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  1. Our tribe has been using the official server NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok70 since it was launched a few weeks ago. In that time, that server's performance has quickly degraded from acceptable to horrible, and often, completely unplayable. We've lost several high level Wyverns and griffins to rubberbanding whilst trying to collect milk in Wyvern trench, where we've landed safely and then moments later been instantly transported back to a point inside the lava. Trying to land your flyer is often a nightmare, as it takes up to ten seconds from when you click land to when the flyer actually lands, and who knows where it will land compared to where you asked it to. It's often impossible to fight any wild dinos. Air-to-air combat with Wyverns is just not possible when one second they're flying in front of you, and a split second later they are suddenly behind you. That's not a single incident, but repeated continuously. Even milking Wyverns that have been trapped is almost impossible when it takes up to five seconds AFTER you've clicked fire on your crossbow or rifle for the arrow or bullet to actually fire, in which time the trapped Wyvern has suddenly and instantly zipped to another part of your trap. Last night we could not even use our collection dinos. Left-clicking for a Doed or Mammoth or Rock Elemental meant a five second wait before the dino would respond, and often it would not respond at all. If this was just an isolated issue on this server it would be bad enough, but we have travelled to several other servers of different types and different locations and found the issue to exist there also, although often not as bad. We took supplies and dinos to NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland48 to do the swamp cave run, and it was a nightmare. Having swarms of snakes, spiders etc all around you instantly zipping back and forwards in every direction made it almost impossible to hit them and therefore impossible to complete. We also have bases on SE servers and have found the same issues there. These huge performance problems also don't seem to be limited to servers that are at full capacity. We've played on SE servers with only 20 people online that are still experiencing horrible problems like those described above. Speaking to other large tribes and single players alike we've found the exact same issues that we are having are very widespread. Our tribe are all highly experienced and skilled ARK players, each with between 1,000 to 3,000 played ARK hours. We all experienced horrible performance issues on the legacy network, but we all believed Wildcard when they said it was a legacy issue that would be solved when the "new and improved" server clusters were launched. What a horrible falsehood that has proved to be. We've also all played on unofficial ARK servers. We use several that have been running for a year or more and almost always have 70 players online, and despite the occasional lag spike or rubberbanding here or there they function extremely well. This proves that it's possible to run an ARK server so that it's highly usable and function when the proper machine resources are available. Despite being huge fans of the game as a whole, our entire tribe is ready to quit ARK for good. We don't see any future in this game when so early in the life of the "new and improved" cluster it has already become unplayable. Many other games like ARK exist with large server clusters and they manage to run extremely well with few or none of the issues experienced on ARK servers. We strongly believe that if ARK is going to have any chance of surviving even in the medium term then Wildcard needs to do the following: 1. Immediately acknowledge these issues via public communications with its customer base. 2. Develop a short and long-term plan to fix these issues and communicate that plan, in detail, to the customer base as soon as possible. I'd really hate to see Ark go away. I love the game so much, as do so many people. I really hope Wildcard can somehow turn around its horrible pattern of behaviour and start addressing these issues before its too late. Honestly though, I'm not holding my breath.
  2. I hope the devs realise how...

    Can I just make a small request to the OP? Please don't write click-bait subject lines on your posts. The forums are about supposed to be about efficient communication. Let people choose if they want to read your topic or not. Don't force them to click on and read a post that they care nothing about. We all have different areas of interest. A few words like "Visual Differences Between Game Platforms" would have been a good example of how to communicate your subject effectively. Much appreciated.

    EXACTLY! Even if FIVE days had been enough, and I was desperately trying to make it enough, then they went and took away the last day of those five days at the very last minute with zero notice! What don't you get about that @FluffyDinoPartey???

    I thought I said stop being a douche??

    Don't be a complete jerk. I'm a single player. I spent days doing the move for which we were promised a full month's notice btw. Not all of us sit around all day every day playing Ark. I was preparing everything to move, and left the transfer of ignots and other large valuables from the obelisk until last. I still had more than 24 hours left when the update was pushed out and f'ed uploading completely. Normally it would have taken me an hour at most. So don't post something unless you have something intelligent to say. Go be a douche somewhere else.

    Well, that's it then. I lost at least 15k in metal, which was my entire stockpile, plus dozens of high quality saddles, bps, pearls, crystal etc etc. Countless hours of work. I have been trying to upload them for almost 24 hours. No bug fix from WC. No explanation for what the hell this "anti-duping" thing is, or how it works, or WHY you would introduce such a thing right in the middle of people trying to move all their stuff, because you forced them to. Just screwing over those you have already pushed into the dirt and spat on. Good customer service really isn't difficult. Lying to your customers again and again is not it. Making promises in a big way and then doing the opposite again and again is not it. Treating your customers like morons when making PR releases is not it. I've never in my long life in the world of IT seen a company treat their customers the way this one does. It's truly shocking to me. Yes, the product itself is generally a great experience, but for the way they treat their current users they deserve no success moving forward. Shame, shame, shame. So assuming the behaviour of this team of people continues in the same way it has done so far, and there's zero reason to believe it won't, what will be the excuse they use from now on. "It's early access, get over it" won't work anymore. What will they do now?
  7. So in the middle of your so called "great migration", for which you promised 30 days notice and only delivered 5 days notice, the update you have just pushed out has broken the ability for me to move my stuff off one of the servers you are closing down. Some sort of timer has appeared on the items. I have no idea what it is. I can't find any patch notes to find out what it is. When I try and upload items via the "ARK DATA" menu at a terminal or a drop, it tells me "ITEM IS NOT READY FOR UPLOAD YET". Even if I wait for the timer to reach zero, assuming that's somehow required. Can you PLEASE fix this immediately!
  8. Small UI bugs

