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  1. Crafting Tek Replicator Failed

    No, you definitely cannot use organic poly. There is not enough room. You will need to make proper poly.
  2. So I loaded up a fresh private server with Aberration and spawned in a rock drake similar to one that I have on official. It is an absolute *dream* to use. It's glides are smooth and definite. It's landings precise. The horror show of walking on walls becomes a little jittery sometimes but more than acceptable. So to summarize, using a Rock Drake on a private server hosted in the same data centre as the official OC Aberration servers is a pleasure and a joy in every way, whilst an official OC server next door is a horrific nightmare. I wish someone would at least acknowledge this issue. But I suppose WC have never been able to communicate with their users in such respectful way before. Why would they start now.
  3. Dino's in the radiation zone

    You can feed them mushroom brew. It protects against radiation, but each brew only lasts 2 mins and does not stack, and damage starts immediately as soon as it wears off, so you need to be constantly feeding the brew the second it wears off or else your dino will quickly die. Makes it very risky.
  4. So Rock Drakes are absolutely broken during any kind of server lag. Anything above 100 quickly turns them into nothing more than an object of torture worthy of a United Nations ban. They will not glide. You jump off a cliff, wait for the glide to start, and drop straight down. The only way to get around is run, or to bunny-hop your drake along the path. This makes you want to rip your hair out. They will not climb properly. They either won't grab the wall and start climbing. They let go and drop like a stone without warning. They turn around and head in the wrong direction. So you spend ten minutes fighting with your drake to get it to climb a high wall, including multiple spurts of travel in the wrong direction, only to have it simply let go and drop down to the bottom again without warning just as you reach the top. This makes you want to grab your entire PC and throw it right out the window. The lag on our official server is horrific. Multiple episodes of server reboots with rollbacks. Server Ping above 150 most of the time. Put all this together and it seems the entire thing has been designed to torture users of slow official servers. Please, what have we done to deserve this?
  5. Crafting Tek Replicator Failed

    I have seen crates vanish with large amounts of time left on their timer over and over again in Aberration. The timer seems to be broken.
  6. Baby reaper king GONE !!!!

    We found that if any tribe member without the reaper gland buff goes anywhere near the babies, even outside of the room they are in, their food immediately drops to zero and they start to lose health. They quickly die unless unless someone with the gland buff goes in there and force feeds them a bit, which seems to somehow restart their feeding again.
  7. Aberrition Drops

    Just a question.... how were you planning on downloading them on a map where you can't download anything?
  8. Event this Weekend?

    Eurgh. Not this ridiculous argument again. You sound like a monty python sketch. "Eric: When I was a boy, I lived in cardboard box in middle of road." "John: Huh! You had it easy!". Please tell me the last time an evolution event did *not* happen on a weekend? Exactly. So they happen every weekend. So, then, why is it so difficult for WC to get the times of these events consistent?
  9. So attached is a screen shot of the fairly typical server ping we have been experiencing on all OC Aberration servers for the last 7 days or so. Yes, I and many, many others on our server have logged server fault reports many times over the last week. There has been zero response. The last time the official page which is supposed to show current faults was updated was 2016. I have emailed a wildcard staff member directly, and the only response I received was "have you logged a fault?". Not a thing more after that. I had been so hopeful that Wildcard would get it right this time. That these newly launched servers, combined with a newly launched map would somehow lessen the problems of the past. Yet instead they have become even worse than before. This is made all the more devastating for users because the heavily promoted new mechanics of this wonderful new map seem to be so severely affected by the same server ping that is now so huge. I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
  10. We're now into day 4 and the lag is worse than ever. Long 10 second lag freezes several times every minute. It's absolute hell. This is not the normal or even serious lag I've seen on all other maps. This must surely be some kind of server fault, memory leak, denial of service attack or some such abnormality. Surely there is someone around who can do something? There has been zero response from anywhere despite dozens of fault reports logged by many people across all three OC Aberration servers. Is everyone at WC on holiday? Was nobody left in charge of making sure your servers were running smoothly?
  11. For the last 3 days now we have been experiencing *EXTREME* lag, rubberbanding and constant disconnects on all official OC Aberration servers. As a player with 3k playing hours on legacy and new official servers, I'm very well aware of the multitude of different types of lag that can be experienced in this game, however this is something else. The chat boxes in all servers is full of non-stop complaints from all users. I have travelled between all three servers to discuss the situation with all the users on those servers, and the result is the same. Outrage at the severity of the lag which essentially makes much of the intended game play impossible because of 10 second lag spikes, extreme rubberbanding and frequent disconnects. Since these are brand new servers which (I hope) cannot possibly be overloaded with tamed dinos or huge bases, I have to assume that this is cause by either some kind of DDOS attack against the machine that runs the three OC Aberration servers, or that it's some kind of bug in the software itself. I know for a fact that many, many people across all servers have been filling out daily fault report forms but as yet there has been zero response. The link in the official server fault form that is supposed to show what faults have been acknowledged has not been updated since 2016. There is no way of knowing whether there is anyone even reading those fault reports. If anyone doubts what I'm saying, just log on to any of the OC Aberration servers (318, 319, 320) and run around for 2 mins, or ask in chat. WC, PLEASE at least acknowledge that these issues exist and that you're working on a fix. You've got an entire country and region of users pretty pissed off right now. Thanks.
  12. I seems like your lack of interest stems from your lack of knowledge, yet you seem unwilling to engage enough to fill your knowledge gaps. Ark is very much about the journey, as well as being many different things to many different people. Why do you feel like someone owes you an explanation? Play it or don't. Your choice.
  13. I just wanted to thank the ark devs for whatever they did around the release of Aberration to fix the graphics performance of the game. Just before the release myself and all my tribe members were having the most horrible issues with long freezes in game play, where everything on the screen, as well as game audio, would stop completely for anything up to 15 seconds. This was happening constantly, sometimes as often as every minute or so. It made things like grabbing wyvern eggs and boss fights absolutely impossible. A lot can happen in 10 seconds in Ark! Anyway, since the Aberration release all of those freezes seem to have gone completely! None of us have had a single freeze on any map since then. It's a miraculous improvement to the quality of game play. So on behalf of myself and all my tribe members, THANK YOU WC
  14. glitched Spinos are bugged on Aberration

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. We kept going to visit the spino and amazingly this morning he has got himself unstuck. Seems silly to be so obsessed with one spino, but it is a very, very good one, and therefore important so early in the game on this new map. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  15. I have now been "stuck" on my Spino on three different occasions on Aberration. It's like there is some invisible object underneath the spino that makes it completely unable to move. It simply spins on the spot. Once they are stuck, if you dismount you cannot mount again. You only get the "access inventory" option. On all occasions they failed to move despite being put on follow, or on wander, on wander aggressive, and even after server reboots. The first two occasions the spino was saved by kiting a wild diplo to the spino and having it "push" the spino off the spot it was stuck on. However this third time it is in the lower blue area and there are no available diplos. Even if we tamed one I doubt very much whether it would make it down there. Can a tamed diplo even be used to push another tamed dino? Are there any other ways to move a dino that's stuck on the spot? Normally would try a whip, or a Quetzal with a ramp, but there are none on Aberration. The Spino is under constant attack from other wild creatures. There is no way it's going to survive the 6 week wait until an appointment is available for a tech person to help. Help please!