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  1. Mod Mismatch despite empty mod folders Having a very strange issue with my friend joining an unofficial server. I've been using this server for a week or so and have had no issues.When he tries to join, he gets a mod mismatch.So I had him "unsubscribe all", then delete all his mod files from "ShooterGame/Content/Mods" and also from "workshop/content/346110". These locations were found by right clicking on Ark and doing "Local Files, Browse Local Files" in the steam client.Then had him reboot his PC to be sure.He tried to log on and got the same error "Mod Mismatch". He checked both those two folders and they were both still empty. Steam had not attempted to download any mods at all as far as we could see, yet he was still getting the error.I had him run a verify as well, and this found no errors, and both those mod folders were still empty. Another attempt at connection failed again.Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. You can feed them mushroom brew. It protects against radiation, but each brew only lasts 2 mins and does not stack, and damage starts immediately as soon as it wears off, so you need to be constantly feeding the brew the second it wears off or else your dino will quickly die. Makes it very risky.
  3. We found that if any tribe member without the reaper gland buff goes anywhere near the babies, even outside of the room they are in, their food immediately drops to zero and they start to lose health. They quickly die unless unless someone with the gland buff goes in there and force feeds them a bit, which seems to somehow restart their feeding again.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. We kept going to visit the spino and amazingly this morning he has got himself unstuck. Seems silly to be so obsessed with one spino, but it is a very, very good one, and therefore important so early in the game on this new map. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  5. I have now been "stuck" on my Spino on three different occasions on Aberration. It's like there is some invisible object underneath the spino that makes it completely unable to move. It simply spins on the spot. Once they are stuck, if you dismount you cannot mount again. You only get the "access inventory" option. On all occasions they failed to move despite being put on follow, or on wander, on wander aggressive, and even after server reboots. The first two occasions the spino was saved by kiting a wild diplo to the spino and having it "push" the spino off the spot it was stuck on. However this third time it is in the lower blue area and there are no available diplos. Even if we tamed one I doubt very much whether it would make it down there. Can a tamed diplo even be used to push another tamed dino? Are there any other ways to move a dino that's stuck on the spot? Normally would try a whip, or a Quetzal with a ramp, but there are none on Aberration. The Spino is under constant attack from other wild creatures. There is no way it's going to survive the 6 week wait until an appointment is available for a tech person to help. Help please!
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