    Dear Ark Devs, I have a couple of small "bugs" which have recently appeared in the UI of the PC game. 1. When creating a folder in an inventory, the "ENTER FOLDER NAME" dialog box appears but does not automatically capture input. You have to click in the text box to start typing the name of the folder. Could you please alter this behaviour so that the text box captures the input immediately, as it used to do and as would normally be expected with a dialog box of this type. 2. When using the "CRAFTING" tab, of a character, the view automatically defaults to something that shows a number of engrams (I'm not sure what the display criteria is) instead of the usual "folder" view. Even after selecting the folder view, if you exit out of the crafting tab and come back in again, it goes back to the non-folder view. This is very frustrating when crafting large numbers of items and as you have to keep clicking on the folder icon over and over again. This was not the behaviour previously. For example, in the past, if crafting stone ceilings, I would enter the "Structures" folder, then "Stone" and craft the required ceilings. Then I could go back to the inventory, transfer in more materials, and when I went back to the crafting tab it would still be in the relevant "Structures/Stone" folder. Now it defaults back to the other view with lots of engrams, none of which are the ones I was previously using. Thanks so much for your time.
  9. Tool Tip Not showing.

    Yes I can confirm this. Tooltips are shown in your own inventory, but not in any containers or dinos.
  10. Spino Sails on Ragnarok

    Hi All, So after several days of searching, I have had to give up on ever finding even a single spino from which to harvest a sail on our Ragnarok server. Looking at the wiki spawn maps, it looks like people have either built very large bases directly on top of or placed spawn blocking structures like foundations with a pillar on top all over every single on of the already limited spino spawn areas. Our server is the only OC PVE Ragnarok server and it is one of the busiest servers of any in the official cluster. Because we can't transfer spino sails from outside the server, this situation has essentially blocked anyone from boss fights on this server. Can the devs please consider either: 1. Enabling cross-server transfers of spino sails. or 2. Massively expand the areas in which spinos spawn on Ragnarok maps, or allow them to spawn in and around blocking structures like single foundations. or 3. Remove them from the requirements for the boss fights. It's a horribly sad situation that a single thing like that can cause a very busy server to grind to a halt in an important area like boss fights.
  11. Ragnarok Bosses

    I hope they do something more thoughtful this time. Getting spino sails on our rag server is almost impossible. People have built on the spawn areas, and they almost never spawn, and when they do, there's 50 people waiting to kill them instantly. And stupidly you can't transfer the spino sails from other servers. nor can you transfer element between servers, so how do people on our server get their element? Please fix this!
  12. What utter nonsense! Fixing duping is very easy. 1. Every tamed dino spawned anywhere needs to be assigned a UUID (universally unique identifier) number that is absolutely unique across the entire cluster. 2. Whenever a server reboots, it needs to check its stock of dinos and compare all those UUIDs to a central repository, and remove any duplicates. It's not rocket science. It's stuff that has been done in countless other industries literally for fifty years. The way that it's done in the game now is laughable. The idea that a character could simply vanish during a server transfer is proof that what they have now is a botched solution to cross-server transfers that they have just never got around to doing properly. Can you imagine doing a bank transfer, and having your bank come back and say "Sorry, your money has just vanished. Oh well! Just go make some more money and try again."?? The same should happen for all characters, and with both dinos and characters stored in a central repository nothing could ever "go missing" again. It's a very simple problem to solve. The volume of data would be minuscule. I imagine it's something they'll have done for the "new" server clusters. Well, I hope so anyway.
  13. Do u guys farm metal on ragnarok?

    2200 weight of ore is only 1100 ignots. Not a lot. Regardless, you're talking about a few small areas on the map, which are probably already taken by large tribes, and may be impossible to reach by foot at all. That's the point.
  14. Is there any way to avoid the scorched earth generator decay? It means I have to log into the server at least once every 24 hours, otherwise the generator is destroyed and all my refrigerated items are destroyed. Is it something to do with the location / structure in which the generator is placed? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  15. Do u guys farm metal on ragnarok?

    I totally agree. It's yet another major hurdle that noobs will find almost impossible to overcome without joining up to a big tribe. After all, and Quetz platform saddle is something like level 97, and you really need that to get any decent amount of metal at a time.