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  1. Lol good old Wildcard will never change. Thank you!
  2. You don't have to try to insult my intelligence. I know of timezones. I know that Seattle is 2hours behind from where I live. I'm not angry because Wildcard never meets a deadline that they set themselves. As well as I'm not angry because the DLC hasn't been released yet. It's the fact of the lack of communication on their part. P.s. my 2 dogs Pepper,Jack and my cat Cheese make sure I stay relaxed.
  3. That's not very helpful. Because I myself wouldn't be asleep on the release day especially if I haven't released my product or even a time when my product would be released. If the case is just waking up then that would mean not working all night or they are late to work. Now working all night hmmm then we should have heard something thorough out the night. Just frustrating!
  4. Just a quick question Ark Genesis part 2 coming out today? Everything has been quite for the last 18 hours. Not very good at Communicating Or are you trying to figure out a way to tell us it's delayed again
  5. Nothing new. I just hope Genesis 2 is more then 8 Unique Creatures, 11 new items, some Plants, a Map and a Boss fight. And please note not a fan of having to grind 50,000 missions just to fight the Boss. I miss Ark.
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