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  1. Any idea where these are on the map?
  2. See my Sino thread. Ive had that happen a number of times as well. Its a very well balanced and thought out tame...
  3. You would think if WC is so obsessed with forcing people to tame these the "proper" way, stuff would work 100% and wouldnt be as buggy as it is..but I am talking WC here..
  4. is it just me or are these bugged as all hell? I watched videos on taming these and yet: 50% of the time, it will fly back to me if Im within 100 yards of it. The other 50% it just starts dropping taming effectiveness. Ive tried: backing further way which does nothing to stop it from going to 0.0% effectiveness. Ran closer to it only to have it run away and goto 0.0% effectiveness. Ive stood for like 20-30 mins in a spot with a ton of them to watch as none landed by me. Just flew around or went further and further away. Had them bolt of scared for no reason, at 80 yard
  5. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747024 PVE-Official-GenTwo992 down time and such. Least theres BBQs today here in the States yeah?
  6. I've played on official since day 1 of Ark. You can see my posts, quite literally, over the years. I'd completely advise against it: Servers are never stable There is always the possibility your server could be marked as one being "repurposed" for a new map or something else which means you have to move off the server. There is no company or GMs who regularly monitor the servers, enforce rules, etc. You can read into anything you like on these forums, but the positives posted by people about how this or that was done by WC on an official server are slim to none.
  7. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 Back to crashing every 45 mins for the past week. Excellent work as always WC!
  8. Location: 56.9, 28.1 Despite no structures around, the follow error occurrs when you try to place an oil pump on the oil vein: Cant Place oil pump: Cant place structure here. And the pump is red.
  9. Down much? https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747024/downtime
  10. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 Goes down hourly and has been even before Beach Crash event started. No matter how many people from the server submit tickets, tweet to Devs, or post on the forums, it falls on deaf ears. Please think with your wallets before you rush into buying Ark 2. Remember this type of customer service and think twice about supporting the company for it.
  11. Imagine being able to play during the event on a Gen 2 server! The same servers that have reported crashing for 2 weeks now if not longer.. Imagine that in a real world setting: 2 weeks of disrupted service.
  12. Do we know what time Beach Crash will be? I want to make sure I can breed at least 2 dinos before we server cap on dinos within the first hour of the event..
  13. The lag and rubberbanding on this map is nuts. Like when Ark first released. Could this all be caused by the striders themselves? We have people with 20+ ones in their collection. Im not sure if all of them idle adds to it, or multiple people harvesting with them at the same time could do it, but its possible?
  14. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 - https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747024 Its like you want to do stuff but cant because of the crashes, lag, and rubberbanding. I really hope people arent fooled with Ark 2 and willing to shell out hard earned cash for this type of nonsense. Take note of all the WC devs staying silent, not even so much as acknowledging there is an obvious issue with the 2nd wave of Gen2 servers: the 900 ones. Same servers, same daily issues, same lack of response/acknowledgement. Imagine if this happened in the real work world..
  15. My 992 server is on the same cluster/frame as yours. Look at my profile and how long ive been posting about crashes. I dont think WC is concerned in the least; nothing has been said about these 900 servers and they continue as they have been for weeks now. Not like you can do anything; your money is long gone now to them.
  16. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 - back to crashing hourly. Is this because of all the stryders? The map in general? Duping crap? I mean this is literally like the days of when the game first came out back in 2016. Rubberbanding: Running into your house 3x and appearing outside still. Literally standing in your base and the server goes down. Its not remotely playable or even enjoyable at this point. Pat on the back for finishing Ark and going out with a bang. Literally.
  17. PVE-Official-GenTwo992 - Still crashes multiple times a day. Just went down again. Clearly there is a serious issue with the 900 servers that were released in the 2nd wave of Gen2 servers. Cant someone look at the system hosting these particular servers? Too much to ask, yeah?
  18. One tribe on PVE server official, has a teleporter, forge, etc all built in space on the platform right near en entrance. I put a small 4x4 stone setup with walls, door, bed, tek camera, etc and its destroyed after a few hours? Why? Other side has pillars with ladders, no buildings, and its been there for days.. whats the logic here?
  19. Very cool creature, very neat idea behind it... but also meh. I dont mind waiting to hack again but the wandering stuff is lame: stuck on every rock, pebble, dino, tree, etc causing it to go in circles, backtrack, etc. Just give it a timer: You hack once, you wait X amount of time before you can try again.. Have it increase/decrease the amount of time you need to wait as you see fit, but with the awful character collision, its annoying. The body parts say removable but you cant. Why? Why not make them swappable with other stryders? Some of the combos make zero sense. Let people swap
  20. Feels like 2016 all over again: run inside your base through the front door not once, but three times and then find yourself standing outside your base looking at it. The rubberbanding and lag is making the game unbearable. Is this what people are to expect years later and/or with Ark 2 on the horizon?
  21. Ive said it the past few days on h ere... NA-PVE-997 on PC has been down every hour. Some days its down every 30 mins. Whats most annoying about this isnt just the downed server, is the complete and absolute silence from WC and failure to acknowledge it. Either they arent monitoring the servers at all, or have zero cares for their paying customers that they cannot so much as acknowledge the fact there is a serious issue affecting servers. Think with your wallet when Ark 2 hype is out..
  22. Either due to the hourly crashes or something with the evenings patch, metal, rocks, and other resources are not spawning on NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo992. This server needs a serious review.
  23. NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo992 Im sure you know what this post is for. Perhaps a working Dev could see what the issue is with this server since "patch fixes" clearly arent working.
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