides will be ignored as if they aren't there, many engrams you don't have suddenly become enabled, engram EP costs are randomized, engram levels are scrambled, some engrams will be disabled. In my case, the Stone Hatchet is gone, so if you start at level 1 and try to play the game, you can not progress any further, the game ends. If you have this issue, I urge you to come forward. It has destroyed my server, and three other server owners have come forward in discord to tell me they also have the issue. There is no way to work around this, it is a base game issue. I have even removed all mods to try and see if it was mod related. It is not. I will attach my game.ini and gameusersettings.ini files to show that the INI files are set up properly. Before you go suggesting that its because of mods, as I said, I tried without mods. Check the INI file, you'll see that the circled things are all in the wrong spots. What appears to happen, is that these engrams are still unlockable at their actual levels, this appears to be a "visual" bug. This is also after I used a mindwipe to see if that'd do anything. I have done everything I can to diagnose and try to fix this, but it can't be fixed on my end. Wildcard must be the one to fix this. I have already bug reported this, but I need to draw more attention to this issue. My server is unplayable with this issue. Before you suggest it, no I can not use Engram Blacklisting. If you blacklist more than 50 engrams, your engram tab starts to lag. If you blacklist 400+ engrams, you get 2FPS or less. Unplayably bad engram list. If I don't blacklist or whitelist, my engram menu is full of duplicate objects and spam. Over 600 spare engrams that do nothing and shouldn't be allowed in the server. GameUserSettings.ini GameINI.zip
  8. So why does it have to be a random number generator? Why can't we select 6-10 high level dinos, breed the best traits from both, the best traits from two others, the best traits from 2 others, have 6 total dinos produce offspring with the best of specific traits, and then breed those together but not with siblings, to get even better traits from them, leading to a 3rd generation with superior traits, breed them to get the superior traits amongst that group, with a pure uncorrupted genetic line boosting their traits. Why make it just a random number game that ultimately sucks because you just keep killing the useless dinos over and over? Personally, however, I don't minmax, its boring, and stupid for a game. The game should be balanced so that you don't have to spreadsheet everything to be good at it. But whatever, I can tell no one here will agree with my side, change is evil after all. Take On Mars is almost entirely realistic, its only problem is that it takes so much CPU to run that almost no one can run it. Thats just one example of a game with as much possible realism to it. I focused on breeding because it contains a mechanic I disagree with on principal. It promotes inbreeding, and I find that gross, and deteriorates the genetic line of the species. People who do it RL wth animals do it to get prettier animals but it damages the species forever in an irricoverable way, eventually the animals die from various problems or go mental and attack people, children too which happened here at my place when a pure breed dog suddenly went nuts and attacked my neighbor's grandkids. Its cute and all because you get designer puppies and pretty snakes, but ultimately you're damaging the species. Who knows what kind of genetic errors there are on the inside when you have genetic errors in skin color. Thats why I am against it, and why I don't like to see it promoted in games as if its a good thing to do. As for the mod, I'm not sure its possible for a mod, that'd be a huge huge change that seems infeasible. I give up on this though, people will fight it because they are used to their thing already, and I know it'll never change anyway. There are dozens of things I wish were different in the game. Some for realism sake, but eh. Oh well. Also I'm on disability so I can't afford modder rates anyway. I've had a few ideas I wanted done but I kept them to myself since no one does requests anyway.
  9. Well damn, it doesn't exist? I guess I didn't do QA for one game then because it didn't exist. Even though I did it. I among a select set of people tested before the release of the update a week, to a month before its release working out all the bugs and issues, so that when released, the players got an almost bug free game update that didn't break it in any severe ways. Some minor slight issues might have existed but after we finished our testing phase, the release was almost spotless. But you say that doesn't exist? Bummer. I must have imagined the whole thing. I guess I didn't test a game and get my name in the credits among the other testers who worked hard to ensure everyone else's experience was great. Oh wait.
  10. I suppose, but I really would like there to be a much larger disadvantage to inbreeding. I think there should be complexity to this system so people actually have to work to get these high powered dinos. EDIT: My response was to RageQuitter. God I love people like this though. You forgo realism in one area, and you have to give it up in all. Its an all or nothing type person thats just always hilarious. Reminds me of those times I tried to add realism to Space Engineers and ignored Gravity Generators because its implausible to play a game where you can't actually walk on your own ship among other features I ignored because of coding restrictions. Realism in games does not suck, it only depends on how you do it. You are equating realism with perfect real life gameplay with no fantasy of any kind. Pure Hard Sci Fi. I'm not. Its possible to add realism without making the game 100% real.
  11. But you still don't see people avoiding inbreeding, I still see people just taming one, maybe two owls, and then breeding them repeatedly to get hundreds of eggs and then picking the best babies to breed with each other, etc etc. Its not exactly complex. Its just "Whoops, its a bad one, kill it." As I said, I tried to look up this topic, but the articles are all over the place and some people say good thing, others say no ill effects. So I did research it. I just haven't personally raised dinos yet because I never get that far into the game. I'm always building instead of raising dinos.
