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    Not always. If the inventory of the killing dino is even partially full it will not grab the element. Even if you empty the dinos before each fight as we do, they can occasionally get quite full from killing other creatures in the fight.

    We did medium manticore on scorched earth the other day, and two of our tribe were left behind because they were level 65 and 69 while level 70 is required.
  3. 2X?

    Firstly, this is a bit of an old topic to dig up isn't it? Secondly, it WAS a x2 weekend, just like every other weekend since launch except one. Thirdly, who are you to dictate when and how people should be playing the game?
  4. I'm hoping someone can suggest a solution to a problem we have been facing over the last couple of weeks. It seems that some "box tribes" as we call them (those who's name and tribe name cannot be read apart from "[][][][]") have developed a new tactic for gaining access to boss fight tek engrams and even the element on PVE servers. They simply turn up at the obelisk and stand there when someone else enters a boss arena. Sometimes they are happy to stand there right in front of you, other times they managed to hide amongst the usually large and tightly packed collection of dinos. Once you get to the arena, they can cause all sorts of problems. In certain arenas they can run ahead and deliberately trigger the spawn and approach of the relevant boss before you are ready. Other times they hide until the boss is dead and then jump in and steal the element! Another event relates to the stealing of artifacts and tributes. The thief stands at the obelisk and accesses its inventory continuously. If you try and start the boss fight by placing tributes into the obelisk they grab those items for themselves before you've had a chance to start the fight. Also, on the The Centre arena, we had two stowaways who were transported to the arena who were only level 1 or 2! What happened to the minimum level requirements? How did those players managed to get into the arena? We have encountered all of the above situations several times in the last two weeks. Because it's PVE there is absolutely NOTHING we can do to stop this. We cannot even communicate with the person, nor can we report them because we are completely unable to view any details about who they are. Developers, at the very least can you PLEASE immediately lock down boss fights so that only the tribe of the person who initiated the fight and their allies are transported to the arena. This would easily solve the problem of stowaways and element theft. Thanks for your time.
  5. 2X?

    So you're saying one missed weekend is the rule and not the exception? lol
  6. 2X?

    But it IS correct. Do you have evidence to suggest otherwise?
  7. 2X?

    There may be one exception that I can think of, but apart from that, they have occurred every weekend since long before the new servers were launched. So, no, not way off. Way on.
  8. 2X?

    But to expect something that does and has always happened seems perfectly reasonable to me.
  9. 2X?

    So people are planning for the events that have happened literally every single weekend for at least the last year? The ones that allow them to tame things they might not have been able to tame without them? The ones that allow busy people to do things in ark they might not otherwise be able to do? Outrageous that someone would plan for something that happens every single weekend. And even more outrageous that they might get annoyed when that event does not occur. Sheesh. Some people.
  10. Something happened

    HA! I've got 5 gigas that will all DIE if I can't get on!!!
  11. Something happened

    It looks like the issue is affecting all OC and NA servers. One of our tribe members is currently logged in to an OC server and he says everything seems fine, but nobody else is able to log in. We have several high level giga babies that will soon run out of food if we can't log in soon. This really sucks!
  12. Dear Ark Devs, There are currently several bugs affecting building in the game which seem to have appeared since the halloween event. * Cannot place ceilings half way down on pillars. * Cannot place walls inside dino gates. * Cannot place electrical or plumbing inside existing structures. These are MAJOR impediments to building within Ark. If they are deliberate changes, please explain to us why they were required. If they are bugs, please at least acknowledge them and let us know you're working on a fix. Thanks so much for your help.
  13. NA-Rag-70 is hosted in Australia. So, yeah, not NA
  14. Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with baby gigas that stop eating from tek troughs while being raised. Last weekend we were raising a bunch of rexes and three gigas from our new tek troughs. All three gigas died of starvation at very different points of their maturation. One about 20%, one about 50% and one about 85% (that really hurt). All troughs were kept a minimum of 50% full at all times. The deaths all occurred when nobody was online on that server, however when we logged back on, saw the death, and checked the status of the troughs they were all almost full. None of the rexes starved. All made it to maturation. There is a remote possibility that somehow something got into the base and attacked the giga, causing it to move out of range of the trough, but none of the rexes ever moved at all, and after the first death we installed several turrets to ensure anything that did get in would be killed immediately. I'm hoping someone can provide some insight.
  15. Boss fights

    Our tribe has completed beta brood with both megas and rexes. As I said before, megas are fine if they are all ridden, but are dangerous when not, as they tend to ignore the small spiders and attack the broodmother, and therefore many never get the buff. When ridden the player can ensure they kill some small spiders first to get the buff before they engage the broodmother. A team of good current generation rexes absolutely destroys beta brood without needing to be ridden, so that has been our choice moving forward. If you only have megas and can get as many ridden as possible then they will also do the trick.