  12. I love how the comments that bash people for being angry about bad updates are lazy inconsiderate no effort posts. All the people who agree that these updates are bad, actually provide reasonable detailed explanations about how this could have been averted and why its so bad. Its almost like those of us who have a brain, know things are bad and could be done better, while all the others are just trolls or low intellect gamers who don't care about anyone but themselves. Hmm. By the way, yes, I know my post here is very insulting. Thank you, I'm glad you noticed. It was my intention. Here, we see an intelligent person who I summarized his post to keep this one short, explaining that a simple test, would have revealed their creatures unusable and broken beyond belief. I mean damn. I simply spawned the creature with the admin command, and couldn't even stand on it and found it was broken. How does Wildcard not do this? It takes 1 minute to put a command in, and cheat fly up on to it, and then walk on its back to find out whoops, you fall right through when it swims up. Did they even try to tame their own dinos that they made? Probably not, they just copy pasted taming code, set what it eats, and released it with no test whatsoever. A simple 5 minute test would have worked to find out the interaction range was wrong. I spawned the skiff, I flew it around for a few minutes, landed on a ruin to get an explorer note. Whoops, skiff gets lodged inside the ruin, has to be cheat killed because its permanently broken. 5 minutes in and I find out that things broken. Among other glitches I had with it while moving. Many of the broken things we've all found, took running the game for FIVE MINUTES and here you all are, with your low effort posts calling us bad because we expected Wildcard to actually release something right for a change. @Olivar, if I was on the QA team, these releases would be released with no issues unless they ignored my bug reports. I am a master at finding issues apparently. In every game I've play tested, even private testing pre-release builds, I've found and reported every possible bug I could, many within the first hour of testing. With Ark, it doesn't even take that long, because the bugs are easy to find, so easy a 5 year old could find them. So why can't Wildcard? Why can't their QA team? Do they even have a QA team? If it was one or two bugs that got missed, fine, whatever, it happens. But its hundreds. Its easy to see issues. Things that couldn't possibly have been missed. God I wish I was on the QA team. I love the game, I had hopes for it, but I hate the development. I want to make it improve for everyone, to prevent travesties like this. I'm disabled so I'm home playing games all the time to pass the time, and this would be perfect for me as I'd be able to nail down every single possible issue in a matter of days and provide an entire work list of things that need immediate fixing before the release of content that could screw up everyone else's games. I would protest releasing without fixing critical issues. But you know, thats just me, thinking about the consumers, not about how to make as much money as possible by doing as little as possible. I know, its outdated thinking but it used to be quite popular to put the consumer first.
  13. When is inbreeding going to be bad? I've heard from multiple friends now that inbreeding in the game is very good, that it gives superior stats. I find this disgusting. We need to use these family trees in game. Not as just some fancy useless thing that tells you what color mutations you're going to get. Degrade the DNA, destroy the dinosaurs, make them worse, and die. Weaker and weaker each generation till they can't even survive baby-hood. I've seen some things here with people being reptile experts claiming that you can breed reptiles together 10 generations to get mutated colors without any "actual mutations". How do they know they aren't decreasing the reptile's resistances to disease? Or making its body weaker? Perhaps it doesn't know how to hunt because thats a trait that got mutated out? Perhaps its organs are weaker and are more prone to failure? Who knows what sort of mutations to its genetic line you're causing. When I play the game and planned on breeding dinosaurs, I was planning to tame 6-12 max level dinos, and watching their family trees carefully when I breed them along to get better dinos. Now, I'm not a min-maxer, I don't give a damn about "the perfect stats". I expected genetic superiority from dinos that are carefully monitored. Not this stupid bullcrap where you tame 2 level 150s, max them out in levels, then leave them in a tiny room with their eggs, then their children, and their children's children, and end up with over 9000 melee on them because inbreeding only benefits you. Whats the point of this family tree you have in the game, if you aren't going to make people use it to be careful? If you can gain superior dinos by letting the children mate with their mothers and daughters, why bother having a family tree in the first place? Just to have a representation of how f-ed up the family is? Here's the way I would implement inbreeding DNA issues. Parents make child. No inbreeding. Child has the best stats of both parents. Child breeds with brothers and sisters. Stage 1 Inbreeding, stats drop between 2-5%. Color mutation 10%. Grandchildren breed with their brothers and sisters. Stage 2 inbreeding. Stats drop between 8-15%. Color mutation 40%. Chance of random death in baby stage 3%. Stage 3 inbreeding: Stats drop between 12-30%. Color mutation 100%. Chance of random death in baby stage, 10%, child stage 3%, teen stage 1%. Stage 4: Stats drop 20-50%, Color 100%, Death baby stage 25%, child 10%, teen 3%. Stage 5: Stats 45-75%, color 100%, Death baby stage 50%, child 20%, teen 10%. Stage 6 and up: Stats 60-90%, color 100%, Death baby stage 75%, child 45%, teen 20%. Stage 6 ultimately produces useless dinos that if they even reach adulthood, are slow, weak, pitiful, but might look pretty. They pass on their genetic impurities even if you breed them outside the family. Decreasing the stage by 1 but keeping the color mutations. So ultimately you could get the colors you want, then breed the impurities back out and keep the colors, but who knows. I just wish the game would make the breeding system more complex than "shove a bunch of eggs in the same room, let them all breed together till you get superior super dino, kill the rest, clone that dino 200 times". -- I omitted some things here, to prevent topic from being deleted from the angry comments I was thinking when I typed it up. -- -- Please note, I don't care if you're a reptile breeder that makes your pets breed each other 10 generations down the line. Unless you are a geneticist and can provide undeniable proof that it does not damage their DNA permanently, I don't want to hear it. Simply saying "Well my 10th generation snake is pure white and doesn't have any extra body parts so its clearly ok" isn't proof. Just because it didn't sprout a second tail or a second head does not mean his body is perfectly healthy, or his brain.
  14. Yea, we should all just shut down our servers every time Wildcard releases a DLC and let the game sit idle and barren for a few weeks! No one would possibly leave your server forever if you did that~ Oh wait.
  15. I found many issues within 5 minutes of spawning the new things. It doesn't take that much effort to test your update for quick easy to find bugs. Also, server updates and steam client updates are automatic. This game is built on the back of Steam, you can't not update. So your bull crap about not updating for several days is worthless drivel considering if you don't update, you can't play.
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